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2010 NSSA National Youth Regatta
Datchet Water Sailing Club
18/07/2010 - 23/07/2010

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2018 NSSA National Youth Regatta
Datchet Water Sailing Club
22/07/2018 - 27/07/2018
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Datchet Water Sailing Club


NSSA Summary

The 2010 NSSA National Youth Regatta ended on Friday following 5 days of extremely close racing in West London.

Hosted at Datchet Water Sailing Club over 300 young people arrived with 250 boats on Sunday the 18th of July to prepare their boats for one of the most prestigious youth sailing events in the country. Last hosted at DWSC in 1999, the NSSA National Youth Regatta returned to take advantage of west London’s hidden gem! Situated nearly 25m above the surrounding land, not many have seen one of the UK’s finest sailing areas with Windsor Castle dramatically silhouetted against the skyline. Unlike any other sailing regatta in the UK this regatta, as the name suggests, it focuses on youngsters, youngsters of all sailing abilities. The entries to this year’s event included 50 rookies who have never sailed in big regatta before up to some of the UK’s Youth Squad members.

Racing began on Monday morning with a steady 8 knot wind blowing across the Queen Mother Reservoir allowing the race officer to fit in 3 races with only a short break for lunch. Tuesday followed a similar format adding a further 3 races to the ten race programme.

Wednesday brought about a pause to the normal racing programme to allow the all important Mt Haes Races to go ahead. This is sailed in 6 identical Xenon dinghies, generously provided by Topper Sailboats, so the skill of the two youngsters in each boat is the only way for them to win. The race takes the form of a knock out competition with teams from Plymouth Youth Sailing, Churchers College, Kent Schools Sailing Association and Norfolk Schools making it into the final. After a nail biting final Norfolk School beat Kent into first place allowing Dale and James Lawson to collect their prize of £600 worth of gift vouchers from Rockley Watersports and the prestigious Mt Haes Trophy.

The Mt Haes trophy was not the only event on the Wednesday. There was a special race for single handed dinghies and also an “All Comers” Race giving the 100 volunteers and team managers to race against the youngsters. Unfortunately the youngsters showed the adults who were kings on the water and Tom Tindal from Yorkshire and Humberside took the honours. For the singlehanded race Oliver Wright from Yorkshire and Humberside was first across the finish line closely followed by Laura Carveth-Marshall from Hartlepool.

Thursday and Friday returned to the normal 10 race program but the weather on Thursday reduced the visibility to a few hundred metres and the racing had to be abandoned in the morning. Undeterred for the afternoon the fleets took to the water once again. Friday morning was beset with light shifting winds that resulted in the race committee having to reset the course several times. In the end the handicap fleet managed to get one race in after a short break for lunch.

By mid afternoon all the competitors were safely ashore and the organisers were busily working out the results for the prize giving. At 7pm we were joined by Councillor Grey from the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead who presented the youngster with nearly fifty trophies to mark their achievements.

The regatta drew to a close on Friday evening with a disco for the youngsters and an early night after a very full on week. The NSSA and Datchet Water Sailing Club would like to thank the volunteers and sponsors who made this event possible. Special mention needs to go to Gabriel Boase, the General Manager at DWSC, Honda UK, Rockley Watersports and Toppers International for their outstanding contributions.

We look forward to next year’s event as it heads back north to take advantage of Grafham Water near Cambridgeshire.  

Race status


Congratulations ...

21:00 The prize giving has taken place with many sailors collecting their hard earned trophies.

We would like to thank Datchet Water Sailing Club for being great hosts and wish all the competitors a safe journey home. All the NSSA committee look forward to seeing you at future events.



08:15 Good morning on the final day at the NSSA National Youth Regatta at Datchet Water Sailing Club. At the moment we have around 5 knots from NNE. The planned sailing programme is two races before lunch and one more in the afternoon. The latest a race can be started is 3 o'clock.

09:45 All fleets have launched. We now have 5 knots from the North.

Rookie Fleet in the shadow of Windsor Castle

12:00 Handicap fleet currently ashore for lunch as unable to get a race away, due to fluctuating wind and variable wind speeds. The Laser and Topper fleets are currently finishing their first race of the day. The Rookie Fleet are coming ashore.

12:20 Toppers and Lasers returning for lunch

13:50 Been a bit hectic on shore, so now a brief round-up of the activities so far. The Rookie Fleet completed two races this morning (results still being processed). The Laser Standard, Radial and Topper fleets completed one race this morning. The Handicap were not successful in running any races before lunch, but are afloat and racing at the moment. The Rookie's are back afloat and racing again. The Lasers and Toppers are currently enjoying their lunch and are due to go afloat soon.

14:30 Large glassy areas starting to appear and there is no racing going in apart from the handicap fleet who are attempting to finish. It is highly unlikely that there will not be any further racing.

