Volvo Musto Optimist End of Season Championship
Rutland Sailing Club
09/10/2010 - 10/10/2010

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Measurement Document Infringements

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GBR 5503
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GBR 5774
GBR 5878
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GBR 5915
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GBR 6003
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Sunday 10th October

Day two of racing commences!

1007 - As the competitors prepare to launch, the conditions this morning are a mile apart from those encountered yesterday. We still have a good breeze, blowing more or less from an easterly direction. However, the clear skies that were to be found hanging around the south coast yesterday have seemingly travelled northwards overnight and the Water is now bathed in what could almost be described as glorious sunshine!!

1034 - All Main Fleet competitors are afloat and making their way out to the race area.

1052 - Regatta Fleet are heading out onto the water.

1100 - Regatta Fleet, Race 7, 1st start (Purple and Green flights): in sequence. Wind 8-9kts, 060deg.

1105 - Regatta Fleet, Race 7, 1st start: all away clear.

1107 - Regatta Fleet, Race 7, 2nd start: in sequence. Wind 10kts, 060deg.

1110 - Main Fleet, Race 4: Both flights away, all clear.

1112 - Regatta Fleet, Race 7, 2nd start: all away clear.

1118 - Main Fleet, Race 4, 1st start; positions approaching the leeward mark: GBR5995 Andrew Kilburn, GBR5863 Oliver Grogono, GBR5999 Arran Holman, GBR5827 Harry Gozzett, GBR5285 Fraser Woodley

1125 - Main Fleet, Race 4, 2nd start (Blue and Yellow flights): GBR5766 Georgia Booth leads at the leeward mark.

1142 - Main Fleet, Race 4, 1st start; positions at the finish: GBR5999 Arran Holman, GBR5995 Andrew Kilburn, GBR5827 Harry Gozzett

1234 - Main Fleet, Race 5: Both starts away cleanly. 10-12kts wind, light blue skies, glorious sunshine.

1249 - Main Fleet, Race 5, 2nd start (Red and Yellow flights); race order as the competitors round the leeward mark: GBR5999 Arran Holman, GBR5969 Rowan Edwards, GBR5833 Ryan Orr, GBR5844 Joseph Burns

1304 - Main Fleet, Race 5, 1st start; finish order: GBR5594 Martin Wrigley (by a considerble margin), FRA2181 Jules Ducelier

1347 - Tantalising news: Results sheets for Main Fleet Race 5 have just arrived in the office and are currently being checked and input - check the notice board shortly for confirmation of results...

1359 - Main Fleet, Race 6, 1st start: all away, one black flag.

Main Fleet, Race 6, 2nd start: general recall under black flag

1403 - Main Fleet, Race 6, 2nd start: general recall, six black flags

1410 - GBR5738 Thomas Howarth black flagged

1428 - Main Fleet, Race 6, 2nd start; positions at leeward mark: GBR5969 Rowan Edwards, GBR5844 Joseph Burns, GBR5594 Martin Wrigley

1445 - Regatta Fleet all ashore.

1520 - Main Fleet all ashore.


Saturday 9th October

1143 - Good morning one and all. First, an apology for the delay in starting the blog today - there were difficulties in connecting the blogging machine to the world wide web...anyway, here we go:

The first part of the morning has been taken up with registration, safety briefings and the like. The weather on the shores of Rutland Water couldn't exactly be described as balmy this morning, but the mist that was sitting low over the landscape this morning has lifted, allowing uninterrupted views across the reservoir (the monochrome grey from one horizon to the other, however, does does much to emphasise that this is an Autumnal event!)

Inclement weather conditions aside, I can report that all competitors in both Main and Regatta fleets have launched and are currently engaged in racing. The wind is blowing at 17kts and above, gusting in the low-to-mid 20s.

1205 - A minor incident that occurred on the water, between two sailors in the Regatta fleet, has resulted in one of them having to return to shore, due to squashing a finger between the two boats. No major injury was sustained, but the sailor is out of action for the rest of today. However, buoyed up by hot chocolate and Calpol, she will soon be ready to sail again...

1232 - First race finshed. The winner of 1st Flight Main Fleet, direct from sources on the water (so as yet unratified by results committee) is Daniel Whiteley, GBR5414. Winner of 2nd Flight Main Fleet is Arran Holman.

1245 - Main Fleet, Race 2, 1st Flight (Yellow and Red): General recall; back into sequence for 2nd start under black flag. Wind blowing 10kts at 60deg.

1300 - Eighty-three ravenous Regatta fleet sailors return to shore following two scintillating rounds of Strictly Come Racing...

1311 - Main Fleet, Race 2, Blue and White Flights: 1st start delayed - over half the racers OTS; 2nd start under black flag.

1334 - Main Fleet, Race 2, 2nd start, Blue and White Flights; positions at leeward mark: GBR5863, GBR5857, GBR5827, GBR5974, GBR5942

Main Fleet, Race 2, 1st start: Arran Holman leading by a good half a leg!

1344 - Main Fleet, Race 2, 1st start; positions at the finish: Arran Holman GBR5999 (maintaining his lead of half a leg), FRA192, FRA215, GBR5285, GBR5869, GBR6016

1403 - Main Fleet, Race 2, 2nd start; positions at the finish: GBR5863 (Oliver Grogono), GBR5594, GBR5974, GBR5827

1430 - The temperture has taken a dive (admittedly from a fairly low starting point) and the strong breeze is causing a distinct chill to be felt on shore.

1502 - Main Fleet, Race 3, 1st start: Nine competitors are returning to shore after committing black flag offences.

1530 - Main Fleet, Race 3, 2nd start: A further 23 boats are being returned to shore after being black flagged.

1602 - The weather continues to worsen at a rate of knots (pun intended) and as it does so the Regatta fleet sailors begin their return to shore. The far side of the reservoir is now obscured from view by the descending cloud and there is a spray in the air.  

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You will be asked for evidence of a buoyancy test taken place within the previous 12 months.

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