Volvo Musto Optimist British National and Open Championship
Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy
23/07/2010 - 30/07/2010

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2018 Volvo Gill Optimist Late Summer Championships
Poole Yacht Club
01/09/2018 - 02/09/2018


Friday 30th July

0910 - A cloudier morning here at WPNSA than we have become accustomed to this week and fresher, temperature-wise, but that's not the most interesting thing about this morning's weather - you see, there's no wind! Portland is becalmed. There's barely even enough puff to flutter the flight ribbons! The start of racing has been pushed back in the hope that the conditions pick up soon, so fingers crossed that there are stiff breezes out in the bay...!

1009 - Safety fleet RIBs and mother ships are beginning to make their way out...and I see fleet ribbons afluttering.

1045 - Seven lucky parents are receiving their briefing before setting sail for a once-in-a-lifetime experience of crewing an Open60 racing yacht. The yacht in question, GBR55 'Toe In The Water', has participated in many prestigious and well known competitions including the 2008/2009 Vendee Globe.

1146 - Dai Thomas, Head of Regatta fleet, calls for a jury member to attend the slipway to make a definitive decision on a petty disagreement that has arisen between Dai and one of the Regatta fleet coaches!

1124 - All boats from all fleets are afloat and we have a few more knots of wind.

1303 - Main fleet is drifting around under 'AP' flag in 5-6kts wind at 230-235deg. Very light winds, but better than the 2-4 kts we've had all morning!!

1315 - 'AP' flag is down

1320 - Race 12, Senior, Gold fleet: in sequence. Wind is 6-8kts at 230deg; bright, hot sunshine.

1325 - Race 12, Senior, Gold fleet: all away clean.

13:30 - Race 12, Junior, Gold fleet: in sequence. Wind is light (5-6 knots) at 230 deg.

13:40 - Race 12 Junior Gold fleet - All clear

13:45 - Race 12 Senior Silver - all clear

13:55 - Race 12 Junior Silver away. Wind now around 9 knots at 215-225 degrees.

14:00 Provisional results from the gate for Senior Gold: GBR 5999 who has about a 30 second lead on the next boat, GBR 5594, USA 16702, USA 15503, USA 16719 and GBR 5285.

14:10 Senior Silver at gate: GBR 5761, GBR5965, USA 16745, UAE 304, ESP434

15:15 All fleets are now returning to shore after a successful event. The regatta fleet prize giving is planned to 5pm with the Senior and Junior Fleet prize giving due to take place at 7pm.

We hope you enjoyed this year's Volvo Musto Optimist National Championship and wish all the competitors a safe journey home and look forward to seeing many of you again at our Nationals next year.

Signing off from a busy regatta centre.

Results will be posted once available and provisional rankings will follow after the weekend.  

Thursday - 29th July

10:55 - Good morning from a bright and sunny Weymouth. At the moment we have around 12 knots of breeze. The senior and junior fleets have launched and the regatta fleets are in the process of going afloat.

11:20 - Junior and Senior Gold fleets and Senior Silver Fleet have finished their races. Junior Silver half-way up the final beat having had to avoid a large boat going through the race course. We are currently experiencing broken cloud with the wind at 12-13 knots and 260 degrees providing great sailing conditions. (BlogMonkey currently unavailable so news now being relayed via Oxford - the wonders of modern science).

1303 - BlogMonkey is back in business! Apologies all for the tremendous lack of updates so far today. There have been important (nay, essential) end-of-regatta preparations afoot that have had to take precedence this morning, but my attention is now focussed undividedly on bringing you the latest, and greatest, updates from this most prestigious of Oppie sailing events in the international arena - that is to say, the 'Volvo Musto Optimist British National and Open Championship' at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (how about that for a title!?). Many thanks also to Jan Lasko for starting us off today and feeding you some of the results. I have been noting down all of the calls that I've received from my water-based blog sources, so bear with me and I will fill in the blanks...

> 1056 - Race 10, Senior, Gold fleet: in sequence

> 1100 - Race 10, Senior, Gold fleet: general recall. Wind 13kts at 260deg

> 1105 - Race 10, Senior, Gold fleet: in sequence again under Black flag

> 1115 - Race 10, Senior, Gold fleet: all away, one Black flag

> 1115 - Race 10, Junior, Gold fleet: in sequence

> 1132 - Race 10, Senior, Gold fleet; positions at wing mark: GBR5981, IRL1350, ESP1725, ESP1900, GBR5999, ESP1811, ESP1891

> 1141 - Race 10, Junior, Gold fleet; positions at wing mark: GBR5965, GBR5907, GBR5761, USA14582, IRL1410, ESP1677, IRL1355, NZL4459, GBR5938

> 1158 - Race 10, Senior, Gold fleet; finishing positions: ESP1900, GBR5981, ESP1725, GBR5999, ESP1891, IRL1324, GBR5805

> 1256 - Race 11, Senior, Gold fleet: in sequence. Wind bearing 245deg, 14kts, gusting 16-17kts

> 1304 - BlogMonkey needs caffeine!!

> 1306 - BlogMonkey returns with coffee and cake

1307 - Bogging resumes...

1332 - Race 11, Junior, Gold fleet; positions at wing mark: USA18295, GBR5965, IRL1410, IRL1309, ESP116, IRL1315

1349 - Race 11, Senior, Gold fleet; finishing positions: ESP1900, GBR5981, BEL1121, ESP116, ESP1811, GBR5805

1412 - Senior, Gold fleet: today's races completed, they are beginning to land on the slipway at WPNSA

1505 - Main fleet all ashore, Regatta fleet heading landwards

1600 - Regatta fleet all ashore

1615 - 'Team Extreme' BMX/Skateboard/In-line Skate display riders are beginning their warm-up for the display, which begins at 16:30

1634 - Team Extreme begin their extravaganza. Photos to follow via the 'Volvo Cars Sailing' Facebook page (click on today's date at the top of the page). And, yes, that is SHAMELESS PLUG OF THE WEEK #2!!

