Volvo Musto British and Open Optimist Championships
Pwllheli Sailing Club
08/08/2008 - 15/08/2008

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2018 Volvo Gill Optimist Late Summer Championships
Poole Yacht Club
01/09/2018 - 02/09/2018


Friday 14th August

1025 - Morning all. 1 race schedualed as per the program. The skies are overcast and there is currently 10-12 knots on the race course. The fleets have started to tally.

1040 - The top three in the senior fleet are: 1st GBR5653 Matthew Wallis, 2nd GBR5740 Annabel Vose, 3rd GBR5850 Craig Dibb. In the juniors GBR5863 Oliver Grogono is on tied points with USA14449 Wade Waddell, 3rd GBR5805 Scott Wallis is only a point behind and then 4th GBR5792 Matthew is again a further point behind so alot is resting on this final race.

1240 - Junior Race 12, 1st Flight provisional results at finish. 1st MLT7, 2nd GBR5792, 3rd GBR5815, 4th USA14449, 5th GBR5816, 6th NED2818

1252 - Junior Race 12, 2nd Flight provisional results at finish. 1st GBR5731, 2nd GBR5863, 3rd GBR5805

1307 - Senior Race 12, 1st Flight provisional results at finish. 1st GBR5740, 2nd GBR5789, 3rd GBR5678

1318 - Senior Race 12, 2nd Flight provisional results at finish. 1st GBR5803, 2nd GBR5790, 3rd GBR5540

1330 - Thats it folks! we have our champions and the fleets are returning to shore! what a great championships it has been with very varying weather conditions. providng challenging and competative sailing. We hope to see you all in largs, 8th-5th August 2009. Happy sailing to all.  

Thursday 14th August

1030 - Morning everyone. Sunshine and blue skies hurah! Re-flighted juniors and seniors overnight so the plan for today is three races.

1035 - CBBC filmed a good luck message for teamGBR in Qingdao from our oppie sailors on the beach this morning, which will be broadcast on BBC2 during Sportsround at 1145 on Saturday.

1045 - Junior and senior fleets are tallying and making their way to the beach

1115 - Fleets have launched

1125 - news from the race course is that it is lovely and sunny with blue sky and white wispy clouds, mare's tails. aprox 10knots south westerly.

1150 - Junior start sequence in progress.

1205 - the wind is still the same and bothe junior races are now underway.

1250 - Juniors race 9, first start, provisional results at finish. 1st GBR5863 Oliver Grogono, 2nd GBR5811 Thomas O'Leary, 3rd GBR5731 Josh Sparks

1420 - Apologies for lack of info, have been collecting my A level results. Back now. Race results for Seniors and Juniors race 9 now being entered, should be on the web site soon. Provisional results Senior Race 9 1st start. 1st GBR5803 Robert Baddeley, 2nd BEL1092 Tom Alleman, 3rd GBR5824 Zoe Parkinson. Senior Race 9 2nd start. 1st GBR5740 Annabel Vose, 2nd MLT66 Thomas Zammit, 3rd GBR5776 Sasha Bruml

1435 - Junior race 10 first start current positions 1st IRL1154 Ruairi Finnegan, 2nd GBR4791 Robert Masterman, 3rd GBR4718.

1440 - senior race 10 first start current positions 1st MLT66 Thomas Zammit, 2nd GBR5789 Tarra Gill-Taylor, USA14141 Jack Mcguire.

1441 - Senior race 10 second start current positions. 1st GBR5740 Annabel Vose, 2nd GBR5850 Craig Dibb, 3rd IRL1237 Xander Morrison.

1445 - Wind 10knots bit of a swell and sunshine.

1535 - Juniors race 11, both starts underway.

1555 - Provisional results for juniors at the wing mark. Start 1, 1st GBR5609 Joe Burford, 2nd IRL1301 Seafra Guilfoyle, 3rd GBR5863 Oliver Grogono.

