2019 Volvo Gill Optimist Spring Championships
Royal Lymington Yacht Club
30/03/2019 - 31/03/2019

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Catering at RLynYC - book now

IOCA will be holding a 2019 start-of-season drinks party at the RLYC, straight after the EGM, at 6pm. You are are welcome for drink and nibbles, and a cash bar. The aim of the evening is to launch this year's calendar and activities and there will be a stand with information about the British Nationals 2019 in WPNSA.

The club will be serving food after, with a special menu for all Oppie sailors, their friends and family.
It will be Beef Bourgignon with Rice & crusty bread with a vegetarian option having lentils/beans/vegetables instead of the meat (if there is anybody requiring a fully vegan meal, this can also be arranged).

9.50 adults

5.50 for kids

Please book in advanced by contacting Gillian Poole at the RLYC gillian@rlymyc.org.uk or 01590 672677
The Clubs restaurant main menu will also be available.  

Rules Evening

Do you know the rules?

A rules evening may be the best way to find out more.  

Sign up to join the Springs Event Team

There are 140 volunteer duty slots, Sat & Sun to be filled to support the operation of the IOCA (UK) Spring 19.

Volunteers are mainly parent and there are also non-parent volunteers in the Event Team - Race Officers and Jury.

If you are a new parent to the class, please select an duty that you would like to take on at future events and work with the parent signed up to this duty to find out more.

To make corrections and changes contact admin@optimist.org.uk  

Road closure

A road leading to Royal Lymington Yacht Club will be closed on the weekend of the Springs. Please refer to the map for the alternative route.

Online entry - The process

    The online entry for the Springs 19 is open.

    1. GBR sailors must be an IOCA UK 2019 member. All other, non GBR sailors must be a member of an International Optimist Association.

    2. Care should be taken when completing the online entry form to enter all the details correctly.

    3. You can update your entry/add your signatures or pay at a later date using the CLUBHOUSE or UPDATE YOUR ENTRY option on the left which will initially require you to apply for a password.

    4. Payment of entry fees using GoCardless is ONLY available to UK bank account.

    5. For non-UK bank accounts, payment of entry fees is by invoice. An online entry form should be completed and to request an invoice contact John Perham - admin@optimist.co.uk

    6. The on line form will ask for a confirmation regarding the sailor and parent declarations ('signatures') at the end of the registration process.

    7. If there is a change of sail number before the Springs 19 please inform John Perham - admin@optimist.co.uk

    Should you have any problems with the online entry system then please contact John Perham - admin@optimist.co.uk  

    Springs Event Information from RLynYC

    Please read this information from RLymYC before you arrive.

    There is information on car parking, dinghy park, RIB berthing, catering and more.....  

    The Royal Lymington Yacht Club

    The Spring Championships 2019 are being held at Royal Lymington Yacht Club.  (23/01/2019)


    The Optimist Spring series kicked off at the Royal Lymington Yacht Club with Saturday, March 30th forecast showing little hope of racing. Undaunted Race Officer Stuart Childerley thought there was a chance of some thermal induced breeze later in the afternoon.

    Initially at 1330hrs there were some good signs that the breeze would develop so the Race Committee headed out to the race area. Then at about 1345hrs we felt confident to launch the boats. The wind filled initially from 140 degrees and then to 220 degrees. The strength stayed around 5 knots for a while whilst the boats headed from the shore to the race area. The Race Committee managed to start the first flight, but the breeze started to show signs of it fading. The second flight start was delayed and then the Race Committee abandoned the race for the first flight as the wind decreased to virtually nothing again. A quick decision was then made to send the boats ashore.

    Sunday the wind was 110 degrees at 10-12 knots at start time. There was a delay because the launch process and sail to the race area took longer than expected. Race 1 started first time for both flights and the first boat finished at 51 minutes, a little over the target time. The ebbing tide was causing some of the fleet issues, whilst they tried to master the Solent conditions. The Race Committee Whisky finished a number of boats in race 1.

