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Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy
17 - 18 Oct 2020

Racing updates


Race schedule
Please not that the scheduled start for the first race on Saturday is 11:30, not the usual 12:00.

As a consequence, the briefing will be at 10:15.
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The UK Laser Class Association and Grafham Water Sailing Club look forward to welcoming you at this year's Inland Championships.

Sign up early to avoid the late payment surcharge.

Laser sailors who are current members of Grafham Water Sailing Club will receive a host club discount. This list will be verified by GWSC prior to the event to confirm GWSC membership status.
Movement of boats to and from Grafham Water
Extract from the Notice of Race

17.4 Movement of boats to Grafham Water

17.4a In order to prevent the spread of non-native species there is a requirement to ensure that boats are clean before they visit the site using the principle of Check – Clean- Dry.

This includes:

17.4b CHECK your equipment and clothing for live organisms – particularly in areas that are damp or hard to inspect.
17.4c CLEAN and wash equipment, footwear and clothing thoroughly. If you do come across any organisms, leave them at the water body where you found them.
17.4d DRY all equipment and clothing – some species can live for many days in moist conditions. Make sure you don’t transfer water elsewhere.
17.4e Anglian Water ask for boats and equipment, arriving at Grafham Water that are from the following locations, to have been clean and dry for at least two days prior to arrival – if not, then they must not be launched at
the Club:

Wraysbury Reservoir and Wraysbury River near to Staines
The Queen Mother Reservoir
Queen Elizabeth II/Bessborough Reservoirs
Queen Mary Reservoir
Warwick East Reservoir, Warwick West Reservoir and William
Girling Reservoir all located in the Lee Valley

17.5 Movement of boats from Grafham Water

A non-native species of fresh water shrimp (commonly known as killer shrimps) have been found in Grafham Water and certain restrictions on boat movement have been imposed by AW, DEFRA or other bodies to prevent the spread of these to other locations in the UK. These requirements are prominently displayed on the club premises and will include washing boats and equipment before removal from the Club premises.
How to find us

Campers and camper vans
Campers and camper vans are welcome and pre booking of a Campervan site from the Club Secretariat ( / 01480 810478) is essential.

There is a charge of £15 per night for Campervans, £10 per night for Camping (please note – NO caravans please – our lease does not allow them).
Laser 4.7 Ladder 4
This results from this event will be counted as part of the 2017/18 Laser 4.7 Ladder and is the fourth event in the overall ladder series

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