1600 - Provisional positions for juniors at the wing mark start 2. 1st MLT7 Edward Fleri Solar, 2nd USA14449 Wade Waddell 3rd GBR5731 Josh Sparks.

1615 - Junior fleet on their way in.

1720 - All sailors now ashore with three races completed leaving only one race to go tommorrow. Tight racing at the top of both junior and senior fleets leaving all to play for. 10 races currently published and race 11 being inputed into the system as we speak. signing off for tonight.  

Wednesday 13th August

1040 - Morning all. Apologies a little late logging on this morning. Plan for the day 3 races for Seniors and Juniors. Current conditions NE 6 - 8knots, forecast SW 15knots and building with showers. More news as we get it

1100 - Senior and Junior Fleets are tallying

1120 - Junior and Senior Fleets launching

1200 - News from race course. AP currently flying, waiting for breeze to settle.

1230 - AP down and race 6 for juniors started, both flights. started on an I flag, several sailors over in both starts. GBR5742 junior second start, reports from the race course is that they had a cracking start.

1240 - Junior Race 6, first start provisional poistions at wing mark. 1st MLT7, GBR5863, GBR5446, GBR5804, GBR5864

1250 - Junior Race 6, second start provisional positions at wing mark. USA14449, GBR5731, USA8465

1300 - Junior Race 6 first start positions across the finish line. MLT7 Edward Fleri Solar, GBR5863 Oliver Grogono, GBR5805 Scott Wallis, GBR5864 Freddie Grogono. Senior race 6 start 1 are rounding the wing mark.

1340 - Junior race 6 second start positions across the finish line. USA14449 Wade Waddel, GBR5731 Josh Sparks, USA8465 Harrison Hawk, IRL1298 Philip Brownlow. Senior Race 6 start 1 positions across the finishing line. USA15436 Nathaniel Johansson, GBR5640 Toby Morsley. Senior race 6 start 2 positions across the finishing line GBR5789 Tarra Gill-Taylor, GBR5705 Rosie Hickman, GBR5683 Matthew Wallis. The starting sequences for race 7 are now underway

1415 - Junior race 7 start 1 provisional positions at the wing mark. GBR5731, USA14449, IRL1154, IRL1301. Junior race 7 start 2 provisional postitions at the wing mark. GBR5792, GBR5805, MLT7, GBR5827.

1520 - Finishing positions for junior race 7 start 1. GBR5731 Josh Sparks, USA14449 Wade Waddel, IRL1301 Seafra Guilfoyle, IRL1154 Ruairi Finnegan. Finishing positions for race 7 Junior start 2. GBR5792 Matthew Whitfield, GBR5805 Scott Wallis, GBR5863 Oliver Grogono, GBR5811 Thomas O'Leary. Finishing positions for seniors race 7 start 1 GBR5740 Annabel Vose, GBR5850 Craig Dibb. Finishing positions for seniors race 7 start 2. MLT66 Thomas Zammit Tabona, USA13337 Nicole Medley, BEL1093 Matthieu Van Schoote. Sailors preparing for race 8 in light winds.

1550 - Race 8 junior start 1, provisional positions at wing mark. GBR5805, MLT7, USA14449.

1600 - Race 8 junior start 2, provisional positions at wing mark. IRL1154, GBR5827, GBR5682.

1640 - junior race 8 finished and the sailors are heading in. more news when it arrives with us!

1715 - All fleets ashore. Race 7 results for junior and senior will be on the website in the next 5mins, race 8 to follow. Signing off for today.  

Tuesday 12th August

0830 - Good Morning. Gales and heavy rain over night, but currently approx 12knots and no rain. Winds are due to build again during the day, but we should hopefully get out racing. More news after the race management meeting at 1000

1125 - Plan for the day - 3 races for Junior and Senior Fleet Sailors. Last Senior fleet boat has just tallied. Plan to release the Junior Fleet from the beach shortly. Curently 12knots on the course area. No rain yet!

