Volvo Musto Optimist End of Season Championship
Rutland Sailing Club
10/10/2009 - 11/10/2009

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Oh dear the Gremlins are really in the system today.....

1502 - Sorry folks, blog lost again just when it was getting exciting.....

1505 - Main Fleet, hot of the press, I think im sources are correct GBR5864 won their flight in the last race so that would make Freddie Grogono our overall winner for the EoS. Will try to get confirmation on results as soon as poss

1535 - Main Fleet, can confirm barring any protests Freddie Grogono wins the EoS on count back from Harry Gozzett. Don't think we've had such a close finish for a number of years. Callum Airlie finishes in 3rd place and Oliver Grogono finishes in 4th. 1st Girl is Sarah Norbury, with Johanna Asplund 2nd place and Georgia Grice in 3rd


Saturday 10th October

1045 - Hi from an overcast Rutland. Currently we have a Force 3 across the water from the West. All fleets have launched. Volvo are preparing to run their safety demo shortly. The sun is trying to break throughg, Phil has just bought me a coffee, only taken an hour......

1115 - Main Fleet, Race 1, 1st Flight yellow and blue. General recall on 1st attempt, 2nd attempt on a black flag away cleanly. In sequence for 2nd flight, red and white, black flag

1126 - Regatta Fleet 1st Race, both flights away cleanly in about 10knots of breeze from the WNW. Lots happy kids

1129 - Main Fleet Race 1, 2nd flight away. First flight are rounding windward mark, news on those leading the way shortly..... 1140 - Main Fleet Race 1, 1st flight, provisional positions at gate. 1st GBR5863, 2nd GBR5737, 3rd GBR5864,(Dad I hope you're following this!) 4th GBR5816, 5th GBR5870

1142 - Main Fleet Race 1, 2nd flight, we currently have GBR5805 leading the fleet.

1144 - Main Fleet Race 1, 2nd fight, provisional positions at gate. 1st GBR5805, 2nd GBR5827, 3rd GBR5869, 4th GBR5766, 5th GBR5904

1149 - Main Fleet Race 1, 1st Flight rounding windward mark for the 2nd time on the outer loop

1159 - Main Fleet - Bit more breeze and a bit more chop, feels colder, but all coping well. Seems a little less chatter on the

1202 - Main Fleet - 1st Race, 1st flight, provisonal results at finish 1st GBR5864, 2nd GBR5737, 3rd GBR5863

1204 - Regatta Fleet are on to their 2nd race of the day, Conditions a little gusty at times

1215 - Main Fleet - Oh dear GBR5665 seems to be doing a 720, not too sure why. GBR5474 sailing for a while without a sprit, back in operation now but unfortunately retired from race 1.

1247 - Main Fleet Race 2, first flight in sequence

1248 - Regatta Fleet are ashore for lunch after 2 races. Quick interview with Piers Nicholls, while waiting in the lunch queue, 'it was really fun, had to concentrate really hard' said Piers

1303 - Main Fleet Race 2, 1st flight away and heading for the windward mark. Race2, 2nd flight in squence, but the AP has just gone up, more news when we get it

1310 - Sun is out, really quite a nice day now

1314 - Main Fleet, Race 2, 2nd Flight, provisional results at gate. 1st GBR5737, 2nd GBR5827, 3rd GBR5904, 4th GBR5608

1329 - Main Fleet, Race 2, 2nd Flight, GBR5864 leading the fleet, two French boats FRA193 and FRA1803 also up there with the leaders this time

1357 - Regatta Fleet, Race 3 underway, glorious conditions, bright sunshine 10 to 12 knots gusting 16knots

1359 - Regatta Fleet, overall results after 2 races. 1st GBR5368 Emilia Boyle, 2nd GBR5546 Katherine Hutton-Penman, 3rd GBR5575 Alaric Bates, 4th GBR5549 Arthur Brown, 5th GBR5477 Nicola Stagg. Full results available on line soon.

1428 - Main Fleet. Race 2 completed for both flights, short break for lunch and toilet trips. F flag now done and awaiting IOCA flag. Should go in to sequence for the 3rd race shortly

1430 - Main Fleet - Main Fleet. Race 3 5 min signal just sounded, Yelllow and white fleets to start first

1433 - Regatta Fleet - Race 3 completed, slight delay to start of Race 4 as pin end appears to have lost its ground tackle. Someone will be be back to scout camp to re-do their knot course!

1434 - Main Fleet - Race 3, 1st flight, black flag up

1436 - Main Fleet, Race 3, 1st flight, away clean

1437 - Main Fleet and Regatta Fleet results after race 1 and Race 2 respectively are now posted on the web site

1441 - Main Fleet, race 3, 2nd flight, 5 minute signal just gone

1442 - Main fleet, race 3, 2nd flight, Black flag up

1445 - Main fleet, race 3, 1st start, delayed reporting from the start area......very messy at the pin end apparently, jury were kept busy!

1447 - Main Fleet, race 3, 2nd flight away, but again very ugly at the pin end!

