Volvo Musto British and Open Optimist Championships
Largs Sailing Club
07/08/2009 - 14/08/2009

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2018 Volvo Gill Optimist Late Summer Championships
Poole Yacht Club
01/09/2018 - 02/09/2018



Callum Airlie wins British Open Nationals with Josh Voller in second. Roger Dorr (USA) third, Oscar Pijoan (ESP) fourth and Oliver Grogono fifth. First lady was Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick (USA) with Johanna Asplund second and British ladies champion and Megan Brickwood third lady.

The Junior Gold fleet was won by Cian Byrne (IRL) with Jack Johanson (USA) second and Freddie Grogono third and British Junior Champion. First Junior lady was Adele Whitmyr (USA), second Haddon Hughes (USA) and in third and British Junior Ladies Champion was Sarah Norbury.

The Junior Silver Fleet was won by Joe Woodley with Mimi El-Khazinder (first lady) in second and Conway Parke in third.

The Regatta Fleet was won by Alasdair Ireland with William Bedford second and Oscar Lindley-Smith (UAE) in third.  

Team USA Blog

The 'cousins' have been writing about their adventures here in Largs. They appear to like some of our procedures - and are certainly having a whale of a time!
Take the time to read the blog back to the beginning for the full flavour!  

Friday 14th August

1050 - Sorry been a bit slow to get the blog up and running today....

1050 - Both Senior and Junior fleets are afloat. Race 10 is underway in an esterly breeze 12-15knots and building. The start line is on the west side of the Largs channel off the National Water Sports Centre

1104 - Senior Fleet Race 10, provisional positions at gate 1st USA15436 Nathaniel Johansson, 2nd GBR5776 Sasha Bruml, 3rd IRL1324 Patrick Crosbie, 4th GBR5827 Harry Gozzett, 5th IRL1368 Ruairi Finnegan

1111 - Junior Gold Fleet Race 10 provisional positions at gate. 1st USA17090 Adele Whitmyer(nearly capsized at the mark) , 2nd GBR5904 Matt Whitfield, currently 15 to 18knots and rain! 1138 - Junior Silver fleet race 10 provisional results at gate. 1st GBR5657 Esther Fenton-Jones, 2nd GBR5277 Mimi El-Khazindar, 3rd IRL1236 Ciaran Jordan, 4th GBR5774 Fionn O'Farrell

1214 - Conditiona are really tough out on the race area, heavy rain and winds of 18knots gusting 20. The Safety fleet are working extremely hard!

1224 - Race 11 underway for all fleets

1226 - My on the water supplier of blog news is a little pre-occupied with saftery fleet duties, hopefully more new soon

1322 - Junior Silver fleet are returning ashore after race 11, no more racing

1322 - Main Fleet Race 12 for Seniors and Junior Gold Fleet should be underway shortly

1335 - Results after race 10 for Seniors and Juniors are now on the web site   

Thursday 13th August

0826 - Good Morning from a sunny a still Largs.....

0827 - So the Juniors were re-flighted over night and will be racing in Gold and Silver flights today.

0827 - We have an amendment to the SSIs flying this morning. In essence the Seniors will start first, followed by Junior Gold and then Junior Silver. So all you avid bolg watchers please note when the on the water provisional mark roundings start to come in.

0949 - A light westerley breeze is beginning to blow. The Regatta Fleet are on a sail away today to White Bay at the north end of the island of Gt Cumbrae, picnic, ice creams, fun and games.

1048 - All fleets have now launched in to a light north westerley breeze, and the sun is out.

1049 - Ben Ainslie should be arriving on site shortly. He'll hopefully be joining the Regatta Fleet on their sail away for ice cream, plus spending some time watching the Main Fleet race.

