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Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy
26 - 27 Jan 2019
Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy
9 - 10 Mar 2019

Racing updates


Information update
The local SIs for the Laser 4.7 Ladder 8 at Draycote Water Sailing Club have been posted on the event website.

There are also links to a map of the club and a document on invasive species. Please read before coming.
Entry lists
For administrative reasons the sailors who signed up for Ladder 7 and requested their entry (and payment) be transferred to Ladder 8 are in a separate entry list to those who are entering first time.

Total entry on 9th April is 24.
Entry transfer
We are just in the process of transferring entries from Ladder 7 (and Qualifier 2) to the events requested. As there are about 150 entries in all this will take a while. Entries transferred to Ladder 8 can be viewed under the second category of transferred entries.

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