2021 IOCA (UK) Gill Optimist End of Season Championship
Royal Torbay Yacht Club
16/10/2021 - 17/10/2021

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2018 Volvo Gill Optimist Late Summer Championships
Poole Yacht Club
01/09/2018 - 02/09/2018

Racing updates


Event Schedule

Timings for the weekend  (15/10/2021)

Venue information

The End of Season Championships 2021 are being held at Royal Torbay Yacht Club.  (15/10/2021)

Official Notice Board

Event Official Notice Board  (14/10/2021)

EoS 21 Event Team volunteers

The End of Season Championship 2019, like all other IOCA (UK) events is entirely run by a teams of parent and non-parent volunteers.

Sign up to join the Event Team now. There are small teams ashore and afloat each lead by an experienced Team Leader who will provide training. To sign up for the Event Team open the EVENT TEAM SIGN UP SHEET.

It is essential that all the roles are filled to ensure the efficient running of the event and to meet the required safety standards.  

On line entry

Online entry for the End of Season Championships will open at 20:00 on Monday 20th September 2021.

The Late Payment date is 2nd October 2021 as per the MEIs



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Entry Fees

Fleet Normal Late
Main Fleet £70.00 £84.00
Regatta Fleet £70.00 £84.00

Late fee applies from 2 October


Volunteer For A Duty
We need lots of volunteers on and off the water to help make this event a success. Click above to sign up for a helpers duty at the event.

If you need to make a change or transfer to a different Duty contact sailing@optimist.org.uk

RIB Fleet Information

RIB Sign up sheet
This is where to register your RIB, if you would like to bring one to the event. If you do not have a RIB and want to get on the water, please sign up here also for crew spots.
RIB Crew Volunteer Sign Up Sheet
This is where to register if you do not have a RIB and want to get on the water as a RIB crew.

Event Programme

Main Fleet Documents

NoR, SSIs etc

Major Event Instructions (NOR & SIs)
The Major Event Instructions are a combined Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions and are used for all IOCA (UK) events.

Read the MEIs in conjunction with the event specific Supplementary Sailing Instructions which will be published in the week before the event.
Official Notice Board
Event Official Notice Board

Tally Number List
Tally bands are ORANGE for Main Fleet and BLUE for Regatta fleet.

There will be two Tally Boards.

Write down your Tally Number.


Gill Offer


Any questions

Contact: IOCA Administrator
Email:    admin@optimist.org.uk

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