Volvo Gill IOCA (UK) End of Season Championships 2020
Datchet Water SC
17/10/2020 - 18/10/2020

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Race Management Briefing

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Notice to Competitors

Notice to Competitors, Supporters & Volunteers – Exclusion for those from Covid Very High Alert Level Areas

Following the latest government announcements regarding the coronavirus pandemic, and in accordance with Racing Rules of Sailing 76.1, the Organising Authority hereby excludes any competitor, supporter or volunteer who lives in an area classified as having a COVID Alert Level of Very High.

At time of writing, 15th October the COVID alert level for the following areas is classified as Very High: Liverpool; Knowsley; Wirral; St Helens; Sefton; Halton.

Competitors, supporters or volunteers who live in any of the above-mentioned areas are requested to email to confirm they are subject to the exclusion and to allow a refund to be processed.

May we also take this opportunity to remind anyone that:

* has symptoms of coronavirus
* has tested positive for coronavirus
* lives with someone who has symptoms or has recently tested positive
* has been told to self-isolate by NHS Test & Trace
* or has arrived from a country with a high coronavirus risk

that they must not attend.

Flight lists

The fleet will be sailing in flights. The flight lists are now available on the Online Official Notice Board.

For a Schedule of Group(flight) starts look on page 13 of the Major Event Instructions.  

Online registration details

You should have received an email with your online registration details to access to the Online Race Office.

You will need to register online that you are at the event and also use this portal for any scoring queries and retirement declarations.

Should you not have received this email or have any questions then call me (Jan) on 07789 867156.  

EoS 20 Updates

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Major Event Instructions

The Major Event Instructions which is essential reading in preparation for the EoS 2020 can be found in the right hand column on this page.

If you are new to national events and sailing in flights groups have a look at page 13 Schedule of Group Starts.  

EoS Whats different for parents

Find out what change have been made for the EoS 2020.

EoS Whats different for sailors

Find out what change have been made for the EoS 2020.  (16/10/2020)


IOCA is delighted that Datchet Water SC are able to host our EOS Championships and Datchet very much look forward to welcoming us.

It is obvious, but bears stating that the current pandemic has impacted on all our lives to varying degrees. IOCA (UK) welcomes the easing of regulations and guidance that allows this event to take place. Unfortunately, we will not be able to operate in our normal way. In due course we will publish the detailed procedures and guidance which will enable this event to run Covid Secure.

However, as we open for entries IOCA (UK) wishes to make competitors and support persons aware of the following principles and guidance which might affect their decision to attend:

Anyone who –

* has symptoms of coronavirus
* has tested positive for coronavirus
* lives with someone who has symptoms or has recently tested positive
* has been told to self-isolate by NHS Test & Trace
or has arrived from a country with a high coronavirus risk


At time of writing (17 Sep) Government Regulations limit gatherings to a maximum of 6 people, including children. This has almost no impact on competitors’ activity while afloat, but significantly changes things ashore.

We ask that:

* Only one adult accompanies each household’s sailors (unless the second adult is an event volunteer from the same household).
* You do not bring non-sailing children to the event.
* You do not gather in groups of more than six at any time.
* You do not share transport to the event between households:
* Vehicles containing more than six people who are not from a single household will not be permitted to enter the venue.
* You do not mingle, moving between different groups.
* You adhere to the guidance we publish which will impose measures designed to prevent actual or perceived mingling of groups and gatherings greater than six. This may include asking you to leave the site during racing activity.

* Support Vessels will NOT be permitted at the event. Coaches would be an additional adult for a household group or groups and will NOT be permitted at the event. They will NOT be permitted to man Official Vessels.

* Contact between Official Vessels and competitors will be limited.
* Competitors must be self-sufficient (water, food, adequate clothing) for a full day afloat.

As an Event Organiser IOCA (UK) now has a legal obligation to take all reasonable measures to ensure that attendees adhere to regulations. One change to our procedures will be adding additional volunteers who will be asked to help competitors and support persons remain within the regulations and guidance. We hope that you will be willing to volunteer and remain with us during the event.  


Welcome to the EventAssistant Clubhouse where you can maintain your sailor profile, keep track of your membership and class related sailing events

Enter Clubhouse

Entry Fees

Fleet Normal Late


Notice to Competitors No 1

Online Notice Board

Click on title to view all notices / documents that have been posted on the official notice board. This area will also contain links to the Online Race Office for Event Registration and submitting any socoring queries.
List of prizes to be awarded at the event.

Volunteer Duties

Event Team Sign Up
The End of Season Championship 2020, like all other IOCA (UK) events is entirely run by a teams of parent and non-parent volunteers.

To sign up for the Event Team open the EVENT TEAM SIGN UP.

If you need to make a change or transfer to a different Duty contact John Perham at

RIB Fleet Information

Safet Fleet RIB Sign UP
It is estimated that 14 Safety RIBs will be required to support the sailors on the water. This will be made up of 3 DWSC RIBs, 4 IOCA Class RIBs and 7 parent RIBs.

Closer to the EoS 20 you will be informed if your RIB has been allocated to a Safety Fleet.

Sign up the RIB you want to bring to the EoS 2020 with the name of the helm and crew. Where possible the helm and crew should be from the same family.
Safety Fleet Crew Volunteer Sign Up
If you are available to be a helm or a crew in a Safety Boat sign up with your preferred role.

Closer to the EoS 20 you will be informed if you have been allocated to a Safety Boat.

Where possible the helm and crew should be from the same family.

Event Programme

Main Fleet Documents

Main Fleet Flights
The Main Fleet will be sailing in flights and registration is by Flight.
Online Race Office (Sailor Portal)
Protest Form
Online protest form

NoR, SSIs etc

Major Event Instructions
The Major Event Instructions are used for all IOCA (UK) events.

Read the MEIs in conjunction with the SSIs.
Notice of Race
Notice of Race for the End of Season Championships. Download and print a copy to bring to the event.

Supplementary Sailing Instructions
The SSIs can also be found on the online Official Notice Board.



Team Selection Policy 2021
Please find attached the Teams Selection Policy for 2021 Worlds, European and Development Teams.
Note from Selectors - Monaco Team Racing 2021
IOCA (UK) has applied to the organisers of the event for a team to participate in the 2021 event. If IOCA (UK) is successful in obtaining a team place then it would be the intention of the Selectors to invite the first 2 girls and first 2 boys from the End of Season results to make up the team of 4. These sailors must be age 12,13,14 or 15 at the date of the event. If any of these sailors decline their place the Selectors will continue down the End of Season results until a team of 2 boys and 2 girls has been selected.


Any questions

Contact: IOCA Administrator

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