1211 - Main Fleet to the north of Gt Cumbrae awaiting for the breeze to settle - no racing yet

1212 - Ben has arrived and is just heading out on the water to see the Regatta Fleet

1218 - Seniors Race 9 in sequence, 8 to 12 knots 290 degrees

1234 - Seniors have started, individual recall flag flying, Juniors Race 9 Gold Fleet in sequence

1242 - Junior Gold and Silver Fleets Race 9 are away under an I Flag.......GBR5515 (Silver Fleet) has port tacked the whole fleet - well done Emily!

1303 - Seniors Race 9, provisional positions at gate, 1st GBR5871 Josh Voller, 2nd USA17643 Roger Dorr, 3rd UAE714 Sophie Haines, 4th ESP1612 Oscar Pijoan, 5th USA12812 Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick

1313 - Juniors Race 9 Gold Fleet provisional positions at gate, 1st IRL1244, 2nd USA16708, 3rd USA5436, 4th GBR5844, 5th IRL1357, 6th GBR5904

1330 - Juniors Race 9 Silver Fleet provisional positions at leeward mark. 1st IRL1154, 2nd GBR5334, 3rd GBR5559, 4th GBR5080, 5th ESP501, 6th ESP1250, 7th GBR5315, 8th GBR5596

1441 - Apologies to all those avid blog watchers out there for the lack of news. Have just spoken to my man on the course. The wind has dropped , 3 to 4 knots and is swinging, so there's an AP flying currently. The Seniors had been in sequence for Race 10 when the AP was hoisted. Ben Ainslie is on board the committe boat

1501 - News from water - Racing in the Main Fleet abandoned for the day, fleet are returning ashore, though it will be a good 45 minute sail from the race course today as the fleet are off the end of the island of Gt Cumbrae to the west of Largs

1515 - Regatta Fleet are also returning ashore after their sail away

1622 - All fleets now ashore hot off the press I have the overall results from the Senior Fleet after 9 races. 1st Roger Dorr USA17643 (33 points), 2nd Josh Voller GBR5871 (35 points), 3rd Calum Airlie GBR5737 (36 points), 4th Oliver Grogono GBR5863 (47 points)  

Wednesday 12th August

Good Morning

1010 - Main Fleet Launching for 3 further races

1011 - Weather now is cloudy with patchs of light showers, however we have a consistent 15knts of wind!!!

1030 from Dai- Main fleet taking long time to launch, regatta fleet have finished briefing and are amazing!!! Far better than the main fleet

P.S. any parent not singing the elephant song this afternoon will be punished by having to publicly eat the haggis

1040 - main fleet sailor has run aground, sail no. yet to be confirmed, Dai says regatta fleet sailors won't do that as they are better than main fleet!!

1050- All boats have now been launched inc. regatta fleet with not too many hickups.

1120 - Main Fleet Race 6, 1st Junior flight have started in 10 knots. 2nd Junior start have started in a squal, rain and gusts of 17knots, wind has now settled back to 12 knots. Senior fleet have had a general recall.

1127 - Blog will be off line for a short while now as I need to shop for tam o' shanter hats for the celidh tonight be back on line with more news soon

1237 - I'm back mission accomplished, will check in with what's happening afloat.....

1244 - Main Fleet Race 6 for Juniors and Seniors completed. 1st start Juniors provisional positions at finish, 1st Freddie Grogono, 2nd Aran Holman, 3rd Hugo Andrews. Will try to get provisional results for other race 6 starts

1250 - Main Fleet Race 7 Juniors 1st start away

1305 - Regatta Fleet are ashore for lunch

1306 - Main Fleet Race 7 Juniors 2nd start away. Seniors are in their last minute under a BLack flag start

1309 - Main Fleet Race Race 7 Juniors 1st start provisional positions at gate. 1st USA 16708 Ian Macdiarmid, 2nd GBR5904 Matt Whitfield, 3rd IRL1363 Sean Donnelly, 4th GBR5938 - Dad says well done Milo, 5th GBR5414 Daniel Whiteley, 6th USA16745 Parker Hughes, 7th GBR5644 Josh Belben, 8th IRL1293 Erica Ruigrok, 9th IRL1366

