2013 IOCA (UK) Optimist Winter Championships
Datchet Water Sailing Club
23/11/2013 - 24/11/2013

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Racing updates


Warning - Waterline Slippery

The water at Datchet is high at the moment which is great news, but the waterline is also extremely slippery. Please take extra care especially when launching/recovering boats.

Please wear adequate personal buoyancy whilst on the pontoons or on the steep slopes, or 1 meter from the waters edge. Please note: This is a Datchet rule rather than guidance.


Additional Help

There may be a couple of crew vacancies on the ribs, so please bring wet weather gear if you are able top help out at short notice.

If you are able to help, please email admin@optimist.org.uk as soon as possible,  

Flights and Tally Numbers

Tally numbers for the weekend and Flight colours for the qualifying series have now been published.


Just a reminder that in line with the last couple of events, IOCA are not [re-arranging lunches for the volunteers. Instead, non-parent volunteers will be able to claim the cost of lunch through their expenses.  (21/11/2013)

Only Sailing Sunday?

Please note the following details for sailors planning to attend on Sunday only:

If three or more races are completed on Saturday, anyone who didn't sail on Saturday will be in the lower half of the results list and, therefore, will race in Silver fleet on Sunday.

If two or fewer races are completed on Saturday, then all racing on Sunday will be in colour groups, and anyone who didn't sail on Saturday will race in their assigned group.

Payment for Winters - Late Payment Fee Now Due

If you have not yet entered the event please contact admin@optimist.org.uk BEFORE making a payment

Please complete payment for the 2013 Winter Championships through GoCardless using the following link (CTRL+Click to follow the link):

2013 Winters: 1 Sailor - Pay Here (Late Payment Fee Applies)

For IOCA GoCardless offers the class cheap, fast and secure payment processing. GoCardless accesses the direct debit network through its sponsor RBS and is registered with the FSA as a small Payments Institution. For further information please visit www.gocardless.com  

Accommodation Available

A family who are now unable to attend the Winter Championships have a twin room booked at the Holiday Inn Express close to DWSC. The room is booked for Friday & Saturday night at a cost of 74 for the two nights. If you are looking for accommodation for the event, please contact admin@optimist.org.uk / 07713 499225 for more details.  (16/11/2013)

Site Information from Datchet Water SC

Please read through the site information from Datchet Water SC (right hand side of webpage - Venue Information)  (16/11/2013)

Arrival and drop-off on Friday evening

For car drivers wishing to drop trailers off (on the right-hand side of the lower car park), exit passes will be available from Jay Williamson's motorhome (parked nearest the gate) up to 9 pm only. Please do not disturb them after this time - sleeping children!

For motorhomes that are staying on site, the gate will be open up to 10.30. Please drive in and park on the left hand side of the lower car park.


Volunteers where are you?

With just over a week to go the Volunteer Rota is looking even emptier than usual!

Please sign up for a duty! VOLUNTEER HERE

Not sure where to volunteer? Details of current requirements are:

There is currently one space in the safety fleet. Please contact safety@optimistsailing.org.uk if you are willing to bring a rib and join the safety fleet.

We are also looking for a pin-end boat. We know there are a number of members who often attend events with their own boats which are unsuitable for safety roles, but form part of the support fleet. If you are able to help please contact safety@optimistsailing.org.uk

For the Winter Championships we will be asking for sail button numbers and will check buoyancy tests are valid. In cases where documentation has been forgotten, is missing, or is out of date we need a couple of measurers on hand at registration.

We have just over an hour to register approximately 140 sailors. Many hands make light work, and certainly make shorter queues!

A few extra volunteers are required on the water to help on the committee and finish boats - 2 recorders and someone to raise/lower flags. Neither role is too onerous and it's a great way to get out on the water near the racing.

All the sailors will have to tally before going afloat. Volunteers are needed to help with the tally boards, ensuring the sailors take the correct tally bands!

Preferably parents in waders/wetsuits who can help ensure the fleet is launched and recovered safely.

On shore liaison with the Race Officer/Race Team. Some flag/race managemnet knowledge would be useful.

MEDIC - On Shore
We always have a medic out on the water with the fleets. However, it is very useful to have a medic on shore "just in case" a sailor comes in injured. If you'd rather not sign up publicly, but would be happy to be called should the need arise, please contact 07713 499225 or admin@optimist.org.uk

Please don't assume that someone else will sign up for a role. Most duties are short, require little or no experience (and those who've done it before are more than happy to answer any questions), it's a great way to meet other parents and the sailors, and it can be great fun!

In addition, to the relatively small number of roles on this list a huge army of volunteers have already been working on the event for many months, or are signed up elsewhere...

the event organisers, the jurors, the race management team, the medics, the mark layers, the results team, the safety team, the equipment co-ordinators, website and entry management, the rib custodians, the prizes/trophy co-ordinator plus all those who sit on the committees and sub-committees that help run the class!  

Important Notice

The SIs are now available - please download, print and bring a copy with you to the event.

We would like to draw your attention to the following statement:

17.2 Competitors shall wear a personal flotation device at all times when afloat except briefly while changing or adjusting clothing or personal equipment. Flag Y will not be displayed. This changes rule 40. Competitors shall wear either a drysuit or a wetsuit covering the body from the neck to the ankles. Competitors shall not unzip drysuits while in their boats and unaccompanied.  


Please note: Dogs are NOT allowed on site at Datchet.  (15/11/2013)

Motorohome Parking

Motorhomes may be parked overnight on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd in the LOWER car park only.

Access owill be available until 22:30 on Friday evening.  

IOCA (UK) Main Committee Meeting

The main IOCA (UK) Committee will be holding their bi-monthly committtee meeting on Sunday, 24th November.

Usually the committee members are out on the water/on shore working as volunteers during the weekend. The Winters is one of the very few occassions when the whole committee can meet face to face. Please help support the committee, the class, the event and your own sailors by signing up for a volunteer role over tne weekend.  

Last Call for Entries

Entry closes today!  (15/11/2013)


Welcome to the EventAssistant Clubhouse where you can maintain your sailor profile, keep track of your membership and class related sailing events

Enter Clubhouse

Entry Fees

Fleet Normal Late
Main £45.00 £65.00

Late fee applies from 16 November


NoR, SSIs etc

Notice Of Race
Main Fleet - Sailing Instructions
Please download, print and bring a copy to the event. Only a small number of copies will be available.

Flights & Tallies
Flights and Tally Lists for the Qualifying Series.

Please make a note of your TALLY NUMBER and FLIGHT COLOUR.
Flight colour ribbons will be available at registration.


Volunteer For A Duty
We need lots of volunteers on and off the water to help make this event a success. Click above to sign up for a helpers duty at the event.


Updated Selection Policies and Selectors Notices are available through Members -> Publications on the front page of the IOCA website.

2014 IOCA Irish Nationals Team Selection Policy


DWSC - Site Information

Any questions

Contact: Sharon Bullock
Email:    admin@optimist.org.uk
Tel No:   07713 499225

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