Volvo Gill Optimist Spring Championship
Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy
26/03/2011 - 27/03/2011

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Sunday 27th March

0820 - Good Morning All, A slightly more windy morning has greeted us, currently NE 14 knots with the occasional 18 knot gust & still very misty out there. Race Officer has just arrived but where are all the sailors ?

0935 - Race committee have left the building ! Sun is shining (well almost) and wind is 15 knots NE with gusts 17 knots. Hopefully the beginning of a good day on the water. Sailors due to launch in next 30 mins. Good luck to them all

1059 - 2nd start away after general recall under black flag (red & blue)

1014 - Last boat away

0958 - First boat launched !

0933 - Happy Birthday Rowan Edwards

1046 - Race 3, start 1 away, individual recall, 2nd start in sequence. Wind dropped significantly 9 knots 10.5 gust easterly

1105 - Race 3 first start (White & Yellow)leaward mark 1st 5590, Sarah Jarman, 2nd 6103 Benno Marstaller

1114 - Latest news on 1st start Race 3, 14 boats OCS on I flag, & on 2nd start, 5 boats Black flagged

1137 - start 1 Race 3 Just finishing. 1st place 6103 Benno Marstaller, 2nd 5590 Sarah Jarman, 3rd 5999 Arran Holman

1147 - wind dropped to constant NE - 7 knots

1152 - Race 3 2nd Start, boats just finishing, first past the line are - 1st 5974 Matthew Whitfield, 2nd 5972 Will Creaven, 3rd 6013 Syd Mclean 1211 - All boats now finished race 3

1245 - Race 4 Start 1 General recall, restart under Black Flag, now abandoned - NO WIND. Sailors now enjoying the sun, and possibly and chat !

1324 - No wind out on the water, boats all drifting. Racing will be called off if wind doesn't fill shortly

1352 - Great News. They are preparing for another race

1412 - Both start of race 4 underway. Start 1 under Black Flag, start 2 under I flag, 5-6 knots SE with sunny clear skies

1415 - Race 4 start 1 first boats round the leaward mark- 6027 Ryan Orr, 5665 Clark Rutter, 6078 Fraser Woodley, 6075 Daniel Whiteley, 5746 Ciara Berry, 5634 William Hall.

1422 - Race 4 Start 2. First boats round leaward mark - 6016 Max Clapp, 5999 Arran Holman, 6102 Martin Wrigley, 6026 Josh Voller, 5844 Joseph Burns, 590 Thomas Johnson

1439 - Race 4 Start 1, 1st 6078 Fraser Woodley, 2nd 5965 Freddie Grogono, 3rd 6027 Ryan Orr

1451 - Race 4, Start 2 Race finishing as I write, first boats over the line - 1st Arran Holman 5999, 2nd Martin Wrigley 6102

1459 - Congratulations to William Reed, William's entry for the 50th Anniversary logo competition has been chosen as the concept which will used on the 2011 Nationals T shirts. All entries can be seen outside the Race Office until prize giving this afternoon.


Saturday 26th March

1200 - Hi from a gloomy Weymouth. What started out as a sunny day is now a rather overcast day with a heavy sea mist and little wind

1210 - News from the water. Race 1 started in light winds, but with a major left hand wind shift part way in to the race it was abandoned.

1214 - Just going in to sequence for Race 1, likely to be an I Flag start

1221 - Race 1, Start 1 Blue amd Yellow flights general recall

1234 - Race 1 start 1 Blue & Yellow Flights away.

1251 - Race 1 start 1, a number of boats have been recorded as OCS on a black flag. Sail numbers have been posted on the official notice board

1255 - Race 1 Start 2 Red & White Flights, start delayed due to large wind shift, will be away soon

Happy Birthday to Sarah Norbury & Milo Gill-Taylor

1300 - Race 1 Start 1, first boats round the leaward mark 5974 - Matthew Whitfield, 6016 Max Clapp, 6101 Alex Platt, 5869 Murray Hampshire.

1306 - Race 1 Start 2, a number of boats were OCS on and I Flag. Sail numbers have been posted on the official Notice Board

1349 - Race 1 Start 1, provisional on water results at finish, first 5869 Murray Hampshire, 2nd 6016 Max Clapp

1427 - For those interested in what's happening at the 420 selectors in Poole, 2 races completed so far in 5 knots of breeze, provisional results show Craig Dibb winning first race and Annabel Vose winning the second.

1439 - Race 2 Start 1 5-6 knots, I flag, Thick Fog, General recall .... This is proving to be a slow old day folks !

1455 - Latest News, Race 2 Start 1 away under black flag, Race 2 Start 2 General recall - likely to be a black flag on next attempt !

1543 - Race 2 Start 1, provisional on water results 1st - 5869 Murray Hampshire, 2nd - 5844 Joseph Burns, 3rd - 5816 Pippa Cropley.

1552 - First boats returning to slip, a disappointing day, Fog, and little wind, let's hope for better conditions tommorrow

1609 - First 2 boats round leaward mark of Race 2 Start 2, 6016 & 5974


Schedule of timings for Spring Championships

Here is some important information you may need for this coming weekend

Registration will commence for both Sailors & RIB's at 8.30am Sat Sailors - Main event Hall, RIB's - Race Office

Safety Briefing 9am - Room 5

Sailor Briefing main 9.30am - Event Hall

Fleet launch - 10am

First Warning Signal 10.25am The same timings will apply for Sun with the exception of there is NO sailor briefing  

Advertising on Boats - The Rules

Simon Rogers, Technical Officer will be going through the advertising on boats regulations in a short talk after sailing on Saturday

Particularly relevant for those sailors trying out for the teams

Meet in the Main Hall after sailing  

Sailors De-brief - OPEN TO ALL SAILORS

Here's your chance to hear from the most well known figures in Optimist Sailing!

Alan Williams, author of RYA Optimist Handbook, RYA Optimist Coaches Handbook and RYA Optimist Head Coach will be giving a sailors de-brief after racing at approx 16.30 in Room 5/6.

He will be giving his thoughts and advice on the performance he has seen on the water  


To streamline the process of entries for the IOCA organised events, the online entry process has been updated.
  1. In order to remove the requirement for any items to be posted, the system will ask for a confirmation regarding the sailor and parent declarations ('signatures') at the end of the registration process.
  2. Payment will be by credit card and no remittance advice or declaration forms are required nor created in the corresponding emails
  3. You can update your entry / add your signatures or pay at a later date using the UPDATE YOUR ENTRY option on the left. You will initially have to apply for a password.
  4. The system will keep your place for seven days after which you will be moved to a holding area for unconfirmed entries. When you pay after 7 days you will rejoin the entry list based on the payment date and not your initial registration date.
Should you have any problems with the online entry system then please get in touch with me on 01844 216 299 (home) or 077898 67 156 (mobile).

Jan Lasko  

Sail Measurers Course

Have you ever thought about becoming a Sail measurer?

This is a rewarding role, meeting and helping owners of Optimists in the UK.
We are planning to run a one day RYA sail measurement course at the IOCA(UK) Spring Championships on 26th March 2011 at WPNSA.

If you would be interested in registering for this course or would like to know more please email me at

David Baddeley
IOCA (UK) Technical Officer   


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