Volvo Musto Optimist Inland Championship
Grafham Water Sailing Club
15/05/2010 - 16/05/2010

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Sunday 16th

0910 - Good Morning, beautiful morning here at Grafham, sunshine and a few fluffy clouds. Wind currently 10 knots from the west. Main fleet currently planning to launch on time

0926 - Check out the new facebook site with reports and video from yesterday -

0944 - Main Fleet ready to launch

0948 - Main Fleet launching

1025 - Main Fleet in sequence for race 4

1027 - Regatta Fleet Launching

1030 - Main Fleet Race 4, 1st flight away on time, clean start. Flight 2 in sequence

1040 - Main Fleet Race 4, 2nd flight away, clear start.

1052 - Main Fleet Race 4, 1st flight, positions at mark 1 1st GBR5863, 2nd GBR5999, 3rd GBR5981, 4th GBR5714, 5th GBR5982, 6th GBR5903, 7th GBR5464, 8th GBR5464, 9th GBR5833

1103 - Regatta Fleet racing

1134 - Main Fleet Race 4 complete, results as soon as we have them

1149 - Main Fleet Race 5 flight 1 away, all clear

1200 - Main Fleet Race 5 second flight number of OCS boats on an I Flag. Numbers posted on notice board

1208 - Main Fleet Race 5, first flight, positions at 1st mark, 1st GBR5869, 2nd GBR5985, 3rd GBR5818, 4th GBR5982, 5th GBR5871, 6th GBR6002

1223 - Regatta Fleet heading ashore for lunch following two races

1224 - Don't forget to check in with facebook - - to see photos and reports. Pictures from this morning posted

1332 - Main Fleet in sequence for Race 6, Regatta Fleet re-launching after lunch break

1335 - Main Fleet Race 6, first flight away. Black flag start, 1 sailor over

1345 - Main Fleet Race 6, second flight away all clear

1356 - Main Fleet Race 6, 1st flight positions at the gate 1st GBR5907, 2nd GBR5688, 3rd GBR5754, 4th GBR5942

1435 - Main Fleet returning ashore after Race 6

1448 - Regatta Fleet to sail one more race an then return to shore

1536 - Regatta Fleet returning ashore, so that's it folks for another year, signing off, results on line shortly......see you all in Weymouth!   

Saturday 15th

Good Morning All (just!) apologies for the delay in getting news to you, been a liitle busy here this morning. All now afloat, bith fleets, beautiful day, sunshine, warm, but just 5 to 6 knots currently across both race courses.

Main Fleet - Several attemps to get the first race away, wind not stable. In sequence now for fisrt race, first flight, black flag flying

1204 - Main Fleet, 1st race, 1st flight, positions at gate 1st GBR5999, 2nd GBR 5833, 3rs GBR5285, 4th GBR5641, 5th GBR6013

1444 - First race, first flight away, a nmber of sailors have picked up a black flag.

1202 - Main Fleet first race 2nd start away on a black flag, one sailor over.

1203 - Regatta Fleet, 1st race, both flights racing, wind building

1216 - Main Fleet - 1st start black flag list posted on notice board

1219 - Main Fleet - 1st race, 2nd flight, positions at leward mark, 1st GBR5817, 2nd GBR5805, 3rd GBR5904, 4th GBR5844, 5th GBR5934

1230 - Main Fleet - 1st race, 1st flight, Arran Holman has a healthy lead going in to the last beat

1235 - Main Fleet - 1st race, 2nd flight, positions at top mark second time round, 1st GBR5805, 2nd GBR5974, 3rd GBR5844, 4th GBR5904, 5th GBR5969

1239 - Main Fleet - 1st race, 1st flight, positions at finish, 1st GBR5999, 2nd GBR5833, 3rd GBR5871, 4th 5th GBR5285, 6th GBR5464, 7th GBR5800, 8th GBR5667, 9th GBR5617

1248 - Regatta Fleet - 1st start completed for both flights

1301 - Main Fleet - 1st race, 2nd flight, positions at finish, 1st GBR5805, 2nd GBR5974, 3rd GBR5904, 4th GBR5644, 5th GBR5969, 6th GBR5834, 7th GBR5827, 8th GBR5817

1304 - Regatta Fleet - 2nd race, both flights racing

1305 - Main Fleet, all boats finished race 1, not yet in sequence for race 2.

1307 - Main Fleet - 9knots, 330 degrees reported from afloat

1308 - Main Fleet - Orange Flag up

1313 - Main Fleet - P Flag up

1320 7 Blackflags unfortunately on this first start of the second race. GBR 5988, 5965,5746,5559,5872,5165.

1323 Regatta fleet on thier way in after two races.

1333 - Main Fleet - 2nd Race, 1st Flight, positions at 1st mark, GBR5844, 2nd GBR5805, 3rd GBR5857, 4th GBR5464, 5th GBR5644, 6th GBR5982, 7th GBR5999

1356 - Main Fleet, Race 2, 1st flight positions at leward gate 1st GBR5844, 2nd GBR5805, 3rd GBR5464, 4th GBR5857

1418 - Main Fleet, Race 2, 2nd Flight positions at leward gate, 1st GBR5871, 2nd GBR5974, 3rd GBR5803, 4th GBR5742

1452 - Main Fleet - In sequence for Race 3

1453 - Regatta Fleet - Afloat for Race 3

1454 - Main Fleet, Race 3, first flight, general recall

1454 - Main Fleet, Race 2, positions at finish, Flight 1 - 1st GBR5805, 2nd GBR5844, 3rd GBR5857, 4th GBR5464, 5th GBR5999. Flight 2 - 1st GBR5871, 2nd GBR5974, 3rd GBR5803, 4th GBR5766, 5th GBR5837

1453 - Main Fleet starting on a black flag

1500 - Main Fleet race 3 1st flight away with a number of boats blak flagged

1505 - Main Fleet race 3, 2nd flight I Flag start.