1326 - Main Fleet Race 7 Juniors 1st start provisional results at gate. 1st UAE5436, 2nd IRL ?, 3rd IRL1170, 4th USA17090, 5th GBR5761, 6th GBR5641, 7th GBR5864, 8th IRL1270

1329 - Wind on the main course currently 15knots gusting 17 knots with rain

1330 - Main Fleet Race 7 Senioirs provisional positions at the wing mark. 1st GBR5903, 2nd GBR5848, 3rd IRL1324, 4th GBR5285, 5th GBR5737, 6th GBR5757, 7th GBR5900

1400 - Main Fleet Race 8 Juniors 1st start are in sequence. 12 to 15knots and would you believe it the sun has come out!

1412 - Regatta Fleet have just re-launched

1414 - Main Fleet Race 8 both Juniors starts are away, with 1st start approaching windward mark.

1416 - Bit short on news from the race courseat the moment so if you're sat at home or in the office following this drop me some news by e-mail!

1425 - I have some of the press overall results after 6 races

1426 - Seniors - 1st GBR5871 Josh Voller (23 points), 2nd USA17643 Roger Dorr (24 points), 3rd GBR5737 Callum Airlie (41 points), 4th GBR5863 Oliver Grogono (46 points)

1428 - Juniors - 1st IRL1357 Peter McCann (10 points), 2nd GBR5864 Freddie Grogono (12 points), 3rd USA17090 Adele Whitmyer (17 points), 4th IRL1366 Cian Byrne (18 points)

1430 - Main Fleet Race 8 Juniors 1st start, coming down to the gate 1st IRL1357 Peter McCann and 2nd IRL1366 Cian Byrne with a lead of 50 boat lengths over the 3rd boat

1435 - Main Fleet Race 8, Seniors are in sequence for the start of Race 8 with a BLack Flag flying

1444 - Main Fleet Race 8, Seniors away

1445 - Main Fleet Juniors, anticipate 1st boats ashore by 1515 after 3 races. The juniors will be re-flighted this evening in to Gold and Silver fleets for the final two days of racing 1610 - Apologies for the lack of news for the last hour.....a big squal hit the fleet as they started to return to the shore and it was all hands to the pump, or should that be slip, suffice it to say that I am very very wet!


Tuesday 11th August

Good Morning....

A grey day with little wind, but the regatta fleet have launched

1100 - Wind Building now from the South West. Main fleet will start to tally shortly, 3 race planned.

1130 - Main Fleet have launched

1230 - Regatta Fleet are now ashore for lunch. The rain has really set in, very heavy, vey wet....lots of little drowned rats in the marquee

1300 - Main fleet yet to start a race, wind not settled, marks being moved.

1317 - Regatta Fleet news from Dai.....trained this morning, 1 race before lunch, abandoned race 2 because it was horrible!

1319 - Regatta Fleet will be launching again soon for 3 more races, still raining

1323 - Main Fleet, both Junior starts Race 3 are away

1325 - Seniors have 1 minute to start of Race 3, stiill raining! approx 15 knots across the course

1335 - Race 3 Juniors first flight provisional windward mark roundings, 1st GBR5844 Joseph Burns, 2nd GBR5904 Matt Whitfield, 3rd GBR5704 Rowan Edwards, 4th IRL1336 , 5th GBR5761 Jack Parkin,

1338 - 12knots 180 degrees

1349 - Race 3 Juniors second flight at gate provisional positions at gate, 1st IRL1363 Sean Donnelly, 2nd GBR5277 Mimi El-Khazindar, 3rd IRL1393 Adam Hyland

1414 - Regatta Fleet Race 2 results are now on the event web site

1415 - Junior Fleet Race 3, both flights finished, Seniors just coming up to the finish of Race 3. Course will need to be re-set before Race 4 as the wind has shifted.

