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Blithfield Sailing Club
11 - 12 May 2019
Pagham Yacht Club
13 - 14 Jul 2019
Largs Sailing Club
27 Jul - 2 Aug 2019

Racing updates


Sailing Instructions Change 1
Delete 9. and replace with the following:
9.1 Marks 1 and 2 will be orange inflatable marks. Marks 3s and 3P, 4s and 4 p will be yellow
cylindrical buoys.
9.2 Change marks will be same colour and description as the marks lists in SI 9.1.
9.3 The starting marks will be two race committee vessels.
9.4 Finishing marks will be the RC vessel and a small orange inflatable mark.
Notice of Race Change Published 1400hrs, confirming the times of registration and schedule for 17th March 2019.
Event Update 2 - Friday morning
UKLA Q Stokes Bay SC Update 2 (Friday Morning)
There will be no sailing on Saturday 16th March, as the forecasts continue to predict un-sailable conditions. The forecast for Sunday continue to predict sailable conditions 15-19 knots W/NW. On Saturday the Stokes Bay SC clubhouse will be open from 1130hrs through to about 1900hrs. You will be able to watch the rugby and buy drinks and light meals.
Registration will now only be able on Saturday 16th March between 1700 - 1830hrs.
The schedule for Sunday 17th March will be as follows:
SBSC clubhouse open 0730hrs. Late Registration 0745 - 0845hrs. Competitors briefing 0845hrs. Tallying and launch 0915hrs. 1st warning signal displayed at 0955hrs, with up to four races scheduled. (Race documentation will be amended in due course).

The weather conditions have proved to be quite unreliable and we appreciate for some competitors this may be a extraordinary effort for one days sailing, but as the event is part of the UKLA Q series we want to use every opportunity available for sailing. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you either Saturday evening or Sunday morning at registration. Safe Journeys.


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