2019 IOCA (UK) Optimist Winter Championships
Datchet Water Sailing Club
16/11/2019 - 17/11/2019

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Racing updates


On line entry closed

The on line entry for the Winter Championships 19 is now closed.

No entries for the Main or the Regatta fleets will be accepted.

The division of Main Fleet sailors into Flight groups has been completed.



Please be aware that the M4 will be closed in both directions all weekend from 8pm on Friday 15th Nov between J6 (Slough) and J8/9 (A404). Datchet is J5 so should be accessible M4 East from the M25.

Please plan your route and allow some extra time if necessary. We have a busy schedule of racing and won’t be able postpone the start to accommodate late arrivals.


DWSC Arrival Information

This is information from DWSC of drop off area, parking and the one way system.

Have a read before you travel to the Winters 19.

Camper vans at the Winters 19

There will be campervan parking at the Winters 19. The campervan parking will be on the main gate level.

On Friday and Saturday night there will be a Security Guard on duty. This is a requirement of the water authority. There will be access to the site until 11.00pn on Friday night.

IOCA is managing the campervan bookings booking and payment. To make a booking click on the title.  

Event Team Sign up sheet

Sign up to join the Event Team.

Volunteers are mainly parent and there are also non-parent volunteers in the Event Team - Race Officers, Judges and Results.

If you are a new parent to the class, please select an duty that you would like to take on at future events and work with the parent signed up to this duty to find out more.

The is a shortage of parents in the class at present that have the skills and experience for the results team. Race results training is being provided by Jan Lasko at the Winters 19. No previous experience of results is required. There is time to launch sailors before the results team are required.

To make corrections and changes contact admin@optimist.org.uk  

On line entry is OPEN

The online entry for the Winters 19 is open.

To enter the Winters a sailor must be either a current 2019 or 2020 IOCA (UK) member or an International sailor.

Please ensure that all the details entered are correct and particularly the sail number and sign the declaration at the end of the page.

If there are any corrections or change to the entry details please contact admin@optimist.org.uk  

Welcome to the IOCA Winter Champs 19

The Winter Championships at Datchet will have both a Main and Regatta Fleet.

The Main Fleet this year are being run as a sprint racing event.

Lots of 20 minute races in smaller fleets as a round-robin tournament on the first day and finals on the second day.

Plenty of starts and close quarters racing to sharpen up your tactics and boat handling.

There are limited places so sign up quickly to be part of the action.

The Regatta Fleet will be racing on a sailing a triangular course with lots of races on each day. It is anticipated that there will be a least 30 boats in the Regatta Fleet so a good opportunity to sail in a larger fleet.

The water level at DWSC is high and getting higher with all the rain we have been having recently. It is anticipated that the launch will be from the top beach, which is in fact a concrete slope. This makes launch and recovery very straight forward. Getting to the sailing area for both MF and RF sailing areas takes only a few minutes.  

On the water support for sailors at the Winters 19

IOCA will not be providing coaches/event support at the event. Other coaches and other support persons are welcome and can play a part in supporting sailors before and after sailing. Please be aware that the opportunity to offer support to sailors on the water will be limited due to the format of the racing and the course to be sailed; there will be limited time for sailors talk to coaches between races as the races will need to keep rolling and won't wait for sailors to be ready.

The only vessels on the water will be safety and race management vessels and given the course the safety fleet is likely to be operating a zonal system meaning the safety fleet is likely to be fixed in positions around the course. Sign up for the safety fleet (ribs and volunteers) is available via the event website (no ribs shall have more than 2 persons on board). There is no guarantee that everyone who signs up will be allocated to a race management or safety role - the safety officer and PRO have the final say - but do sign up early to ensure the best chance of getting on the water.  

Event venue information

The Winter Championships are being held at Datchet Water Sailing Club Sailing Club.  (17/10/2019)


Welcome to the EventAssistant Clubhouse where you can maintain your sailor profile, keep track of your membership and class related sailing events

Enter Clubhouse

Entry Fees

Fleet Normal Late
Main Fleet £65.00 £78.00
Regatta Fleet £65.00 £78.00

Late fee applies from 5 November


Safety Fleet Information

Call Sign Sheet - PROVISIONAL
This is the allocation of RIBS in the Main and Regatta Fleets.

This is a provisional list and is subject to change for operational reasons.
Safety Fleet RIB Sign up sheet
This is where a Rib and Crew is signed up for consideration to be included the Safety Fleet for the Main and Regatta Fleets.

Main Fleet sailors will be on a Sprint Racing course and the RIBS will be designated as Safety or Jury.

Regatta Fleet sailors will be on a triangular course and the RIBS will be designated as Regatta Safety Lead, Safety Boat or Marks.
RIB Crew Volunteer Sign Up Sheet
This is where to sign up to be a helm or a crew in the Safety Fleet for the Main or Regatta Fleets.
Safety Fleet RIBS signed up
This is a list of venue, Class and Parent RIBS signed up for the Winters 19. The allocation of these RIBs to the Safety Fleet and other roles and notification sent as soon as possible.
Safety Fleet RIB expense policy
IOCA will pay expenses for bring a RIB to an event that is included in the Safety Fleet.

MEI, NoR, SSI & Flights

Major Event Instructions
Sailing Instructions used for IOCA events including the Winter Champs 19
Notice of Race
Download and print a copy of the Winters 19 Notice of Race.

Supplementary Sailing Instructions
Download and print a copy of the Winters 19 SSIs.
Main Fleet Flights
The Main Fleet will be sailing in flights. Registration will be by flight.

Event Programme

Event programme
The important event programme times to be aware of are 08.30 - 09.30 am on Sat for Registration and the Main Fleet and Regatta Fleet briefing at 09.40am.



Any questions

Contact: John Perham
Email:    admin@optimist.org.uk
Tel No:   07713 499225

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