1417 - I think it has finally stopped raining and yes the sun is trying to break through

1515 - Race 4 Juniors 1st start away, 2nd start in sequence. 12 to 13 knots gusting 15 knots 130 degrees.

1518 - Race 3 Seniors - STOP PRESS - provisional results give Johanna Asplund at 1st

1535 - Race 4 Juniors 1st start provisional positions at gate. 1st GBR5864 Freddie Groggono, 2nd IRL1357 Peter McCann, 3rd UAE5436 Andrew Baker, 4th USA17090 Adele Whitmyer, 5th GBR5844 Joseph Burns, 6th GBR5761 Jack Parkin, 7th USA17078 Haddon Hughes

1547 - Race 4 Juniors 2nd start provisional positions at gate 1st IRL1363 Sean Donnelly, 2nd IRL1393 Adam Hyland, 3rd USA16745 Parker Hughes, 4th GBR5904 Matt Whitfield

1550 - Worth a mention......GBR5494 James Dando, last boat by some way in the Junior fleet 1st start, hit the mark at the gate and immediately did his turns, well done James

1552 - Seniors 4th Race, apologies don't think I mentioned that they'd started!

1559 - Seniors 4th Race provisional positions at gate, 1st with an enormous lead of probably 40 boat lengths GBR5863 Oliver Grogono, 2nd with a further 40 boat length lead over 3rd place is GBR5869 Murray Hampshire

1638 - Race 4 has finished for all fleets. The wind has swung to 270 and increased, so the PRO is looking to re-position the course to get Race 5 underway as soon as possible

1713 - Main Fleet PRO trying to get Race 5 away

1716 - Main Fleet are in sequence for Race 5

1808 - Main Fleet Race 5 Juniors 1st flight provisional results at gate. 1st USA17090 Adele Whitmyer, 2nd IRL1309 Conor O'beirne, 3rd GBR5543 William Wilson, 4th GBR5436 Jack johansson, 5th GBR5761 Jack Parkin, 6th GBR5872 Robert Masterman

1813 - Main Fleet Race 5 Juniors 2nd flight provisional results at gate. 1st IRL1357 Peter McCann, 2nd GBR5557 Jessy Hammett, 3rd IRL1270 Robert Dixon, 4th IRL1366 Cian Byrne, 5th GBR5864 Freddie Grogono, 6th GBR5608 Aran Holman, 7th USA16708 Ian Macdiarmid

1819 - Conditions on course are 8 knots following a squal which hit the fleet giving rise to heavy rain and winds gusting 18knots. For a while we couldn't see the fleet from the balcony of the Club house, but gthe sun is now out again!

1852 - Main Fleet are now returning ashore after a long day afloat. 3 races have been completed today, taking the total to 5, for both fleets. A BBQ is planned for tonight with Highland Games, though I'm not sure how much energy there will be for 'tossing the caber'. It may be down to the parents to demonstrate their strength

2000 - End of protest time for the main fleet is 2025, so we're all still working hard here in the race office. Race 3 and Race 4 results have now been posted on the web site.   

Monday 10th August

Good Morning......

1000 - Bit of a grey day here with little wind and a light drizzle. 3 races planned for the main fleet

1030 - Regatta Fleet have launched, Main Fleet currently held ashore waiting to tally. AP currently flying with a 1 hour postponement. 2 to 3 knots on the course, but the sun is now out.

1130 - The last sea going paddle steamer, the Waverley, will be leaving Largs pier and will be sailing south through the Largs channel, but hopefully not through the fleet at around 1230

1200 - Indefinate AP now flying for Main Fleet. Regatta Fleet should be returning ashore for lunch shortly

1435 - AP over A now flying for all fleets. Te wind has failed to materialise. The Regatta Fleet are heading off for RIB rides around the bay and then back from pasta at 1630.

