Volvo Musto Optimist Inland Championship
Grafham Water Sailing Club
16/05/2009 - 17/05/2009

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Launch and Recovery

Thank You

Many of you (understandably) will not have been able to stay for the prize-giving.

To everybody that helped with launch and recovery this weekend, particularly those with waders and drysuits, a big thank you and well done.

The (Regatta) Safety Fleet were very grateful for the speedy turnaround on the tallies - as you will appreciate, the safety fleet have to stay on the water until all boats area accounted for.

Iain Airlie

PS: BEFORE THE NEXT EVENT: Please ensure that your trolley has the correct sail number clearly legible on the front of the handle and rear of the axle, preferably in a contrasting colour marker pen. Labels and tags are good - but do come off, and are always the wrong way round when trying to find a trolley! Remember that somebody else may have to find your trolley amongst 400 others...  (18/05/2009)

Sunday Day 2

Good Morning to all.......

0850 - Apologies for the lack of usual blog yesterday we were all kept pretty busy in the windy conditions dealing with retirees, knocks to heads and the like. Another breezy day today 15 to 20 knots on the course currently.

0920 - Lots of activity currently, still breezy, but intention is to launchboth fleets on time.

0945 - Main Fleet launching

1015 - Regatta Fleet Launching

1015 - Main Fleet are in sequence for start of Race 3 - Yellow and White flights to start first

1046 - Main Fleet both starts away under I Flag. Currently 8 to 15knots in driving rain.

1047 - Regatta Fleet Race 1, both starts away clean......More news from both courses as we get it.

1115 - Main Fleet Race 3, first flight yellow and white just coming up to the finish....looks kije Josh Sparks at the front from here. 2nd flight red and blue nearing mark 3. Conditions are pretty miserable, very wet.

1132 - The sun has come out and it has stopped raining!

1133 - Regatta Fleet have completed their first race

1144 - Main Fleet are in sequence for Race 4, Red and White flights to start first

1146 - Regatta Fleet in sequence for Race 2

1155 - Regatta Fleet Race 2 first flight away, in sequence for 2nd flight

1156 - No firm results from either course yet. Josh Sparks 1st and Matt Whitfield second in first flight of Race 3 on the main course. Conditions currently 12-13knots, no rain

1159 - Main Fleet race 4, first flight away, 2nd flight in sequence

1204 - Main Fleet, wind has shifted 50 degrees on the first beat. Race has been abandoned before first flight reached windward mark. All sailors returning to the start area and course being re-set

1221 - Regatta Fleet, provisionsal results from Race 1, first flight - 1st 5549 Arthur Brown, 2nd 5708 Alasdair Ireland, 3rd 4747 Iago Davies

1225 - Regatta Fleet will return ashore for lunch after 2nd race

1227 - Main Fleet AP down

1235 - Main Fleet Race 4 first flight away - all clear

1235 - Main Fleet, unconfirmed reports from the Race course is that the intention is to sail three races back to back

1243 - Main Fleet, Race 4 second flight away

1244 - Main Fleet, Race 4 first flight, leaders are round the windward mark

1249 - Main Fleet, Race 4 first flight provisional mark roundings at mark 2 - 1st 5453 Myles Jackson, 2nd 5776 Sasha Bruml, 3rd 5864 Freddie Grogono, 4th 5904 Matt Whitfield

1256 - Main Fleet, Race 3 provisional results first flight - 1st 5731 Josh Sparks, 2nd 5904 Matt Whitfield, 3rd 5863 Oliver Grogono, 4th 5737 Callum Airlie, 5th 5776 Sasha Bruml

1308 - Main Fleet, Race 4, 1st flight mark 2 roundings second time round - 1st 5864 Freddie Grogono, 2nd 5683 Isssy Hamilton, 3rd 5816 Luke Burywood, 4th 5904 Matt Whitfield, 5th 5453 Myles Jackson

1311 - Main Fleet, Race 4, 2n flight mark 1 roundings second time round - 1st 5907 Will Creaven, 2nd 5737 Callum Airlie, 3rd 5863 Oliver Grogono, 4th 5690 Georgie Mothersele, 5th 5740 Annabel Vose, 6th 5724 Morgan Dibb

1324 - Regatta Fleet Update, Race Officer afloat and monitoring conditions, wind anything from 10 to 15 knots currently with gusts of 27knots.