1717 - The riders are having a short break whilst the ramps are adjusted prior to their next challenge - TO JUMP OVER A CAR!! A REAL ONE!!! and a BRAND SPANKING '10-plate' NEW ONE!!!! (Volvo C70, if you're interested. In white. With the roof down.)

1735 - The car jumping is about to commence...and I've heard talk that the riders may be jumping an Oppie afterwards!! Watch this space...

1742 - Well, no jumping over an Oppie in the end (evidently some things are sacred), but it was pretty impressive watching the guys back-flipping, front-flipping, bar-spinning, table-topping and 360-ing over the Volvo! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed watching the riders testing their skills, their nerves (and their insurance policies!!) to the limit - and the Volvo representatives have finally peeked out from behind their hands and let out a huge sigh of relief that they still have a saleable car after all that!!

2034 - Thank you drinks and nibbles ongoing; recognition given to all who have helped to make the Nationals run smoothly, safely and efficiently this week, both on and off the water. Outgoing chairman, Ravi Gill, made a speech offering his own thanks to those who have helped with all aspects of running IOCA and gave his best wishes for the future of the association and all its future events.  

STOP PRESS - Under Olympians watchful eyes

Sarah Ayton and Saskia Clarke are on the pin-end boat watching the various fleets starting.  (30/07/2010)

Wednesday 28th July

0900 - It's a glorious day here at WPNSA - an almost cloudless blue sky, the sunshine is beating down on the water and the sails are glowing irridescent white. It's gonna be a hot one...!

1000 - All members of the Junior fleet have launched. The Senior fleet is in the process of launching. And here's the weather: glorious sunshine; 12-15kts, blowing WNW

1045 - All competitors are out on the water. 12.7kts of wind at 246deg

1051 - All boats out on time; the committee, PIN and other safety boats are all in position; 12kts wind, 240-250deg

1056 - Race 7, Senior, Gold fleet: into sequence, 4 minute warning sounded

1100 - Race 7, Senior, Gold fleet: all away. Regatta fleet on the water

1105 - Race 7, Junior, Gold fleet: into sequence

1115 - Race 7, Junior, Gold fleet: all gone

1115 - Race 7, Senior, Silver fleet: into sequence

1125 - Race 7, Senior, Gold fleet; positions at wing mark: USA13616, IRL1366, GBR5999, IRL1357 1132 - Race 7, Junior, Gold fleet; positions at wing mark: GBR5965, GBR5761, USA16745, GBR5896, GBR6061, GBR5435, GBR5938, IRL1410, ESP1677, GBR5817

1145 - Race 7, Senior, Silver fleet; positions at wing mark: GBR5657, IRL1337, USA17395, IRL1345, GBR5850, GBR5778, GBR5926. A highly considerate powerboater is carving up the racecourse with its wake!

1155 - Race 7, Senior, Gold fleet; final positions as they reach to the finish in a 12-13kt breeze, blowing SSW: USA13616, ESP1900, ESP1725, GBR5981, GBR5827, GBR5999, IRL1357, USA16053, IRL1366

1204 - Race 7, Junior, Gold fleet; wind 14kts at 280deg; finishing positions: GBR5965, GBR5761, USA16745, GBR6016, GBR5896, IRL1410, GBR5938

1255 - Race 8, Senior, Gold fleet: general recall

1300 - Race 8, Senior, Gold fleet: back into sequence under a Black flag. Wind 16-17kts

1305 - Race 8, Senior, Gold fleet: all away clean under Black flag. Wind 14-15kts, brilliant sunshine

1325 - Race 8, Senior, Gold fleet; positions at wing mark: SUI1515, GBR5644, GBR5974, USA15099, ESP1725, USA18315, GBR5285, ESP1612, USA16316

1334 - Race 8, Junior, Gold fleet; positions at wing mark: GBR5761, IRL1410, GBR5877, GBR5938, GBR5965, NZL4409, IRL1355

1339 - DUE TO UNFORESEEN TECHNICAL CIRCUMSTANCES (we're rapidly running out of paper and ink!!), the BlogMonkey is leaving the blogging station for a short while so that stocks can be replenished...but worry not, we'll be back on track in a jiffy...!

1403 - Muffled message on my answer phone - one of the blog feeders keeps sitting on his phone and calling me. It's a little disconcerting to pick up your mobile and hear a salty seadog yelling at you to 'GO ABOUT!' or asking 'Is that ESP or USA?!?'!!

1634 - Regatta fleet all ashore. Main fleet still sailing in.

1700 - All competitors ashore. End of sailing for the day.  

Stop press - Map to Pavillion

This is the shortest route to get to the pavilion by not using the ring road (which will probably be clogged up!) Click on above link to view.  (29/07/2010)

Tuesday 27th July

0930 - Blogging begins... Morning all. And a very exciting morning it has been so far! Today, 27th July 2010, marks the two-year-to-the-day point in the countdown to the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games (woop woop!!). As you may be aware WPNSA will be the location for the sailing events of the games and as a result we have a myriad of special guests today: BBC Breakfast Weather was here giving up-to-the-minute reports on the sailing conditions for our competitors, alongside the general weather for the UK; Radio Solent have been around, interviewing sailors; and three times olympic gold medalist, Ben Ainslie, was around talking to the competitors, signing kit and boats and being interviewed by the BBC Breakfast Weather team!