1140 - Regatta Fleet and Start Sailing Groups are afloat and working in their groups, plan to race after lunch.

1140 - Juniior Fleet released

1200 - Senior Fleet released

1230 - Race 2 for the Juniors underway

1235 - News from the course area: WSW 15 Knots, slight chop, sunshine. All starts are on the I Flag. Race 2 for the Seniors starting shortly.

1310 - Senior Fleet, Race 2 (Purple and Turquoise) windward mark roundings. 1st IRL1314, GBR5850, GBR5737

1322 - Junior Fleet, Race 2. Both starts have finished

1322 - Seniior Fleet, Race 2. First start (Green and Pink) have finished

1330 - Senior Fleet Provisional Results Race 2 1st start (Green and Pink) 1st GBR5683, 2nd GBR5598, 3rd GBR5806, 4th GBR5740

1330 - Senior Fleet Provisional Results Race 2 2nd start (Purple and Turquiose) 1st IRL1314, 2nd GBR5850, 3rd GBR5737, 4th GBR5707

1330 - Apologies no provisional results from Junior fleet, will try to obtain

1335 - Start sequence underway for Juniors Race 3

1500 - Race 4 underway for both Juniors and Seniors

1535 - Race 4 Juniors 2nd start. Positions at windward mark 1st GBR4953, 2nd GBR4662, 3rd IRL1324, 4th GBR5747

1545 - Race 4 Juniiors 1st start. Provisional results at finish. 1st GBR5863, 2nd IRL1298, 3rd MLT7, 4th GBR5811

1545 - Race 4 Seniors 2nd start. general recall, marks being relayed 1615 - Race 4 Juniors 2nd start. Provisional results at finish. 1st GBR5864, 2nd USA14449, 3rd GBR5747

1620 - News from the race course......the PRO intends running a 4th race for both fleets. Junior Race 5 first start in sequence.

1645 - Race 5, Juniors 1st start windward mark rounding. 1st GBR5609, 2nd GBR5792, 3rd GBR5747


Monday 11th August

0830 - Looks like we may get some racing in today. Currently we have 15knots with grey overcast skies. Rain forecast. GBR5423 (Sam Pearce) is already rigged in the compound!

1015 - News from the Race Management Meeting. Plan is a per the programme. Three races, warning signal Race 1 1155.

1120 - Junior and Senior Fleet Launched

1400 - Apologies for the lack of news. We've all been kept really busy here as the wind has increased to 25knots gusting 30 and a number of sailors have struggled with the conditions. Seniors and Juniors are returning ashore to await further instructions. Both flets have completed one race. We'll bring you further news and results from the first race as soon as we can

Signing off here for the day. Results for the one race will be posted in the morning.   


All racing cancelled today......

Due to high winds there will be no racing today, Monday 10th August.  (10/08/2008)

Overnight Motor Home parking at Pwllheli SC

A limited number of places are available at Pwllheli for overnight parking of motorhomes. Please contact for an application form for temporary events club membership and a parking permit. There will be a charge for these of £60 for the week.   (10/08/2008)

Your help is required

Many hands make light work. We are once again asking for your help in taking on some of the many tasks required to make this another successful and memorable sailing event. Please follow the link and volunteer for one of more tasks which fit in with your 'free' time.  (12/07/2008)

Measuring at the Nationals

In order to deal with the large number of Optimists at the Nationals we intend to start measurement during the afternoon of the 8th of August.

If you are a measurer or are able to help as an assistant please sign up on the duty roster using the link on the right.  

Measurement process

Just a few weeks to go to the 2008 Nationals in Pwllheli and I know that you have more than enough to do. This year, with so many competitors, the measurers will have a very significant task to check and endorse all the Optimists to ensure a fair and safe competition.

If you are competing in either the Junior or Senior Fleet, you need to fill in the Equipment Declaration Form and make every endeavour to get your Optimist pre-event checked by a Class Measurer. There are a number of opportunities to do this around the country and you can contact your local Measurer to see if there is somewhere convenient for you. The Registration process will take longer for those competitors without the Pre-Event check completed and endorsed.