    Race 2 started soon after in winds of 12-14 knots at 110 degrees, the ebb tide was beginning to fade. As we started race 3 the flood tide had begun to be a considerable factor in the race area and caused many boats to misjudge the effect it had on them, causing a high number of boats to be Black Flag disqualified after the first start attempts using U flag were general recalled. The wind held relatively steady for the day and the last race saw 120 degrees at 12-14 knots with blue skies.  


    Berthon will offer parking for motorhomes for the Optimist Spring Championships at 25 per night inc VAT, to include electricity and luxury hot showers. Please book by e mail at marina@berthon.co.uk or by phone 01590 647405. Very easy walk to the Royal Lymington Yacht Club next door.

    Regatta Fleet - Guidance to parents and sailors

    There is a Regatta Fleet of maximum 30 sailors at the Springs 19.

    The sailing area for the RF is a 30 minute sail out and back and the fleet will be out all day and lunch will be eaten on the water.



Welcome to the EventAssistant Clubhouse where you can maintain your sailor profile, keep track of your membership and class related sailing events

Enter Clubhouse

Entry Fees

Fleet Normal Late
Main Fleet £50.00 £60.00
Regatta Fleet £50.00 £60.00

Late fee applies from 18 March



RIBs signed up 11 March 19
This sheet is for information only.

Updates will be made frequently.

The sheets shows RIBS signed up.

To sign up either select the RIB Sign up sheet and or the RIB Volunteer Sign up sheet.

The class is updating the RIB and RIB crew process. This is a work in progress so please be patient we are working hard on this task.
RIB Crew Signed up 11 March 19
This sheet is for information only.

Updates will be made frequently.

The sheets shows RIBS crews signed up.

To sign up either select the RIB Sign up sheet and or the RIB Volunteer Sign up sheet.

The class is updating the RIB and RIB crew process. This is a work in progress so please be patient we are working hard on this task.
RIB Sign Up Sheet
For the Springs 19, a total of 25 RIBS are required across the MF and RF for all roles on the water.

The RIB fleet will be made of 8 RLym YC RIBS 6 IOCA (UK) class RIBS and 11 parent RIBS.

To sign up a parent RIB, helm and crew, please complete the RIB Sign Up Sheet.

If you are not signed up to a parent RIB and are available to helm or crew please complete the RIB VOLUNTEER SIGN UP SHEET.

A list of RIBS, helms and crews signed up will be published and updated as additional RIBS are added. This list will be kept as accurate and up to date as possible.

A Call Sign sheet is produced for the event with details of fleet, role, flag number etc and will be handed out at the Safety Fleet briefing on Saturday morning.

For information on the RIB sign up please contact John Perham 07713 499225.
RIB Volunteer Sign Up Sheet
The Springs 19 is using 8 RLym YC and 6 class and 10 parent RIBS all of which will need a helm and a crew.

If you are not sign up as a helm or crew to a signed up RIB and are available to helm or crew please complete the RIB Volunteer sign up sheet. This list will be kept as accurate and up to date as possible.

Helms and crew will be allocated to fleets and roles and this list will be published and updated on the Springs 19 page.


Event Programme
Download and save or print a copy.

Registration will open at 8.30am on Saturday morning. Main Fleet sailors will need the button number of the sail being used for the Springs 19.



Major Event Instructions
The Major Event Instructions are used for all for all IOCA (UK) major events.

Notice of Race
NOR for Spring Championships.

Download and print a copy and bring to the event with you.

Supplementary Sailing Instructions
SSIs for the Spring Championships. Please download, print and bring a copy to the Springs.

Main Fleet Flights Colours
Registration will be by flight colour.


Snap Shacke an Strop
Parent Simple Summary



If you are interested is joining a team to go to the Venice Team Racing in May this year find out more by reading the information from the IOCA uk Chair of Selectors.

Irish Team 2019 Selection Policy
IOCA (UK) - Irish Nationals Team Selection Policy 2019.
Notice from Selectors - Venice Team Racing
Please see document below in regards to the sailors who have expressed an interest in joining the IOCA Team for the XXXIII Trofeo Rizotti.

Any questions

Contact: IOCA Administrator & Events Manager
Email:    admin@optimist.org.uk
Tel No:   07713 499225

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