0940 - All boats are rigged, competitors preparing to launch - it's a terrific sight looking out across 488 identical white sails, fluttering in the breeze and out across the bay.

1110 - Junior, Race 4, 1st start: all away

1114 - Senior, Race 4, 1st start: all away

1118 - Junior, Race 4, 2nd start: all away. 'X' flag (individual recall) has been shown on more than one occasion.

1120 - Senior, Race 4, 2nd start: in sequence

1139 - Junior, Race 4, 1st start, positions at leeward gate: USA14582, GBR5896, USA16745, IRL1410, GBR5817

1154 - Junior, Race 4, 2nd start, positions at leeward mark: GBR5761, GBR5965, USA18295, IRL1315, ESP116

1203 - Senior, Race 4, 1st start, positions at leeward gate: ESP1670, ESP1900, ESP1725, GBR5827, IRL1324, ESP1891, ESP1612, GBR6026, GBR5594, GBR5805

1211 - Senior, Race 4, 1st start, OCS, current positions: IRL1225, FRA1217, FRA2137, GBR4731, GBR5905

1214 - Senior, Race 4, 2nd start, positions at leeward gate: GBR5999, USA14301, GBR5285, ESP1757, USA16013, GBR5995, GBR5464

1225 - SHAMELESS PLUG-OF-THE-WEEK #1: for lots of exciting and dramatic photos of the action here at the Optimist National Championships, as well as video-interviews with Olympic sailors Sarah Ayton, Saskia Clark and Paul Goodison AND your chance to win unique prizes through sponsors Volvo, check out the 'VOLVO CARS SAILING' page on Facebook. click here

1229 - Senior, Race 4, 2nd start, race order at finish: GBR5999, USA14301, GBR5285

1303 - The crew aboard RIB 'Emma Jane' would like to express their gracious thanks and boundless appreciation to the MotherShip - I quote: 'The toilets are FANTASTIC!!'

1308 - Junior, Race 5, 2nd start: all away

1320 - Senior, Race 5, 2nd start: into sequence

1332 - Junior, Race 5, 1st start; positions at leeward mark: GBR5761, GBR5704, NZL4409, GBR5896, GBR5817

1339 - Junior, Race 5, 2nd start: IRL1410, GBR5907

1350 - senior, Race 5, 1st start; positions at leeward mark: GBR5285, ESP1757, ESP711, GBR5594, USA14301, GBR5464

1403 - Senior, Race 5, 2nd start: ESP1900, FRA2143, GBR5999, FRA2181, GBR5981, BEL1121, GBR5844, GBR5995

1421 - Senior, Race 5, 2nd start; finishing positions: ESP1900, FRA2181, GBR5999, BEL1121, GBR5981, GBR5995, GBR5844

1441 - Junior, Race 6, 1st start: all away

1505 - Senior, Race 6, 1st start: DRAMATIC SCENES: The group initially started under an 'I' flag, but there was a general recall and the sequence was restarted under a black flag(!).

1511 - Junior, Race 6, 1st start; positions at leeward mark: GBR5761, IRL1410, IRL1355, USA17422, FRA1798, GBR5907, UAE314

1519 - Senior, Race 6, 2nd start: General Recall, likely restart under a black flag...more dramatic scenes from the Senior fleet!!

1523 - Junior, Race 6, 2nd start; positions at leeward mark: GBR5817, GBR5731, GBR5965, USA16745, GBR5435, GBR5938

1540 - Senior, Race 6, 1st start; posiotions at leeward mark: JPN3122, GBR6026, ESP1900, FRA2142, IRL1350, IRL1324, ESP1725, ESP711

1559 - Senior, Race 6, 2nd start: GBR5981, GBR5999, GBR5844, ESP1612, IRL1357, GBR5974, GBR5644, USA16013, ESP1670, GBR1421

1616 - Regatta and Main Fleets beginning to come ashore

1617 - The weather is closing in. It has remained hot and bright throughout the day, despite a broad covering of cloud. Now, however, the mugginess is giving way to cooler air and duller light. The skies over Portland are darkening rapidly and the summit of the hill above Casteltown, the old Verne Prison, is almost obscured beneath a heavy-looking patch of grey - rain on the way, perchance...

1624 - Senior, Race 6, 2nd start; finishing order: IRL1357, GBR5981, ESP1612, GBR5844, GBR5999, GBR5857, GBR5994

1632 - Racing over; all boats returning to shore.

1652 - The last Main Fleet boat is on the slipway.

1658 - All Regatta Fleet boats are now off the water. All competitors ashore.  

Monday 26th July

0930 - Good morning Weymouth and Portland. It's a bright sunny morning here with a good breeze. Main fleet are rigged, safety fleet getting afloat. We are all looking forward to a full day's racing.

1115 - What a fantastic opening event last night. A huge thanks to WPNSA and Posh Pigs, 1000 people fed in an hour and a half, and there was still plenty left for those that wanted more! GREAT CRACKLING!!

1117 - Sorry we've not been blogging in earnest yet, but here goes......

1120 - Windspeed of 10-12kt on the start line, blowing on 275deg. Apparently the start line is 14.4km from the nearest Michelin starred restaurant...good to see the support fleet has their priorities in order!!