1520 - So that's it for the day.........see you in the morning   

Sunday 9th August


So apologies to all those of you sat at home waiting for news. All been a bit busy here yesterday and today, but calm has now descended on the Race Office and we've found 5 Miniutes to start the blog.....

We had the opening ceremony last night complete with piper. Ravi as Chairman welcomed all the sailors especially those from overseas. Racing is now underway and all fleets are afloat.

1520 - Race 1 completed for Juniors and Seniors. Junioirs first start was a general recall, but with the I Flag now flying on all starts they have been clean.

1525 - Wind 5 - 7 knots 130 degrees

1525 - Race 2 - 1st Junior start gone, 2nd Junior start underway

1553 - Race 2 - 1st Junior start yellow and red. provisional places at gate. 1st IRL1357, 2nd ESP1757, 3rd IRL1270, 4th USA16465, 5th IRL1366, 6th GBR5775, 7th IRL1448, 8th GBR1448, 9th IRL1053, 10th IRL1300

1605 - Race 2 - 2nd Junior start blue and yellow. provisional places at gate. 1st USA17090, 2nd IRL1309, 3rd IRL1363, 4th USA16745, 5th GBR5761

1617 - Race 2 - Seniors provisional places at gate. 1st USA16446, 2nd GBR5803, 3rd GBR5871, 4th ESP434, 5th GBR5869, 6th GBR5848

1700 - Race 1 results now on web site

1705 - All boats virtually ashore

1925 - Race 2 results now available on website.  

Travel Information

The A78 is open again north of Largs...
    Those following a satnav route that suggest this route may be better off using the following (prettier) alternative:
  • M8 to Glasgow Airport
  • A737 (signposted Irvine) to Lochwinnoch (RSPB reserve). Be aware that the exit from the M8 is only a few hundred yards after the airport exit: you want to be in the LH lane coming over the viaduct beside the airport - immediately after Paisley. Note that this does have a mandatory 40mph speed limit on it.
  • Turn right onto the A760 (signposted Largs) at the first roundabout. Note that this finishes with a steep hill, with sharp corners - keep the speed down (and believe the roadsigns) when towing.
  • Left at the traffic lights - sharp corner approx 60 degree internal, and the marina is half a mile on the right.
This is the route most of us take - especially with big trailers. It is about half an hour from Glasgow Airport to the marina this way. It avoids the bottlenecks in Gourock, Greenock and Largs.

Those travelling on the M8 via Glasgow will encounter roadworks at Junction 27, near Glasgow Airport just a mile or 2 prior to your turn-off for the A737. These overhead bridge repairs introduce a 40 knot speed limit and reduce flow in each direction from 3 normal to 2 narrow lanes – but will present no problems for car-topped or trailer-borne Oppies. Tacking through the stream is not recommended, and may prove detrimental to your paintwork/sanity. Rush-hour delays are around 20 mins, but outside of peak times delays are normally negligible. Those travelling from the south will probably still find the M74/M8/A737 route preferable to a cross-country alternative, unless the following applies.

    Avoid the M8 through Glasgow between 15:00 and 18:00 Mon-Fri. The following suggested alternative will bypass the rush-hour crawl:
  • Leave M74 at Jct 5
  • A725, sign post East Kilbride
  • A726, signpost M77/Prestwick Airport
  • join M77 Jct 5 and head SW, Prestwick Airport (M77 becomes A77)
  • Leave M77/A77 at 2nd or 3rd Kilmarnock junction and
  • A71 to Irvine
  • A78 to Largs, entering from the south. Largs Yacht Haven is before you reach town. If you pass a Lark flowerbed - you've gone too far! Continue for 1/2 mile to Morrisons roundabout for an easy U-turn!
Journey time M74 Jct 5-Largs approx 1 hr
If you come across the M8 from Edinburgh and reach Glasgow at this time window, divert down the Bellshill bypass (signposted Carlisle) which takes you to jct 5 of the M74, then follow the above route.
See for live traffic info.  