1450 - Main Fleet, Race 3, both flights heading up the beat, seems to be more pressure on the left hand side of the course, wind has dropped slightly

1457 - Main Fleet, Race 3, 2nd flight heading for windward mark. Great sailing conditions, in fact 'stunning'. GBR5801, GBR5848 and GBR5800 looking comfortable up front

1500 - Main Fleet, Race 3, 2nd start Oliver Grogono GBR5863 looking strong coming in from the left

1502 - Main Fleet, Race 3, 2nd 1st round looks like GBR5603 then GBR5863, followed by GBR5827, all very close 1503 - Main Fleet, 3rd Race, 1st start provisonal positions at gate. 1st GBR5894, 2nd GBR5869, 3rd GBR5764, 4th GBR5870

1507 - Main Fleet, Race 3, 2nd flight. Headi ng for wing mark, more breeze now so plenty of hiking, some big shifts also to test the kids

1509 - Main Fleet, Race 3, news from the race course, GBR5757 working their way up the fleet

1513 - Main Fleet, Race 3, GBR5863 still in lead, GBR5827, GBR5742, GBR5839 up there too, bit of argy bargy (technical sailing term) at leward gate, Jury standing ready to leap in to action with whistle and flag!

1516 - Regatta Fleet have completed 4th Race. 5th race underway shortly, may well go for a 6th race 1519 - Main Fleet - pleasure yacht with all fenders out happily cruising along, just had to put in a swift tack, G&Ts everywhere, when gthey realised they had 100 optimists bearing down on them

1523 - Main Fleet, GBR568 and GBR5927 heading for the shore, seem determined to get to the windward mark in only one tack.....might pay off!

1526 - Main Fleet, Race 3. A bit gusty now at the windward mark. Positions at mark, GBR5827, GBR5848, GBR5863, GBR5803, GBR5904, FRA193

1527 - Main Fleet - Results after 2 races should be on the web site shortly, but the headlines are.....1st GBR5864 Freddie Grogono, 2nd GBR5827 Harry Gozzett, 3rd GBR5805 Scott Wallis. The leading lady in 23rd place is Georgia Grice

1530 - Main Fleet, Race 3, leward mark GBR5827 Harry Gozzett has large lead, followed by GBR5863, GBR5848, GBR5904, GBR 5803, GBR5864

1533 - Regatta Fleet, 5th race course extended to give a longer race, so we won't run the 6th race today

1619 - Both fleets returning ashore after a great days racing

1620 - End of protest time Main Fleet 1730, End of protest time 1715

1721 - So signing off for the day here. Results for the third race, main fleet, will be posted very soon......until tomorrow, Fiona   

RIB Arrangements

We very much look forward to welcoming you to the End of Seasons in less than 5 weeks. Preparations for the event are well underway for what we hope will be a fantastic weekend.

Our safety fleet coordination is progressing well but we still need several RIBs in Regatta Fleet and a few Ribs in Main fleet.

As Rutland is an inland venue, it will not allow the launching of private RIBs, therefore, the only way you can be on the water to view the sailors is either in a Safety RIB or as a volunteer on a race management boat, I believe that the volunteer sign up will go live on the EoS web page soon.

Please let Dave know if you will have a RIB at the event , he will then advise how you can sign up.

Regards, Fiona - 07753931360   

Key Timings for the weekend

A reminder of key timings for the weekend (these do not supercede anything in the NoR or SSIs):
Note the change to Regatta Fleet safety briefing - now combined with main fleet brief
Saturday 10th
0830 - Registration in Marquee
0915 - Main and Regatta Fleet Safety Boat Briefing
0945 - Main Fleet competitors briefing - Marquee
1000 - Regatta Fleet competitors briefing - Marquee
1025 - Main Fleet launch
1045 - Regatta Fleet launch
1055 - Main Fleet first warning signal
1100 - Regatta Fleet first warning signal
Sunday 11th
0900 - Main and Regatta Fleet Safety Boat Briefing
0955 - Main Fleet launch
1015 - Regatta Fleet launch
1025 - Main Fleet first warning signal
1030 - Regatta Fleet first warning signal

Volunteers - your class needs you.....

With just a few days to go we still need a few willing volunteers - specifically to cover

Measurement assistants
Registration assistants
Regatta Fleet Tallies
One or two race committee boat positions

Please sign up via the duty rota at the link above or on the right - Thank You   

Welcome Information

Rutland SC have provided some really useful welcome information. This includes important details for those intending to bring tents, caravans and motorhomes on how to book. Please see the above link.  


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Fleet Normal Late
Main £40.00 £60.00
Regatta £40.00 £60.00

Late fee applies from 1 October


Notice of Race
Major Event Instructions 2009-2012
Current MEI's are available here
SSIs - Main Fleet
SSIs - Regatta Fleet

Squad Selection Policy
Irish Team Selection Policy

Volunteer for a Duty

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Measurement Checks at Registration

Sails, spars and foils must be measured before arriving at the event.
Please bring to registration your IODA log book and, if available, or your RYA Measurement certificate. You will also be asked for evidence of a buoyancy test taken place within the previous 12 months.
You will be asked for evidence of a buoyancy test taken place within the previous 12 months.

Optimist Painters
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List of Measurers
Click above to find an Optimist Measurer in the UK

Advertising on Boats
Competitors are referred to ISAF regulation 20. All boats must have a VOLVO MUSTO sticker within the first 1.2m of the forward part of each side of the hull. No other advertising is permissible.

Any questions

Contact: IOCA(UK)
Tel No:   01202 668 158

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