1334 - Main Fleet, short comfort break underway afloat before Race 5

1346 - Main Fleet, results after race 3 now on web site

1347 - Main Fleet, results after 3 races 1st Callum Airlie, 2nd Toby Morseley, 3rd Craig Dibb, 4th Melissa Hamilton, 5th Annabel Vose

1350 - Regatta Fleet due to launch at 1415 for Race 3. Conditions very much as yesterday at this time, so gusty conditions

1410 - Main Fleet preparing for Race 5, course being re-layed

1429 - Regatta Fleet launched

1430 - Main Fleet, Race 5, first flight underway. First flight leaders just rounding windward mark

1435 - Main Fleet, Race 5 first flight provisional mark roundings, mark 1 - 1st 5740 Annabel Vose, 2nd 5705 Scott Wallis, 3rd 5690 Georgie Mothersele, 4th Craig Dibb, 5th Matt Whitfield

1436 - Regatta Fleet - Race 3 just about to get underway, lots of whoops of joy

1440 - Main Fleet, Race 5 second flight provisional mark roundings, mark 1 - 1st Sophie Hamilton, 2nd Callum Airlie, 3rd Oliver Grogono, 4th David Pain, 5th Issy Hamilton 1445 - Main Fleet, Race 5 first flight 2nd mark second time - 1st Annable Vose, 2nd Craig Dibb, 3rd Matt Whitfield, 4th Georgie Mothersele, 5th Scott Wallis. Fleet are very spreadout. Very windy now

1447 - Regatta Fleet, Race 3, P Flag down

1448 - Regatta Fleet, Race 3, first flight away clean

1520 - Main Fleet returning ashore after 5 races, no further racing for Main Fleet

1524 - Regatta Fleet, just completing 3rd race, decision on 4th race shortly

1534 - Regatta Fleet no more racing today

1535 - Main Fleet, results after 4 races now on web site

17:10 Main Fleet results after 5 and Regatta Fleet results after 3 now posted. There are still a number of outstanding queries, so these results are provisional.   

Saturday - Day 1

13:00 Main fleet have completed the first race. Race 2 is underway. The regatta fleet are all ashore again as the wind conditions at Grafham are very windy and gusty leading to a steady stream of retirements.

At the moment all are busy helping out, so unfortunately a running commentary of the days events has been suspended. We hope to post results as soon as they are available.

11:20 Regatta fleet boats are starting to launch Main fleet already alfoat. More news to come ...  

Rules Clinic - Redress

Understanding and playing by the rules is an important part of our sport. One aspect that is often not well understood is that of Redress. Peter Fitt, our Class Judge and Protest Committee chair, will be giving a short talk to explain just what redress is, when it applies, how to ask for it and what may be granted. All sailors and parents are welcome. Peter will be able to take questions on that and other rules related matters.

The Clinic is planned for Saturday straight after racing, to be held in the Marquee. Should our timetable change due to weather then we may bring that forward, so please listen for announcements.   

Results Seminar

Managing results is an important part of a successful event. We all want to know how everyone is doing, but getting those results processed and published efficiently takes a fair amount of effort. In recent years, we have been lucky to have a willing group of volunteers and some expert back-up, but we constantly need more people to step forward and spread the load.

At Grafham David Thompson will be running as short seminar to teach people the basics needed to be able to efficiently process result and form part of a results team.The seminar will take place on Saturday once the sailors are afloat, and be held in the upstairs bar area. The session will be run for around six people, but we will repeat if necessary!

Please do sign up for this if you can help - indicate your interest by signing up on the right.........  

Saturday - Timetable

Key timings for Saturday:

0830 - Registration Open in Marquee
0945 - Main Fleet Competitors briefing in the Marquee
1025 - Main Fleet launch
1030 - Regatta Fleet Competitors brieing in the Marquee

The Tide is High

Grafham Water tell us that the water level is very high at the moment, leaving no foreshore. This means that launch and recovery is going to be restricted to the three slipways.
So that we can make the best use of the available slipway space we are asking for:

  • three Assistant Beachmasters, to act as 'slip master' at each slipway. When the boats come in, act as 'spotter' to call numbers so that the appropriate trolley can be ready.
  • volunteers with either chest-high waders or dry suits to help with launch and recovery.
  • all parents not involved in other duties to assist with trollies. Trollies will need to be cleared and stacked clear of the slipways, preferably in sail number order.
Sailors should launch and recover from the same slipway. Trollies need to have the correct sail number clearly visible - preferably on the axle bar and on the front face of the handle.
Club or regional groups may wish to organise 'team trolly dollies' to help with this! Please designate a 'Head Dolly' and notify the slip Beachmaster if this is your intention.
Please bear in mind that a significant number of sailors will not have a parent/helper on shore! Your assistance is greatly appreciated.   

Online Entry

Online entry to go live on Monday 23rd March  (22/03/2009)


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Fleet Normal Late
Main Fleet £40.00 £60.00
Regatta Fleet £40.00 £60.00

Late fee applies from 5 May


Notice of Race
Main Fleet Sailing Instructions
Regatta Fleet Sailing Instructions

Current MEI's available here. SSIs will be posted shortly

Advertising on Boats
Competitors are referred to ISAF regulation 20. All boats must have a VOLVO MUSTO sticker within the first 1.2m of the forward part of each side of the hull. No other advertising is permissible.

Results training
Please sign up here is you are interested in attending a training session of the results software SAIL100.

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Arrival Information
Please make yourself familiar with this document. It shows the site layout, what can go where and a few do's and dont's!
For our event purposes, slipways are numbered 1 through 3 starting closest to the clubhouse. Slipways must be kept clear at all times. The shore team will move Optimists blocking access.

NOTE: The section between the clubhouse and the first slipway is reserved for Regatta Fleet. All main fleet boats should find space to the west of slip 1.

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