Arrival Information

See pdf site layout available through the title link...


There are designated drop zones to unload. The 'triangle' park is intended for overseas teams; the dinghy park to the south of the slip is reserved for Regatta Fleet; the dinghy park to the north of the slip is for main fleet.
Please leave the access routes clear.
Road Trailers should be parked in the 'anchor' car park.
Vehicles should be parked in the event car-park - please do NOT use the marina berth-holders areas.

Motorhomes & Caravans

Report to Largs Yacht Haven reception, who will direct you to the appropriate space.


Both official safety boats and non official boats must check in at the Yacht Haven Reception. Please drive to the security barrier and then proceed as directed. Don't forget to register with IOCA as well as the Yacht Haven!
Both diesel and petrol are available from the fuel berth on-site.

Club House

The members of the Largs Sailing Club welcome you to the clubhouse but would like to take this opportunity to notify you that the upstairs lounge is a dry area and would like to ask competitors not to use this area whilst in wet clothing. Whilst dogs are not permitted into the club house the site is very dog friendly and shaded spots can be found around the building to securely leave pets. There is a designated smoking area on the balcony   

Key Info Now Available

With under two weeks to go, there is now some further important information available here on the website

  • Current Major Event Instructions
  • Supplementary Sailing Instructions for the Nationals
  • Daily Program of Events
  • Social Event Program
  • Event Booklet (printed copy available at registration)
See the Information area to the right to access these documents  

Notice of Race

The NORs for the Senior, Junior and Regatta fleets is now available online.

Entry fees are as follows:
  • Senior Fleet - £175
  • Junior Fleet - £175
  • Regatta Fleet - £225
  • Regatta Starter Fleet - £245
From the 19th of July an additional late payment fee of £30 applies.  

Here We Go......

So this is it. Entry for the 2009 Nationals will be live from midnight tonight.
There are 3 fleets
Main Fleet - Junior and Senior Championship Fleet
Regatta - For less experienced sailors with IOCA level 2
Regatta Starter - for those progresing from IOCA level 1 to level 2


Optimist Landing Procedure

Given that we have limited slipway space, we will use the following procedure. Please ask any questions at the briefing if you are unsure of anything.
    Main Fleet
  • There will be a RIB allocated each day as Landing Marshal - this will probably be a 4.3m grey RIB, flying a Scottish Rampant Lion (in addition to the normal safety fleet flag). This will anchor off the slipway.
  • There will probably be two RIBs forming the other ends of the holding area.
  • Returning competitors should either
    • perform 'elephant ears' off the bow and stern of the RIB, and the other two ribs
    • or sail a triangle around this and the two other designated RIBs.
    Choice will be determined by the beach team according tot he wind direction at the time.
  • As trollies are delivered to the slipway, the Landing Marshal will call tally numbers as boats turn at the RIB. You are then authorised to land.
    Regatta Fleet
  • Regatta Fleet will land in their groups for lunch. After racing the same procedure as main fleet will apply.
There will be hoses in use on the slipway to wash your boats (and - if you want - you) off before reaching the tally point. There will be 'hose-masters' operating the hoses for you! If you want to perform a more thorough wash - please return to your spot in the dinghy park and wait until after all boats are ashore.  

Measuring Course

Have you ever thought about becoming an Optimist Class Measurer?
If there is demand, we will be running a one day course during the week.
If interested please contact David Baddeley on   

Volvo Towing Clinic

Volvo are offering to run some towing clinics on Tuesday and Wednesday, covering manouvering, reversing, launch, recovery. Although primarily aimed at those wanting to tow RIBs, but unsure of the techniques involved, it will be of value to anybody wishing to hone their towing skills.
UPDATED 6th July. Due to the demand, timings have been changed
There will be a general briefing at 10:00 each morning, followed by 1 hour practical sessions. Please just book your preferred practical timeslot - and remember to turn up for the correct morning briefing! Practical sessions will be approximately 1 hour long, for up to 3 drivers at a time. Each driver will therefore get approx 15 minutes behind the wheel.
Ed Stevens from the RYA will run these sessions. The evening session is already over-subscribed.
Bookings can be made by clicking on the title link...
Fully booked sessions are now invisible...  