1126 - Juniors Race One, both flights away clean, on an 'I' flag start

1127 - Seniors Race One, First Flight in sequence

1130 - Last senior start away. Order: GBR5761, GBR5965, IRL1315, USA18295, ESP1677, IRL1309, GBR5938, GBR5368, ESP116, ESP5343, ESP1186, GBR5882

1137 - Juniors, Race 1, 1st start, Blue and Yellow flights; windward mark; order: GBR5761, GBR5965, IRL1315, IRL1309, GBR5368, GBR5938, USA18295, ESP1677

1138 - Juniors, Second flight (White and Red); windward mark; order: USA14582, NZ4409, IRL1355, GBR5872, GBR5927, GBR5877

1142 - First senior boat rounding top mark

1148 - Juniors, 2nd flight, Race One; positions at Leward Gate: USA14582, NZL4409, IRL1355, GBR5700, GBR5872, USA13215

1154 - Senior, 1st race, 2nd mark: GBR5999 (Aaron Holman), FRA2142, GBR5644 (Josh Belben), USA16719, GBR5981, GBR5972, GBR5720, GBR5080

1156 - Senior, 1st race, Leward Gate: GBR5999, FRA2142, USA17090, GBR5644, GBR5981, GBR5972, USA16719, IRL1368, GBR5080, GBR5833, GBR5720, IRL1407

1203 - Senior, 1st race, Green and Pink flights, 2nd mark: GBR5827 (Harry Gozzett), IRL1357, ESP1612, ESP1670, USA17979, GBR5805 (Scott Wallace), IRL1324, IRL1350, GBR5857 (James Taylor)

1208 - Senior, 2nd start, Leward Gate: IRL1357, ESP1612, ESP1670, GBR5827, GBR5805, IRL1324, USA17979

1210 - Junior, 2nd start: USA14582, NZL4409, IRL1355, GBR5872, GBR5907

1219 - Regatta Fleet area is very busy - a fleet of Laser Picos is intermingling with the Optimist Regatta Fleet and kitesurfers are behind in the bay

1223 - Senior, race one; Finishing positions: GBR5999 (Aaron Holman), FRA2412, GBR5981, USA17090, GBR5972, USA16719, IRL1368, GBR5833, GBR5720, GBR5080, IRL1121

1229 - Kitesurfer gets some air, fails; makes a splash big enough to be visible from BlogHQ (half a mile away!)

1238 - Majority of Regatta Fleet now ashore

1241 - Junior, 1st start, 2nd race: entering 4 minute sequence under 'I' flag. Conditions: wind bearing 285deg, blowing 12-13kt, hot and sunny with broken cloud

1245 - Junior, 1st start, 2nd race: 1st flight away; 2nd flight in sequence

1302 - Senior, 1st start, 2nd race, Green and Pink flights in sequence. Weather according to Ravi: 'Glorious sunshine' (alright for some!)

1307 - Junior, Race 2, White and Blue flights; positions at 2nd mark: USA18295, NZL4409, USA14582, GBR5817, GBR5761, USA16745, IRL1348, ESP1677

1308 - Junior, 2nd race, Yellow and Red flights. News from windward mark: GBR5965, IRL1410, GBR5938, GBR5837, GBR5872, ESP1186, IRL1379, GBR5907

1312 - Senior, 2nd start: in sequence

1315 - Junior, 1st start: positions at leeward gate: GBR5965, GBR5938, IRL1410, GBR5837, GBR5872, IRL1379


1325 - Junior, 2nd start: GBR5817, GBR5606, USA18295, USA14582, NZL16745

1327 - BlogHQ is going offline shortly to allow input of race results from Regatta Racing fleet and Senior and Junior Main fleets.....

>1421 - Blogging resumes. Here are the missing posts from the last 54 minutes...

1338 - Senior, 2nd Race, Pink and Green flights; race order: GBR5981, JPN3122, ESP1900, GBR5805, GBR4903, IRL1324, IRL1811, ESP1725

1353 - Senior, Race 2, last two flights; positions at 2nd mark: GBR5285, FRA2142, GBR5974, USA18315, GBR5827, IRL1357, IRL1421, ESP1612, GBR6027, SUI1515 1421 - Junior, 3rd Race, 1st start: into sequence. Weather from Ravi: 12kts of wind on a bearing of 260deg, sunshine, 'Lovely'

1425 - Junior, 3rd Race, 1st start: away cleanly

1430 - Junior, 3rd Race, 2nd start: into sequence

1434 - Junior, 3rd Race, 2nd start: all away clean

1439 - Junior, 3rd Race, 1st start, Blue and Green flights: into sequence

1445 - Senior, 3rd Race, 1st start: all away

1450 - Senior, 3rd Race, 2nd start: into sequence

1500 - Junior, 3rd Race, 1st start; positions at leeward mark: GBR5660, GBR5896, GBR5965, USA????, NZL4409

1510 - Junior, 3rd Race, 2nd start; positions at leeward mark: GBR5907, GBR 5761, IRL1410, GBR5343, IRL1355, GBR5975

1532 - Main Fleet (Junior and Senior) returning to shore. Final race positions to follow....

1541 - Pasta for Junior Fleet competitors is being served beneath the Spinnakers balcony...mmm, that smells good!

1553 - Regatta Fleet: all ashore.

1610 - Results for Races One and Two of Junior and Senior Fleets have now been published onine  

Race Documentation Updates

Several important pieces of information have recently been added including

  • Event booklet including full supplementary sailing instructions
  • Notices regarding an additional briefing on Sunday, main fleet scoring system and a handy summary of main fleet flight start sequences.
    please use the links on the right to access.  

    Sunday 25th July

    0820 - Good Morning and welcome to the Optimist Nationals 2010 Blog. Over the coming days we'll try to keep you all up to date with events as they unfold.

    As I look out of the race office this morning we have low cloud hanging over Portland Bill and the surrounding coastline, but the forecast is for it to brighten up as we go through the morning.

