Volvo Musto Optimist End of Season Championship
Rutland Sailing Club
11/10/2008 - 12/10/2008

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Sunday 12th October

1045 - Morning All. Beautiful day here at Rutland, just a slight lack of the essential.......wind. AP Flag currently flying for the Main Fleet. Regatta Fleet have just left the shore. All results queries from yesterday have been dealt with and an updated set of results for both fleets have been placed on the web site.

1140 - Main Fleet have launched.

1230 - Main Fleet just going in to a start sequence for Race 5.Currently 8knots at the windward mark

1231 - Regatta Fleet have completed Race 5 and are currently sailing race 6, ashore shortly for lunch. Results as we get them

1251 - News from the Main Fleet. Both starts away in Race 5. Provisional news is that there were 3 OCS in the first start and 10 OCS in the 2nd start, no sail numbers available as yet I'm afraid.

1254 - Regatta Fleet......

1255 - Conditions on the Main Fleet are currently 5.6knots 180degrees

1255 - Regatta Fleet results after 5 races. Jacob Sidebottom currently in first place with Jamie Clader and Tom Reid in 2nd and 3rd respectively. First girl is currently Emily King.

1330 - Regatta Fleet results after Race 6. Jacob still leads overall by just one point from Jamie, with Tom in 3rd. Emily still first girl with a 13point margin on the next girl Mary Perkins. Full results available on web site shortly

1333 - Main Fleet, Race 5, first start, provisional results at finish. BEL1080 Daan Vadormael, GBR5640 Toby Morseley, GBR5723 Josh Burgess, GBR5764 Owen Bowerman, GBR5707 Jess Lavery..........Mum are you watching

1407 - Main Fleet, News from the mark layers. Wind has built to 10knots and swung to 205 degress, so course currently being re-laid prior to start of Race 5.

1408 - Nick Rogers (olympic Silver Medalist) has joined us and has gone afloat to watch race 5.

1409 - Regatta Fleet, are back afloat after lunch and in start sequence for Race 7

1443 - Main Fleet, Race 5 underway, wind dropped to 8 knots. Both starts on a Black Flag. One boat recorded as over - GB5763

1444 - Main Fleet, news from the PRO, no more racing after RAce 5. 1501 - Main Fleet, Race 5, 2nd start. Provisional resulst at windward mark. GBR5723 Josh Burgess, IRL1288 Alexander Rumball, GBR5792 Matt Whitfield, GBR5805 Scott Wallis, GBR5757 Gareth Viney.

1514 - Main Fleet,Race 5, 1 start, 2nd beat. Provisional results at mark. GBR5776 Sasha Bruml, GBR5740 Annabel Vose, GBR5789 Tarra Gill-Taylor, FRA1803 , FRA1926.

1520 - Provisional Main Fleet overall results after 4 races. All very tight at the top. 1st Tarra Gill-Taylor (6 points), 2nd Josh Sparks (7 ppoints), 3rd Melissa Hamilton (8 points).

1525 - Main Fleet, Race 5, 1st start. Provisional results at finish. FRA1926 Louise Chevet, GBR5740 Annabel Vose, GBR5863 Oliver Grogono , GBR5789 Tarra Gill-Taylor.


Saturday 11th October

1140 - Conditions here ideal. 10knots 210 degrees, bright sunshine and really quite warm

1141 - Main Fleet Race 1 underway. Provisonal news from the start line, 2 boats OCS. GBR4075, GBR5537

1142 - Provisonal positions at Leeward Mark, Race 1, 2nd start (red and white)1st GBR5723 Josh Burgess, FRA1926, GBR5791, IRL1288, GBR5827

1200 - Main Fleet Race 1 1st Start. Provisional results at finsh. GBR5806 Issy Hamilton, GBR5501 Calum Lambourne, GBR5690 Georgie Mothersele, GBR5731 Josh Sparks, GBR5805 Scott Wallis.

1210 - Main Fleet Race 1 2nd start. Provisional results at finish. GBR5789 Tarra Gill-Taylor, FRA1926 Louise Chevet, GBR5723 Josh Burgess, GBR5791 David Pain, GBE5707 Jess Lavery, IRL1288 Alexander Rumbol

1250 - Main Fleet Race 2, 1st start. All clear

1255 - Main Fleet Race 2, 2nd start. General re-call

1300 - Main Fleet Race 2, 1st start. Provisional results at windward mark. GBR5744 Charlie Wood, GBR5869 Murray Hampshire, GBR5833 Charlie Cox, GBR5403 Ben Brown, GBR5806 Issy Hamilton

1308 - Main Fleet Race 2, 2nd start. Black Flag start, one boat provisionally OCS, GBR4953

1330 - Main Fleet Race 2, 1st start. Provisonsal results at finish. GBR5747 Tom Collins, GBR5806 Issy Hamilton GBR5833 Charlie Cox

1333 ......and some news from the Regatta Fleet. The Regatta Fleet have completed one race so far, returned ashore for a quick lunch and now they are back on the water for a further 2 races. Results from the 1st race. 1st start, GBR5628 Tom Reid, GBR4977 Tomek Bruml, GBR5343 David Labrouche. 2nd start, GBR4779 Jacob Sidebottom, GBR5315 Mary Perkins, GBR5571 Alex Smallwood

1339 - Conditions afloat still ideal. 12 knots 220 degrees. Sunshine

1344 - Many thanks for the e-mails, great to hear the blog is being well received by those of you back home

1355 - Main Fleet, 2nd Race, 2nd start. Provisions results at finish. GBR5731 Josh Sparks, GBR5789 Tarra Gill-Taylor, GBR5863 Oliver Grogono, GBR5864 Freddie Grogono

1359 - News from the race course, wind now steadily decreasing, but hey the sun's still shining so not all bad!

1414 - Event Web site updated with provisionsl results for 1st race in both Regatta and Main Fleet

1435 - Main Fleet, 3rd Race underway. Both starts clean, Black Flag flying. Wind holding at 8knots

1440 - Main Fleet 3rd Race 1st start. Provisonal results at top mark. GBR5811 Thomas O'Leary, GBR5285 Fraser Woodley, GBR5641 Alex Cole, GBR5789 Tarra Gill-Taylor, GBR5805 Scott Wallis

1450 - Regatta Fleet results after 2 races now posted on the web site. Positions overall 1st Tom Reid, 2nd Jacob Sidebottom, 3rd Mary Perkins

1456 - Main Fleet, 3rd Race, 2nd start. Provisional results at top mark. GBR5740 Annabel Vose, GBR5301 Alistair Gray, GBR5871 Josh Voller, BEL1080 Daan Vandormael

1515 - Main Fleet, 3rd Race, 1st Start. Provisional Results at finish. GBR5640 Toby Morseley, GBR5811 Thomas O'Leary, GBR5285 Fraser Woodley, GBR5789 Tarra Gill-Taylor, GBR5806 Issy Hamilton

1518 - Main Fleet will shortly be returning ashore after completing 3 races

1527 - Main Fleet, 3rd Race, 2nd Start, Provisional results at finish. GBR5740 Annabel Vose, GBR5731 Josh Sparks, BEL1080 Daan Vandormael, FRA1930 Jennifer Porret, GBR5817 Jennifer Cropley

1545 - Regatta Fleet are sailing a 4th Race

1635 - All sailors ashore, signing off for the day. Results available on the web site soon


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