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What is on this weekend
Friday Night Bar open and sailing suppers available

Saturday Night Bar open but no food available, there are lots of local restaurants available (Pizza Express, Prezzo, Harvester, etc) within a 5 min walk of the club

Sunday Bar open & Sunday lunches available
Harbour access etc
At this stage we do not anticipate needing to move any trailors from the harbourside for the event. Any ribs you bring can launch as soon as you arrive on Saturday Morning and their trailors will be stored at the far end of Haldon Pier. We will have personel on site from 8am on Saturday morning to direct you. Any double / triple stacking trailors will similarly be stored at the end of Haldon pier.

With regard to arrangements for arriving in advance of 8am on Saturday morning, there is a barrier to the quayside which is controlled by the harbour office between 8am and 5pm, you press the call button and they will let you through. Outside of these hours there is a 24hr number to call for access,

You must dial the number indicated which is 01803 550405 and the call centre will let you through. Do not panic if you have to call the number a couple of times, they monitor many facilities so may be dealing with another call, just keep trying! Attached is a photo of the instructions on the barrier.
Local Parking
The majority of the top deck the car park opposite the yacht club will be available to cars and small / medium camper vans from 4pm on Friday 27th February until 6pm on Sunday 1st March on a first come first served basis. Overnight camping in the car park is not however allowed under the council rules.
Fed up with entering the same data for each event. Create a sailor profile using Clubhouse (see top right of this website) and it will use this for entering online events. Clubhouse also keeps track of the events you have entered ...
Online Entry options
This year we are trying to keep down of financial costs and have provided more cost effective solutions for UKLA in supporting payments direct to the account or using GoCardless to generate a Direct Debit from your account.

If you wish you can still pay using a credit card.

British sailors need to be members of the UKLA to participate in this event.

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