    Many sailors have already been through measurement and registration but today promises to be a another busy day.

    1245 - Apologies for the lack of blogging this morning, it's been a little busy here!

    1245 - Main Fleet launching for the practice race. Bright and sunny, 8knots currently across the course

    18:50 - Provisional results for the Senior and Junior Practice races have been posted.  

    Arrival Information - A must read item for all Parents/Coaches

    On arrival at WPNSA on Saturday 24th July you will be directed as follows:-

    Cars with boats on the roof will be directed to the dinghy park via the first gate, where you should unload your boat in front of the building and move it by hand to the designated fleet area in the dinghy park and then immediately take your car to the car park.

    Cars with optimist boat trailers will be directed to the far end of the dinghy park where you should leave the trailer in the designated trailer park area and then immediately take your car to the car park. Optimists should be wheeled by hand back to the designated fleet area

    Motor homes will be directed to the separate motor home camping area. If you have a rib or Optimist to unload, you will be directed to these areas first.

    Cars with ribs will be directed to the RIB launching slip. If you also have an Optimist on the trailer or car you should proceed to the dinghy park first, to unload the dinghy before the rib.

    The dinghy park is divided into areas for the different Optimist. This is for ease of launching and management of fleets during the event. Details for this will follow separately

    Once you have completed unloading your boat, you are required to register your entry - Saturday 24th July onwards.

    If you have completed a Pre-Event measurement check, follow Procedure 1.

    If you have not managed to complete a Pre-Event check before arriving, follow Procedure 2.

    If you have a charter boat, then follow Procedure 3.

    All Regatta Fleet competitors will be required to complete Procedure 4 at Weymouth.

    Procedure 1. Pre-Event Checked Competitors in the Senior and Junior Main Fleets.

    1.1 You should arrive at the appropriate Registration Desk in the marquee from 1030 with your completed Event Measurement Form stamped and signed by a Class Measurer.

    Procedure 2. Competitors in the Senior and Junior Main Fleets without Pre-Event Check.

    2.1 You should go to Registration Measurement from 1000 in the hangar with the following:

    a. Your Sail which you intend to use for the event. (You can leave it on the boom).

    b. Your IODA Registration & Measurement Book.

    c. An event measurement form, available to download from the event website.

    2.2 The sail button number on your event measurement form will be checked against certificates in your IODA Registration & Measurement Book.

    2.3 Your buoyancy test validity will be confirmed.

    2.4 Your sail will be stamped for the event and sticker applied for junior fleet if applicable.

    2.5 Your event measurement Form will be stamped and you can then proceed to the Registration Desk in the marquee from 1030.

    Procedure 3. Competitors with charter boats

    3.1 You should arrive at Registration measurement in the hangar from 1000 with the following:-

    a. Your Sail which you intend to use for the event.

    b. An IODA sail measurement form.

    c. An event measurement form, available to download from the event website.

    3.2 The sail button number on your event measurement form will be checked against certificates in your IODA Registration & Measurement Book.

    3.3 Your sail will be stamped for the event and sticker applied for junior fleet if applicable.

    3.4 Your event measurement form will be stamped and you can then proceed to the Registration Desk in the marquee from 1030

    Procedure 4. Competitors in the Regatta Fleet

    4.1 You should go to Registration Measurement in the hangar with the following:

    a. Your boat complete with spars, foils, main sheet, buoyancy bags, painter, praddle, and bailer(s). Covers should be removed.

    b. Your sail which you intend to use for the event. (You can leave it on the boom).

    c. Your IODA Registration & Measurement Book and / or RYA Measurement Certificate. If you do not have these, you will need to provide written proof of a buoyancy test having been witnessed by a Class Measurer or Flotilla Leader within the last 12 months.

    4.2 We will then complete a Safety Equipment check against the Regatta Fleet Check Form. This document is available on the event website for information. Copies will be available at Weymouth for Measurers to complete.

    4.3 Your Foils will be checked for conformance to the IODA Class Rules (Note: It is not mandatory to conform to the IODA Class Rules for this event but we wish to determine what percentage of the UK Optimist Fleet currently use the latest design).

    4.4 Guidance will be given to ensure that the boats are launched in a safe condition.

    4.5 The Regatta Fleet Check Form will be stamped and given to you by the Measurer. You can then proceed to the Regatta Fleet Registration Desk in the marquee.

    Registration from 1030 Saturday 24th July

    Following measurement you should go to the registration desk in the Marquee. You will need to take your stamped event measurement form or regatta fleet check form. You do not need to take any other boat paperwork or equipment. There will be several desks designated main or regatta fleet. At registration you will be given your boat tally stickers, fleet ribbon and event information pack.

    RIB owners should register their boats at the designated desk in the marquee.   (26/07/2010)

    Talk by GBR Olympic Sailors, Sarah Ayton and Saskia Clark

    Following on from the successful talk by GBR Olympic sailor Ben Ainslie last year we have Sarah Ayton and Saskia Clark joining us this year. Sarah and Saskia are currently campaigning a 470 at the Worlds in the Hague and hope to be selected to represent GBR at the 2012 Olympics. Sarah you'll recall won gold in 2004 and 2008 in the Yngling Class. Saskia has been sailing the 470 for a number of years, representing GBR in the 2008 Olympics. They will join us during the day on the water and give a talk in the evening at 7pm. The venue for the talk will the The Pavilion in Weymouth. There is a pay and display car park near by, though you may want to think about sharing lifts.

    The talk is open to parents/guardians, coaches and sailors but you'll recall that last year the evening talk proved to be extremely popular so sign up early to avoid disappointment.

