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Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy
9 - 10 Mar 2019
Stokes Bay Saling Club
16 - 17 Mar 2019
Plymouth Youth SC c/o Moutbatten Sailing Centre
23 - 24 Mar 2019
Largs Sailing Club
27 Jul - 2 Aug 2019


WPNSA Qualifier Cancelled
Following a review of the weather forecasts this morning and from a telephone conversation with WPNSA & the RYA, we have agreed that, on balance and given the long travelling distances of some of our competitors, it would be prudent to cancel the Qualifier at WPNSA.

It leaves me only to thank all those who will have put in so much effort in order to hold the event and hope that they donít feel that their time has been wasted. UKLA have experienced great events WPNSA & we will be visiting again in October.

Kind regards, Ken.
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Road Works
Please note that there are currently road works on Portland Road with one-way traffic and temporary traffic lights, so
you may be delayed slightly on your journey here.
World and European Qualifier
This event is the second of three qualifier events for the Laser Standard and Laser Radial Fleets.

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