Boys Invitational Training 1 - Junior

Squads / Teams


Confirmed Sailors

  1. Jacob ALLEN
  2. Oliver BACK
  3. Raulf BERRY
  4. Samuel DICKINSON
  5. Huw FARMER
  6. Jacob FELTON
  7. Theo GUMBLEY
  8. Terry HACKER
  10. Kristof JENKINS
  11. Ethan KNEALE
  12. Oliver LOVELL
  13. Will MARTIN
  15. Joshua MEANS
  16. William MORRIS
  17. Bruno NICHOLAS
  18. Kuba STAITE
  19. Sam THOMSON


BIT 1 - Review of the training

A review of the training at Burghfield SC including vimeo link, feedback form the coaches and feedback from the sailors.  (26/11/2015)

Invitational junior boys training at Burghfield Sailing Club

If you are not sure of directions please check out the club website.

The coaches for the weekend are Alan Williams Will Burdall, Nik Froud.

Bring with you a weather forecast for the weekend and a google earth map of the lake.

Think about the areas which he needs to work on over the weekend.

The weekend will cover a mix of:-

Boathandling Speed Understanding shifts Decision making when starting Upwind decision making Racing Self regulation and emotional control

There will be a parents meeting at 1000 on Saturday morning which will last 20-30 minutes.

The house parents for the weekend are :- Claire Lovell, John Farmer and Heidi Means. Please remember to sign your sailor in and out each day with the house parents.

The outline plan is as follows.

Saturday Meet at the club at 0930 Welcome Introductions Plan for the weekend Activation / Mobility- the boys need to be in sports clothing. Morning Session Lunch- this is provided Afternoon Session Debrief- depart 1630-1700

Sunday Meet at the club Briefing 0930 rigged and changed ready to go afloat Plan for the day Morning session Lunch - this is provided Afternoon session Debrief- depart 1630   

BIT 1 - Coordinator

Melanie Hacker is the Coordinator for BIT 1.

People and resources required for BIT 1

Class ribs Parent Ribs House parents x 2 for each day

Please contact Melanie for more information.

07977 583490   

Sign up for a Duty

Sign up for a duty for BIT 1 here.  (03/11/2015)

Training Venue

The Boys Invitational training is taking place at Burghfield Sailing Club  (03/11/2015)


The junior boys selected for training are taken from combined results of the last two events.

Consideration has been given to the amount of training the boys in the top squads have already had and will receive in the coming months.

Given the objectives and the picture for junior boys looking somewhat different from the girls, we have exclude boys from the National and Intermediate Squads and concentrate on the those who have missed out on squads this winter for this session. This provides opportunity to boys who will become Seniors next year and may only get one training session.


BIT 1 is non Residential

This training event is not a residential.  (29/10/2015)


Burghfield Sailing Club
21/11/2015 - 22/11/2015


Name:  Guest

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