    Please select header to sign up


    Jurassic Coast Walks - Further Detail and Sign Up

    Below are further details about the planned walks plus costs. If you've already registered an interest we now need your commitment so that we can finalise numbers and plans for each walk. Please select the header to this meesage to take you to the sign up area. If you've not yet registered an interest but would like to take part in either walk you can still do so.

    Two guided walks have been organised to show off some of the beauty, history and stunning scenery that surrounds Portland and South Dorset, the heart of the UK’s Jurassic coast. Each walk has a maximum capacity of 30 and the walks will be guided by a professional local guide, Andy Pedrick who will give commentary, lead the short walks and point out local features. Each walk includes travel where appropriate, the guide, and hopefully fun!

    Monday 26 July,

    Meet WPNSA at 1100hrs for a circular guided walk of 5 miles from WPNSA, up onto Portland with a Soup and Sandwich lunch overlooking Portland Harbour at The Heights Hotel, then a walk through the quarries, military installations, view birdlife and back down to WPNSA for 1600hrs - £14 p.p including lunch

    Wednesday 28 July,

    Meet WPNSA at 1100 travel by coach to Ringstead Bay for a fossil hunt followed by a 5 mile walk to Durdle Door and then onto Lulworth Cove for a picnic lunch and explore the Cove and surrounding rocks. Return to WPNSA by coach for 1600hrs. - £22 for adults, £15 for children including picnic lunch   (12/07/2010)

    London Organising Committee for the 2012 Olympic Games (LOCOG) - The Challenge

    Hi Fiona,

    Please find details below on the activity for July 25 which has now been approved by LOCOG.

    What is the London 2012 Open Weekend

    An annual UK-wide celebration counting down to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. During the weekend there will be a range of activities from hundreds of organisation including culture and sport. The London 2012 Open Weekend is supported by BP.

    Why should you be part of the London 2012 Open Weekend?

    - Be part of an annual and UK-wide celebration counting down to the Games

    - Reach new audiences

    - Find new ways to work with sport, culture and learning

    - Offer your local audiences a chance to celebrate with you

    - Inspire young people

    - Be part of London 2012’s Open Weekend marketing and communications campaign

    For more info follow the link:

    What have we planned....Optimist Tacking on the Whistle

    Either before or after their practise race on July 25, please could we get as many optimists lined up just outside the new marina breakwater off the Academy – then start tacking on the whistle and see how many times the optimists can all tack on the whistle together. I am also going to contact the Guiness Book of Records. A range of local and national media will be invited.

    Best wishes, Cailah   

    Things to do ashore while the kids are sailing......

    If you want to see something of the surrounding area the local area is packed full of activities that all ages will enjoy.

    Historic Buildings and Gardens

    Lulworth Castle and Park – 15 miles -

    Nothe Fort, Weymouth - 6 miles -

    Athelhampton House and Gardens – 30 miles

    Kingston Maurward Gardens and Animal Park – 14 miles –

    Bennets Water Gardens – 6 miles –

    Zoos and Animals

    Abbotsbury Childrens Farm - 6 miles -

    Weymouth Sealife Park (Turtle Week whilst Nationals are on! - 10 miles –

    Monkey World – 25 miles –


    Brewers Quay – 5 miles –


    Dorset County Museum – Dorchester - 8 miles –

    Dinosaur Museum – Dorchester – 8 miles –

    Tutankhamun Museum – Dorchester – 8 miles –

    We will have a local tourist information leaflet in each Competitors Pack!

    Useful website is:   

    Flying in to Bristol Airport for the event?

    There are regular trains from Bristol Temple Meads (CITY Centre) direct to Weymouth. Example times and duration on 22nd July are:

    Depart Bristol 0949, arrive Weymouth 1208

    Depart Bristol 1149, arrive Weymouth 1409

    A good web site for this to find out more and book is

    The Bristol Airport flyer bus service runs every 15 mins between the airport, railway station and bus station. Try the following link to find out more and pre-book

    To get from Weymouth station to either your accommodation or the Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy ( the event venue) will require a taxi. These are always available outside the station

    Hope this help


    Winning T-Shirt Design

    After much consideration the outcome was as follows:

    James Bishop

    David Brand
    Rachel Mawer


    Welcome party - Sunday 25th July

    Following on from Bulletin 1 here's the link to let us know that you'll be joining us for the welcome party and hog roast, following the opening ceremony and competitor briefing. Vegetarian option available for those that prefer it.

    Please click on the article header and select the appropriate option where you can enter the number of each option.


    Less than 6 weeks to go .........

    So less than 6 weeks to go until the optimist Nationals 2010. We plan to send out weekly bulletins to all competitors to keep you up to date with plans in the lead up to the event - the first bulleting should be with you later today. In addition we'll be posting lots of info on the event web site over the coming weeks so please check the site regularly for up to date news and info.

    As always please do get in contact if you have any questions or queries

    Fiona - 07753931360  

    Support RIB Fees at WPNSA

    If you intend taking a support RIB to WPNSA (i.e. you're not part of the official safety fleet) the fee due will be £122.50. This includeds launching, a marina berth from Saturday 24th July through to Friday 30th July, harbour dues and VAT. All Support RIBs must be registered with WPNSA, who will collect the fees due and issue permits for the use of the pontoons etc   (22/06/2010)

    Launching Trollies

    All Launching Trollies should have the correct sail number clearly visible on it for this event.
      Main Fleet
      We have asked specifically for help on main fleet - but all on-site parents and elder siblings are asked to help with launch and recovery.
    • The volunteers are requested to sort the trollies into order (tally sequence) once the sailors are afloat.
    • One person should act as caller - or take a turn as caller - once the fleet return ashore.
      Regatta Fleet
      All Regatta Fleet parents are requested to help launch, recover and sort trollies.
    • Please help all your groups sailors
    • Trollies should be sorted into group and tally order once the fleet is afloat.
    • It may be deemed appropriate to go 'any boat any trolley' for lunch.
    • All trollies will be parked in the designated spot
    Please help all sailors. Remember that a significant number of sailors will not have a helper on shore, as their parent/guardian is on the water helping keep your child safe.  

