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Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy
17 - 18 Oct 2020


Joining Instructions
Arrival Information, COVD-19 protocols and NHS QR-Code information has been emailed to all competitors this evening.

If you have not received the email because your email hosting provider is treating this vital email as spam then please give me a call and we will try to arrange a different channel for you to gain access to this information.

Jan Lasko (07789 867156)

The tally allocations can be viewed under documents on the right.
Entry limits
The overall entry is limited to 160 boats at this event.

Entrants will be selected on payment received order.
Entry sequence
In order to manage the entries according to their payment dates, each fleet's entry limit is initially set to ZERO and will be increased to accommodate the entries in payment sequence order until the overall entry limit of 160 boats is reached.

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