The Google map below shows the location of the Yacht Haven, which is our venue. 'A' is the club; 'C' is the railway station. Largs is to the North. The land across the channel is the island of Great Cumbrae. To give an idea of scale, turn on labels: the ferry slip is a 20 minute stroll (15 min brisk walk) from the club.
View Larger Map  

Charter Boats

    IBI Sailing are offering two charter options for the Nationals.
  1. The Monsoon package comes with Harken Blocks, Optimax Mk 3 or Blackgold spars, epoxy foils, padded toe straps, top cover, mastlock, bailer, praddle, mainsheet, painter and aluminium trolley.
      Purchase Options are available:
    1. Buy - £1945
    2. Charter then buy - £1995
    3. Buy ex charter - £1825
    Nationals Charter Fee (6 days): £230 inc VAT.
    Addtional days possible.
  2. Blueblue/Bluemagic hull (this is the quality option - 4 out of 5 of the boats that were selected for the GBR Worlds team this year and 6 out of the top 8 Inlands boats were Blueblue or Bluemagic) with Blackgold spars, DEM epoxy foils ( a new foil range made by the manufacturer of ben Ainslie's foils), aluminium trolley and top cover. This is £300 plus VAT for the 6 days. Additional days are £27.50 plus VAT. Insurance etc as above.
    Pinnel & Bax are offering the following on behalf of Winner:
  1. Charterboats for UK Nationals include:
    DenMark (NEW!) hull w. mainsheet, painter, all blocks, padded & adjustable toestraps, 3 red airbags w. tube, 4 rubberplugs in daggercase.
    Incl. Blackgold spars (complete w. mast, boom, sprit)
    Incl. Teb One Design foils (incl. tiller & extension)
    Incl. 1 trolley per boat

    Price is 425€ per boat
    Charter Boats are not arranged through IOCA(UK). You should make your own arrangements direct with the company concerned.
  • IBI Sailing Ltd
    Telephone 01233 812992, 07710 130212
    email: sales @
  • Pinnel & Bax Ltd
    contact Ian Pinnell at 07843 358878
    email: Ian @

Regatta Starter Fleet

This fleet will cater for those sailors who do not yet fulfill the criteria for the regatta fleet (IOCA level 2 and evidence of racing at open meetings), but who have a basic level of sailing skills. The emphasis will be on training using the IOCA level 2 syllabus to prepare the children for the regatta fleet racing.

The starter group will seek to bridge the gap from learning basic sailing skills to training in the morning and racing in the afternoons. The starter group will work on a maximum of 1 to 6, with the additional support of assistants to work across the groups. The sailors will be included in the main regatta fleet for registration, briefing and prize giving. They may take part in some of the main afternoon racing however the emphasis will be on training and practicing racing skills in their coached groups rather than achieving a race series.

This fleet will be open to children aged IOCA 8 and 9 (birthday before 31/12/2001). Children who will not be 8 at the start of the event ( dob 10/8/2001 – 31/12/2001) must have a parent who remains on site throughout the event (to comply with legislation and insurance criteria. The children must have an optimist dinghy and have an IOCA log book with grade 1 complete. Although full measurement of the dinghy is not required, the dinghy will be checked under the normal regatta fleet checks to ensure the seaworthiness.  