If you are in the Regatta or Starter Fleet, you are welcome to complete this Pre-Event Check but it is not mandatory to comply with all the Class Rules. The checks for your Optimists will focus on seaworthiness and safety. You should ensure your Optimist hull and equipment are in good condition and meet the key requirements detailed on the Regatta Fleet Check List.

We will use a numbering system for the process in the marquee at Pwllheli so you shouldn’t need to stand in a queue for too long.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Fred Deacon-Smith
IOCA Technical Officer   

Can you help on the Regatta Fleet Committee Boat?

Volunteers required to assist on the Regatta Fleet CB – neat, quick, handwriting skills, sense of fun and ability to concentrate required : prefer commitment to be in the team for the full week rather than only day or two : training will be provided : previous experience an advantage : free lunch every day.

If interested please contact Mike Haynes direct -  


For families still looking for accommodation the Haven Holiday Park 'Hafan Y Mor' still has some availability for the Nationals week.


Regatta Fleet Entry Limit Increased

The Regatta Fleet entry limit has been increased to 112 with the provision of a further four groups of eight coached sailors.


Regatta Fleet Entry Limit

The Regatta Fleet entry limit was reached by 11am this morning. We are currently looking at whether or not we can increase the limit. In the meantime if you wish to enter please can I encourage you to do so (your name will appear on the waiting list currently, as this will give us an indication of the total demand. As we add additional places they will be allocated to those already on the waiting list in strict chronological order


A few important points ...

Welcome to this year's Volvo Musto Optimist Nationals. As always we will be having three fleets. Two racing fleets, Seniors for sailors 13 - 15 year of age and Juniors for those under 13 on the 31st December 2008.

The regatta fleet is a training fleet and will have its own programme of training and some racing.

Once you have entered you will receive a confirmation regarding your entry.
Once payment has been received this will be confirmed by email and on the site.
Finally, once the signed helm and parental declarations have been received, you will receive an acceptance confirmation.

The provisional entry limits based on last year's event and the recent inlands are as follows:
  • Seniors - 150 places
  • Juniors - 150 places
  • Regatta - 80 places

For those that complete the whole registration process prior to the 16th June, their boat number will be entered into a draw to have their entry fee refunded.

Your help will again be required to make this another successful event. We will be providing a list of tasks at the beginning of June where we require your assistance. Please take the time to volunteer some of your valuable time and help the Nationals come to life.

Many thanks   


Welcome to the EventAssistant Clubhouse where you can maintain your sailor profile, keep track of your membership and class related sailing events

Enter Clubhouse

Entry Fees

Fleet Normal Late
Junior ( 8-12yrs) £150.00 £180.00
Regatta £205.00 --
Regatta Fleet Starter Group £225.00 £255.00
Senior (13-15yrs) £150.00 £180.00

Late fee applies from 19 July


Notice of Race - Championship Fleets
This NOR applies to the Senior and Junior Fleets.
Notice of Race - Regatta Fleet
This notice of race only applies to the regatta fleet.
Guidelines - Regatta Starter Fleet
Major Event Instructions (MEIs)

Many things to do - HELPERS REQUIRED
An huge amount of volunteer time is required to ensure an event this size runs smoothly. Please help us by signing up for one or more duties. MANY THANKS!
RIB Registration
If you are able to bring a RIB to help with the Safety fleet please follow the link above and complete the online registration form.

Arrivals Instructions

1. Guide to the Measurement Process
This document outlines the measurement process for this year's event.
2. Measurement Procedures
3. Equipment Declaration Form
This form must be completed by Junior and Senior Fleet sailors prior to registration.
4. Regatta Fleet Check Form
5. Measurement Enforcement
6. Documentation Infringement Form

Class Membership
In order to participate in Volvo Musto Optimist Nationals you must be a current member. You can register online via the above link.

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