    Regatta Racing Fleet Limit Increased to 50 Sailors

    Further Regatta Fleet Info........

    A number of parents have questioned whether to enter their sailor in the REgatta Racing fleet or Regatta Coaching fleet. To help you decide our Regatta Fleet Race Officer has the following advice:

    When you are selecting which fleet to enter between Racing Regatta and the usual Regatta Fleet (Regatta Coaching)please think carefully about your sailors performances at the Inlands or other major opens and be confident that if you enter them for Racing Regatta it is because they need more racing practice before moving up to Main Fleet (probably at the 2010 End of Seasons) and if you enter them for the usual Regatta Fleet they need coaching and practicing racing. It is permissible for sailors who sailed in the Main Fleet at the 2009 EoS or the 2009 Winter Champs, 2010 Spring Champs or the 2010 Inlands to enter Racing Regatta fleet to gain more racing experience rather than enter the 2010 Nationals Main Fleet. However, to achieve a national ranking in 2010, sailors must enter the Main Fleet in all three national ranking events (Inlands, Nationals & End of Seasons).’

    Hope this helps, Fiona - 07753931360   

    Regatt Fleet Info - 27/4/10

    The following information has been prepared to help you decide which fleet to enter. Any questions or queries please do get in touch.

    Our plans for the nationals are progressing well. Here is an outline of our plans. Please note that for the regatta fleet to succeed we will need parent support for roles both ashore and afloat. We also will need to source 18 ribs so would be grateful of any offers of ribs to support the regatta fleet.

    The regatta fleet will provide 6 days of Optimist based activities, both on and off the water, including training and racing specially adapted to the age and abilities of the participants. Participants and parents should note that the aim is for a balance between these activities, and completion of a full racing series is not a primary objective. Sailors whose primary focus is on racing are therefore encouraged to join the Main Championship Fleets (Junior or Senior). Priority in the regatta fleet will be given for the first 2 weeks after entry opens to GBR sailors after this we will open entry to overseas sailors as space allows.

    The regatta fleet will be divided into 3 fleets : Regatta Racing, Regatta and Regatta Starter.

    The regatta starter fleet will cater for younger sailors ( Oppy age 8 or 9) who do not yet fulfill the criteria for the regatta fleet, but who have a basic level of sailing skills to the grade 1 level. Children who will not be 8 at the start of the event must have a parent who remains on site throughout the event (to comply with legislation and insurance criteria).

    Regatta fleet; the emphasis will be on training using the IOCA level 3/Racing Red syllabus to prepare the children for the regatta fleet racing. Regatta fleet Participants must have achieved Grade 2 in the new (2004) IOCA Log Books (or alternative National Optimist organisation equivalent) and in particular ANY participant must be capable of completing a triangular course in a moderate breeze and of capsize recovery without assistance.

    The Regatta racing fleet has been introduced to cater for young, racing optimist sailors who wish to focus on racing a full day. This will be supported by a coach. Sailors who wish to enter this fleet MUST be able to complete a race independently but wish to further their skills. This fleet is NOT designed to substitute Main Fleet racing. Regatta racing participants should have completed IOCA Racing Red (regatta) and have evidence of participation in at least 3 Regatta fleet National events ( Inland, EOS or National championships)  

    RIB Sign up now live

    Those able to bring a RIB as part of the Safety Fleet are encouraged to sign up online or contact Dave Gannon (Safety Officer) -  (02/06/2010)

    Info For Parents 27/4/10

    For those of you that intend entering the Nationals this year don't forget that on line entries will go live on the 20th May. Between now and then we'll be starting to publish lots of useful info on the event web site to help you plan for the event, so please check the web site on a regular basis.

    We're mindful that for many of you the Nationals commence just a day or so after you break up for school this year. To allow more time for travel, arrival, measurement and registration we've taken the decision that racing will not commence until Monday 26th July for the Main Fleet (Juniors and Seniors), running through to Friday 30th July. A practice race is currently planned to take place on the afternoon of Sunday 25th July, rather than on the afternoon of the Saturday as has been usual in the past. The Regatta Fleet will commence their programme of events on Sunday afternoon also.

    Any questions or queries in advance of the event please don't hesitate to ask - Fiona, 07753931360  

    Charter Boat Costs etc now available

    Charter boat costs and process for reservation are now published. Follow te link on the right hand side of the event home page  (02/06/2010)

    Sailing at WPNSA in advance of the Nationals

    It will be possible to sail out of WPNSA in the lead up to the Nationals. Friday 23rd July will be a 'free' day, if you wish to sail out of WPNSA prior to this you must book in advance with WPNSA. Contact details as follows:

    phone: 00 44 (0)1305 866001

    Fees payable to WPNSA as follows:

    Daily fee per optimist - £13.75 inclusive of harbour dues and VAT

    Daily fee per RIB - £27.30 inclusive of harbour dues, mooring and VAT


    Camper Vans / Mobile Homes - Booking Process

    Those families wishing to reserve a space at WPNSA for a camper van / motor home should book on line via the following link



    For local accommodation try the following links:

    Tourist Informationa and accommodation -

    Accommodation Link -

    Weymouth Tourist Information Office -

    Warmwell Holiday Park -   

    Charter Boat Info

    Charter boats will be available from Winner of Denmark via Pinnell & Bax. Details of the package on offer, prices etc will be published here shortly. In the meantime if you require further details please contact Ian Pinnell -  (02/06/2010)

    Are you planning to attend? ........