1510 - Main Fleet race 3, 2nd flight away - all clear - Heard a shout of Yiphee from the PRO, must be a first for today!

1511 - Main Fleet race 3, 1st Flight positions at 1st mark - 1st GBR5999, 2nd GBR5343, 3rd GBR5869, 4th GBR5934, 5th GBR5644, 6th GBR5983, 7th GBR5812, 8th GBR5811, 9th GBR5857, 10th GBR5901

1538 - Main Fleet Race 3, 1st flight positions at top mark 2nd time round, 1st GBR5999, 2nd GBR5869, 3rd GBR5934, 4th GBR5644, 5th GBR5464, 6th GBR5827, 7th GBR5857, 8th GBR5891, 9th GBR5353, 10th GBR5929

1543 - Main Fleet Race 3, 2nd Flight positions at top mark 2nd time round, 1st GBR5579, 2nd GBR5805, 3rd GBR5969, 4th GBR5863, 5th GBR5594, 6th GBR5837, 7th GBR5905, 8th GBR5754, 9th GBR5972

1554 - Main Fleet Race 3, 1st Flight positions at finish, 1st GBR5999, 2nd GBR5869, 3rd GBR5934, 4th GBR5644, 5th GBR5812, 6th GBR5464, 7th GBR5981, 8th GBR5827, 9th GBR5464, 10th GBR5857

1600 - Main Fleet returning to shore after a great days racing. Results for Main Fleet on web site for Race 2 and 2, Regatta Fleet Results alos posted   

Online entry information

This year all entries are held in a waiting area until payment has been made. Members of IOCA will have their entries processed immediately once payment has been made and the entry lists are not full.

Overseas entries will be processed but the earliest these will be transferred once payment has been made is 2 weeks after the opening of online entries (20th March 2010)  

We look forward to seeing you at the Volvo Musto Inland Championship being held at Grafham Water Sailing Club.  

The Beach Plan

Those of you familiar with Grafham will know about the fencing. For those that aren't - the water is fenced with 'roadworks fencing'. This is intended to keep the birds out of the dinghy park. Launch and recovery is going to be restricted to the three slipways - there may not be any usable beach.
Note that access for club members must be maintained - so keep the access routes clear until the launch signal is flying. An access route for empty trollies needs to be maintained as well.
Regatta Fleet will use tallies: please leave the area by the slipway closest to the club for regatta fleet boats. Main Fleet can use any of the slipways.
So that we can make the best use of the available slipway space we are asking for:
  • three Assistant Beachmasters, to act as 'slip master' at each slipway. When the boats come in, act as 'spotter' to call numbers so that the appropriate trolley can be ready.
  • volunteers with either chest-high waders or dry suits to help with launch and recovery.
  • all parents not involved in other duties to assist with trollies. Trollies will need to be cleared and stacked clear of the slipways as the sailors launch. Recovery is easier if trollies are then stacked in sail number order. Please do NOT collect trollies until the sailor is ready to land.
  • Trollies need to have the correct sail number clearly visible - preferably on the axle bar, the wheels, and on the front face of the handle. Incorrect sail numbers (or no sail number) mean that nobody else can find your child's trolley.
Please sign up to help here. Sailors: please remember which slipway you launched from, and land at the same slipway.
Club or regional groups may wish to organise 'team trolly dollies' to help with this! Please designate a 'Head Dolly' and notify the slip Beachmaster if this is your intention.
Please bear in mind that a significant number of sailors will not have a parent/helper on shore! Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

It would help tremendously if a parent on shore but competent on VHF radio could perform the 'Bridge' role for this event.

I have attached the 'Shore Support Briefing' via the title link - this gives a useful introduction the the various roles.  (10/05/2010)


Peter Newton will be providing event photography. You will be able to find him and view and purchase picture in the Marquee.   (07/05/2010)

Events Onshore

Saturday after sailing - in the marquee
Presentation of 2010 Worlds, Euros and French Teams
Talk on Nationals Regatta Fleet Plans

Sunday after Regatta Fleet launch - in the marquee
basic boat rigging and tuning

On Line Entry Go Live Date

Unfortunately we have had to delay the go live date for on line entries to Saturday 6th March. Apologies to all those of you that were up early this morning to secure your place......guess no lie in on Saturday morning now!


Online payment

If you have entered for the event but have not yet paid, then you can use the MANAGE YOUR ENTRY link to access a link to GoogleCheckout in order to pay your entry fee.  (06/03/2010)


Welcome to the EventAssistant Clubhouse where you can maintain your sailor profile, keep track of your membership and class related sailing events

Enter Clubhouse

Entry Fees

Fleet Normal Late
Main Fleet £40.00 £60.00
Regatta Fleet £40.00 £60.00

Late fee applies from 4 May


Notice of Race
The NoR can be downloaded here
Main Fleet Supplementary Sailing Instructions
Regatta Fleet Supplementary Sailing Instructions
MEIs 2009-2012

Volunteer for a Duty
Click above to sign up for a helpers duty at the event.

Look at Duty Rosta
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Measurement Information
Click above for Measurement documentation required for the event.

Advertising on Boats
Competitors are referred to ISAF regulation 20. All boats must have a VOLVO MUSTO sticker within the first 1.2m of the forward part of each side of the hull. No other advertising is permissible.

New stickers are being provided this year. Please arrive at the event with clean hulls. Take the old stickers off before you leave home!

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Contact: IOCA(UK)
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