15:00 AP over A is now flying. There will be NO more racing in the 2010 NSSA Youth Regatta. We are in the process of updating all the results and will republish shortly. The prize giving will take place tonight at 7 pm.

We hope that you enjoyed following this event. The NSSA run a number of sailing events. Please refer to the NSSA website on for more details regarding events, dates and venues.

16:50 Provisional series results for ALL fleets are now online.  

Jury Room

Class Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 Race 10 Race 11 Race 12
Topper X -- -- -- --
Laser Radial X -- -- -- --
Laser Standard X -- -- -- --
Slow Handicap -- -- -- --
Fast Handicap -- -- -- --
Rookie Fleet
No Status Fleet Race Protestor Protestee Witness Details Hearing
7 Closed Laser Radial 6 177249 172575 None Port / Starboard 22 July 2010
31153 accepts 20% penalty
6 Closed Topper 6 42442 31153 Yes Keeping clear / Windward boat 22 July 2010
72575 infringed rule 10 and should/may accept an alternative penalty before next race or be DSQ
5 Closed All Comers 1 Laser 150503 Phantom 1337 None Wrong course sailed 21 July 2010
Inconclusive - dismissed
4 Closed Mount Hayes Heat 6 Cumbria Race Committee Hertfordshire Request redress for OCS 21 July 2010 Dismissed as insufficient evidence
3 Closed Topper 4 44065 31462 36947 Rule 42 (Pumping) 20 July 2010
Protest Invalid
2 Closed Topper 3 692 Champ No 650 None 650 tacked onto port - collision 19 July 2010
20% penalty accepted by 650
1 Closed Fast Handicap 1 Albacore 6956 RS200 1007 None Windward boat - collision 19 July 2010
Protest Invalid


9:30 D-Flag has been raised and the fleets are starting to launch. It it the organiser's intention to run four races today.

At the moment it is overcast but a number of menacing black clouds are approaching the race area (could be interesting later on today). The wind currently is 8 knots from the SW.

10:15 Rain has unfortunately arrived out on the race area. Wind has dropped to around 3-4 knots.

11:00 Large right windshift and the Topper and Laser Races have been abandoned (unconfirmed at this time).
Heavy rain now right across the race areas. Visibility is now down to half the reservoir.

11:25 All fleets are returning to shore for an early lunch, dry off, find spray tops etc ... Racing due to resume after lunch. The handicap fleet have managed to complete their first race of the day prior to returning to shore.

12:20 The rain has passed over and we have sunshine. Provisional plans are to launch the fleet at 1 o'clock for a 1:30 start.

13:30 Fleets are all afloat, wind still swinging. Laser fleets have started, Toppers in sequence. 14:00 Toppers, Lasers and Rookie Fleets racing. On the orange course, they have had two large windshifts, then repositioned the committee boat and so far have not be able to start a race this afternoon. The Rookie fleet have completed their race and are in sequence for another.

14:30 Toppers and Lasers have completed their first race of the day. Rookie Fleet completing race 2 of the day and Handicap fleets are completing their second race of the day. Wind has now dropped below 3 knots at times.

16:00 Results have been posted for the Handicap Fleet. Handicap and Rookie Fleets are returning to shore as the wind has dropped further. Toppers and Lasers are still racing. We are hoping for better wind for tomorrow morning?

16:15 Looking out the window the toppers are currently on the run and the laser fleet is working its way up the beat.

16:30 Laser fleets are finishing and returning to shore.

21:10 All results now posted.  

STOP PRESS - Mount Haes Trophy

Dale Lawson and James Lawson from Norfolk have won the 2010 Mount Haes Event.
Kent 2 came second and Churchers 1 were in third.



08:55 Good morning from sunny Datchet. The rain which set in overnight from 23:00 has not dampened the spirits of the competitors nor the team leaders.

Today sees the main event on hold as three major race events take place:
  • Mount Haes Trophy - See schedule of races on the right hand side of this web page
  • The Single-handed Trophy - to be sailed in Toppers
  • The Allcomers Trophy - to be sailed as a pursuit race
We have around 9 knots WSW.

09:50 Toppers and Pursuit (AllComers) have now launched

10:25 The Pursuit Race has started and the Optimist is now on his way to be followed by the RS Tera 11 minutes later and the a gap of five minutes until the Topper start.

10:35 The Single-handed Race (Toppers) have now started. The first heat is underway in the Mount Haes Trophy. Results are being updated as they happen (see results on the left).

11:00 Excitement in heat 1. Leading boat capsizes on second downwind leg. 2nd place boat rounds mark and attempts third beat instead of finishing. Finally Plymouth 2 wins ahead of Norfolk. Single handers are starting lap 3 of 5. On the pursuit race the Laser Radials are waiting to start.