Welcome to the EventAssistant Clubhouse where you can maintain your sailor profile, keep track of your membership and class related sailing events

Enter Clubhouse

Entry Fees

Fleet Normal Late
Junior Fleet (8-12 yrs) - Qualifying series £175.00 £205.00
Regatta Fleet £225.00 £255.00
Regatta Fleet Starter Group £245.00 £275.00
Senior Fleet (13-15 yrs) £175.00 £205.00

Late fee applies from 26 July


Largs Sailing Club
Our hosts for the Championships.
Scottish Sailing Institute
The Scottish Sailing Institute are based at Largs SC, and provide a lot of event and (local) race management expertise. In 1999 The Royal Yachting Association chose Largs as it’s location for the Scottish "Centre of Excellence" and the Scottish Sailing Institute (SSI) was created to promote Largs as a major championship venue and to coordinate large championship events and race training activity. All major (GBR and International) events are co-ordinated by their team.
Venue Guide
The Scots have assembled Venue Guides for a number of the places they regularly visit. This link will take you directly to the Largs Guide. This is a work in progress, and you can expect it to be updated on a regular basis.
Motorhome & Caravan Booking Form
Largs Yacht Haven are offering space for Motorhomes and Caravans within the yard. You are being accomodated within the confines of the site, in the winter hard standing area. All pitches have power, and full use of the event facilities. There is 24 hour security.
Booking should be made direct with the Yacht Haven, using the form provided via the title link.
There are no facilities for tents on site. Kelburn Castle camp site is within 10 minutes walk, and a booking form will be available here shortly.
Camping Booking Form - Kelburn Castle
Please complete form to book a camping space at Kilburn Castle
Notice of Race - Senior and Junior Fleets
Notice of Race - Regatta Fleets

Major Event Instructions (MEI's) 2009-2012
Supplementary Sailing Instructions
Daily Program of Events
Entertainment Program
Event Booklet
The Event Booklet will be available in printed form at registration. An electronic copy (11MB, pdf) is available to download from this link.
Junior Fleet Flight Group Starts
Handy charts that tell you which flights starts when for each race. Recommended by your PRO
You can print off and laminate!
Junior Fleet ONLY!

    Brief summary of the shore-side roles. See the linked document for full details.
  • Bridge. Beach safety and co-ordination role. Needs to monitor two radio channels, and co-ordinate retirees with beach and results. VHF licence required.
  • Results. A team of people are needed to process results. There are about 100 starts across the three fleets...
  • Regatta Beachmaster. Works with the Beachmaster to manage Regatta Fleet. VHF licence required.
  • Assistant Beachmaster. Co-ordinate the slipway, and assist the beachmaster. Do a quick visual check of boats & sailors prior to passing the tally point.
  • Tallies. At launch, issue tallies. At recovery collect tallies.
  • Launch Assistant. In the water help to get sailors on and off the water. Help fit tiller, get boat away, trolley out of the water.
  • Trolley Dolly. Launching: collect trolleys and remove from slipway. Sort in dinghy park. Recovery: bring trollies back to slip as boats come in. There will be a caller to identify returning boats.
  • Hose-Master. Responsible for giving each boat a quick rinse off as they come up the slip at the end of the day.


    We need lots of volunteers on and off the water to help make this event a success. Click above to sign up for a helpers duty at the event.
    Look at duty roster
    Click above to look at the helpers duties for the event


    Guide to Measurement Requirements
    This document outlines the measurement requirements for this year's event. Read this document first.

    Measurement Procedure
    Read this to see what documentation you require and the checks that will be undertaken.

    Equipment Declaration Form
    This form must be completed by Junior and Senior main Fleet sailors prior to registration.

    Regatta Fleet Checklist
    Click above for the regatta fleet checklist

    Optimist Painters
    Click above for boat painter requirements.

    List of Measurers
    Click above to find an Optimist Measurer in the UK

    Advertising on Boats
    Competitors are referred to ISAF regulation 20. All boats must have a VOLVO MUSTO sticker within the first 1.2m of the forward part of each side of the hull. No other advertising is permissible.

    Any questions

    Contact: IOCA(UK)
    Tel No:   01202 668 158

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