    Planning is well underway for the Nationals this year and we hope to be able to publish some details here soon to aid your planning - accommodation links, charter boat options - provisional programme etc etc. In the meantime if you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to get in contact

    Fiona - - 00 44 (0)7753931360  

    Design the Nationals T-Shirt

    How would you like to see your design on the Natioanls T shirt this year - all 500 of them!

    We're running a competition in conjunction with Musto to find the winning design. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like as long as you stick with the three colours of red, white and blue. The winning design will be announced at the Inland Championships in May and we'll have all your designs on display.

    Musto have donated some great prizes ......
    1. 1st place - Musto Wetsuit and Smock Top
    2. 2nd place - Musto buoyancy aid
    3. 3rd place - Musto buoyancy aid

    ........ so a BIG thank you to Musto

    To enter download the entry form and get designing  

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    Welcome to the EventAssistant Clubhouse where you can maintain your sailor profile, keep track of your membership and class related sailing events

    Enter Clubhouse

    Entry Fees

    Fleet Normal Late
    Junior Fleet £180.00 £216.00
    Regatta Coaching Fleet £240.00 £288.00
    Regatta Racing Fleet £240.00 £288.00
    Regatta Starter Fleet £280.00 £336.00
    Senior Fleet £180.00 £216.00

    Late fee applies from 5 July


    Online entry problems
    If you are having trouble with with MANAGE YOUR ENTRY to pay your entry fee then please get in touch.

    Jan Lasko
    tel 01844 216 299
    mob 077898 67 156

    Bulletin No 1
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    Bulletin No 3
    Bulletin No 4

    Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy website

    Optimist homepage

    Fleet entry limits
    • Senior Fleet - no limit
    • Junior Fleet - no limit
    • Regatta Racing Fleet - 40 - increased to 60
    • Regatta Coaching Fleet - 80
    • Regatta Starter Fleet - 24 - increased to 36

    Notice of Race - Senior and Junior Fleets
    Notice of Race - Regatta Fleet
    MEIs 2009-2012
    Supplementary Sailing Instructions and Event Booklet
    Lots of information about the event, and the crucial SAILING INSTRUCTIONS
    Main Fleet Scoring system
    For those of you unfamiliar with the Qualifying and Final series format - here is a brief explanation of how it works!
    Main Fleet - Qualifying Series Flight Group Starts
    To help you (amd maybe the PRO) make sure we know who is starting when - here is a summary of the start order and pairing for each start in the qualifying series - for senior and junior. Fell free to print these off and stick in your boat! These are extracted from the SSIs and do NOT override anything in the SSIs.
    Event Programme
    Notice to Competitors - LOCOG event
    On Sunday 25th there will be an additional briefing at 1200 in the marquee for all MAIN fleet sailors - see attached notice
    LOCOG event - Instructions
    Details of how we get in the Guiness book of records on Sunday!
    IOCA AGM Notice
    Chairmain's Report
    Training Officers Report
    Treasurers Report
    Sign-up for an Activity
    Select this link to see which activities are being organised during the Nationals. If interested then please sign-up.
    Beach Organisation Plan
    WPNSA Site Plan
    The attached picture (available from the title link) shows the intended layout of the dinghy park.

    This applies from 19:00 on Friday 23rd until the finish of the event on 30th July. Please abide by WPNSA directions prior to and after the event.

    Shore Support Duties
    The shore-side duties are described in the linked document. This is a general description - not specific to WPNSA.

    Volunteer for a duty
    We need lots of volunteers on and off the water to help make this event a success. Click above to sign up for a helpers duty at the event.

    Look at duty roster
    Click above to look at the helpers duties for the event.


    Measurement Requirements
    Measurement requirements for all competitors. Please read this document before entering.

    Main Fleet Form
    Measurement form for main fleet competitors.

    Regatta Fleet Checklist
    Checklist for all regatta fleet (Racing / Coaching / Starter fleet) competitors.

    Pre-measurement sessions will be held at the following locations:-
    5th June, East Lothian Y.C., Iain Calder
    5th June, Bowmoor S.C., Alastair Stagg
    12-13 June, Jersey, Paul Ellison
    26-27 June, Hayling Island S.C., Mark Halliday
    30th June, Papercourt S.C., David Scott
    3-4 July, Royal Burnham Y.C., Donna Manuel
    11th July, Emsworth S.C., Mark Halliday
    Other Dates, TBC,

    Advertising on Boats
    Competitors are referred to ISAF regulation 20. All boats must have a VOLVO MUSTO sticker within the first 1.2m of the forward part of each side of the hull. No other advertising is permissible.

    Optimist Painters
    Click above for boat painter requirements.

    Mainsheet Clip
    This document describes the type of mainsheet clip to be used on the boat.

    Class Rules
    During the event any boat may be checked for compliance to class rules. A copy of the latest rules can be downloaded here.

    List of Measurers
    Click above to find an Optimist Measurer in the UK

    Pinnell & Bax / Winner Charter Boat Package
    Costs and Procedure for requesting a 'Winner' charter boat

    IBI Sailing Ltd Blueblue, Monsoon Charter Boat Package
    Costs and Procedure for requesting a 'Blueblue' or 'Monsoon' charter boat

    Any questions

    Contact: IOCA(UK)
    Tel No:   01202 668 158

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