11:25 Pursuit race now been running for an hour (30 minutes to go). The Optimist is now on his second lap at the far end of the reservoir. THe RS Tera is still a fair distance behind being chased down by a number of Toppers. The wind has gone left and heat 3 of the Mount Haes is now underway. Cambridgeshire 2 and Derbyshire 1 are through to the semi-finals from heat 2.

11:45 Heat 4 now in start sequence. Datchet 1 wins heat with Kent 3 second. Single-handers are just finishing their race. In the pursuit race, the Optimist has slipped to second having been overtaken by a Topper. About 10 minutes to go.

12:05 Mount Haes Trophy - heat 4 won by Yorkshire 1 with Churchers 1 in second. The Phantom is leading the pursuit race and the pursuit race has finished - results to follow.

12:35 Mount Haes Trophy - heat 5 won by Kent 2 followed by Teeside 1

14:05 The Mount Haes sailors came ashore for lunch and are now afloat for the semi-finals. The results for the All Comers and Single-Handed Trophies have now been posted.

14:45 Semi-final A has been completed with Plymouth2, Cambridgeshire 2 and Churchers 1 going on to the final.

19:35 All pending protests and scoring queries for all fleets and races have been processed and results updated.  


08:40 Good Morning from Datchet Sailing Club. This morning the pace seems a lot slower after a long day on the water and the evening shore-side activities. At the moment we have a Force 1 but the wind is due to build during the day.

Provisional results were posted yesterday for the first three races in each of the fleets and this morning we shall be processing a number and scoring queries and then update the results if required as well as incorporating the outcomes from the protest hearings.

10:00 AP flag is flying shore-side will we wait for the wind in.

12:00 Sailors are still ashore. The flags are now flying in the light winds. They have been given a recommendation to have an early lunch before this afternoon's racing

13:20 No news unfortunately. Still waiting for breeze to build as forecast in Windguru. In the meantime the competitors are keeping themselves occupied playing rounders, making rafts ...

14:00 Good news. The breeze has FINALLY arrived. The race teams are now going afloat and the sailors are being put on standby.

14:40 Flag 'D' is now flying and the sailors have been released to sail to their respective race areas.

15:40 Rookie and Handicap fleets racing. Lasers have just started after Black Flag start.

16:10 The handicap fleet have finished racing for the day are are returning to shore having completed one race today.

16:35 All the boats have now finished racing. The Rookie Fleet has sailed two races today and all the other fleets only completed one race.

Tomorrow sees the competition switch to the Mount Haes Trophy, the Single-Hander Trophy sailed in Toppers and the All Comers Trophy open to sailors and helpers at the event.

We are currently processing a number of scoring queries and today's race results and will post them online as soon as possible.  


10:15 The sun is shining at Datchet Sailing Club. All the boats are now rigged and waiting to launch. The wind is currently 6 knots from the south.

10:25 Courses have been laid. Dinghies still on shore. AP flags flying on committee boats.

10:27 D-flag flying and the fleets have now been released and are sailing to their respective race areas.

11:10 Fleets in sequence for Race 1.

11:45 Toppers away on third start after use of black flag. The Rookie Fleet have completed one race and are starting race two.

11:50 Laser Radial and Standard fleets are now racing.

12:05 Handicap fleets have completed one race and are on their way in for lunch.

12:25 Rookie fleet have completed two races and are now ashore for lunch. The Handicap Fleet have completed one race and are now ashore for lunch. Toppers have also completed one race and are returning ashore for lunch. The Laser Standard and Radial fleets are in the process of completing their first race and will then come ashore for lunch.

14:00 Fleets have launched. The wind has picked up to 13 mph.

15:40 Rookie fleet have started another race. There have been a few weather and equipment related retirements.

16:00 The Rookie Fleet have completed four races today and are now returning to shore. The remaining fleets are now in the third race of the day.

16:40 The Handicap fleet are returning to shore having completed three races today.

17:20 Toppers, Laser Standard and Laser Radial are finishing race 3 and will then be returning to shore.

17:35 Last few boats toppers left on the water. All other boats are now safely ashore, looking foward to evening meal and onshore activites later in the evening.

Signing off for today with more updates tomorrow.

Entry Fees

Fleet Normal Late
Laser Radial Fleet £0.00 --
Laser Standard Fleet £0.00 --
Rookie Fleet £0.00 --
Topper Fleet £0.00 --


Notice of Race
Event Booklet incl. SSIs
Amendments to SIs
Amendment 1
18 July 2010 - 19:10
Amendment 2

Mount Haes Race Schedule

Sailing Programme
  • Registration
  • Monday - Fleet Racing
  • Tuesday - Fleet Racing
  • Wednesday
    • Mount Haes Trohpy
    • Single-Handed Trophy
    • All Comers Handicap Race
  • Thursday - Fleet Racing
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