2014 Optimist Spring Championships
Royal Torbay Yacht Club
29/03/2014 - 30/03/2014

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Racing updates


Loading & Recovery - Sunday

In order to reduce congestion as much as possible.
The plan for recovery and departure after sailing is:

• Rib trailers to be brought down from Daddyhole Plain & parked on the left and right of the slipway – if you have a 4x4 and would be happy to recovery some of the ribs please let the race office know ASAP

• Optimist road trailers to be brought down from Daddyhole Plain and parked nose first diagonally along the pier – If at all possible please see if you can share a car to ferry a few trailers down

• Optimsts for roof racks are to be parked ready to load along the sea wall in front of the harvester


All cars MUST be removed immediately after dropping the trailers

If you have a flight or ferry to catch please let the race office know

PLEASE be PATIENT, and PLEASE help each other out

departure map  

Volunteers Needed

Entry for the 2014 Volvo Gill Optimist Spring Championships at Royal Torbay Yacht Club has closed with a massive 165 entries!

More information will follow shortly, but in the meantime, we need all attending families to help out.

Please volunteer for a duty as soon as possible - click on the title or use the link on the right hand side of the web page. The event can't run without you!  

Lost Spars

Did anyone pick up an additional set of spars after the Spring Championships - one set MK3 or one set Black Gold?

If you did, please could you contact admin@optimist.org.uk

Thank you.


Group Colours

The Group Colour and Tally List has been updated in Surname Order.

Please check your colour group prior to arrival.  

Volunteer Rota Issues

We have been made aware that there have been problems with the volunteer rota during today. These problems have now been resolved.

There are a lot of spaces still available on the rota so please sign up as soon as possible.

Tor Bay is a fantastic venue but it does come with a number of logistical issues - in particular drop off/unloading and loading. We will endeavour to have as many people on site to help as possible, armed with signs, information, maps and directions. However, the weekend will only run smoothly if everyone lends a hand. Please read through the information you were sent in the Arrival Information email and check the information on the event website. If everyone is patient, complies with the instructions they are given and helps each other out, it should be a great weekend!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  

Arrival Information

We are very much looking forward to a fantastic event at Royal Torbay Yacht Club this weekend. Torbay is beautiful with some fabulous sailing conditions and something for everyone ashore. The yacht club has bent over backwards to help us and the reception has been more inviting and friendly than we could possibly have hoped.

Like most seaside clubs, RTYC nestles in to the surrounding community and space is limited. As a class we will need to help each other and be patient with one another during arrival and departure. We will also need to be mindful of the local businesses around the harbour side.

We have prepared a map which shows the key areas, please study it and read the notes below prior to arrival as this will help to get the weekend off to the start that it deserves.

The most significant challenge to the weekend will be the arrival and departure. The space at the top of the slip way is limited at the best of times but this winter's storms have led to some unscheduled maintenance works which have cordoned off some additional areas. These may be cleared by the weekend but that is not guaranteed. Please try to remember these key points: •Unloading only at the top of the slip - really! In - drop - out, that's it!
•Arrive with trolleys easily accessible.
•Do not park blocking the access or we will get grid-locked.
•Take Optimists to their coloured Zones on the sea wall. They will be labelled, park in the right zone.
•Help each other and volunteer to come back to help others, many hand make quick unloading.
•Be thoughtful to the local businesses (some lovely coffee shops for later)

Additional Information and Reminders can be found in the Springs 2014 - Newsletter   

Colour Groups

Please see the Colour Group & Tally list on the event website for your initial colour group: Blue, Yellow, Red or White for the qualifying series.

When you arrive your boat will need to be parked in the correct colour bay on the harbour wall (see map)

At registration collect 2 of the correct coloured ribbons for your group

•1 ribbon is for the top of your sprit
•1 ribbon should have your sail number written on it and must be attached to your trolley
•You may need to change ribbons for Sunday

Changing Rooms

There is very limited changing space at RTYC (changing rooms are approximately the same size as those at Burghfield) .We would highly reccommend that sailors arrived changed and ready for sailing.

If sailors are using the changing rooms - please ensure EVERYTHING that is not in use or being worn is put back into a closed bag. These can then be stacked neatly to provide some space.  

Safety Reminders

Parents of all sailors are reminded that:

The slipway is across a busy main road from the club

NO climbing on the harbour wall

Only part of the sea wall has barriers - please take extra care especially when the wall is busy with optimists, sailors and rigs.  


Car parking

The club is up on a hill, between the slipway and the club there is a multi-storey car park above the shops. Both levels have been reserved for us for the weekend, the top level for camper vans and the middle level cars. There are approximately 60 spaces so absolutely no space for trailers (see below). Car parking charges apply - pay and display - cash only. There is additional parking in the town which is 5-10 minutes walk away.

Boat Parking

The optimists will be parked along the sea wall in a single row perpendicular to the wall. Boats will need to be parked strictly in colour group zones as tallying and launching will be by colour group on Saturday. Don't worry about being at the far end, it is only 200m and the sailors will be given plenty of time to launch in the morning.

In most conditions they will be more sheltered there than first appearances would suggest. There is no history of vandalism or theft from this area but it is a public area so we would recommend not leaving foils or sails in the boats overnight. There is a large chain running down the side of the wall which could be used to secure painters of padlocks to.

Trailer Parking

All trailers will need to be taken to Daddyhole Plain (see map). It is only 1/2 a mile away & we need to keep clear space around the slip.  


- Please use Paignton Slipway if possible for launching.
- Berthing will be in Torbay Marina

Catering at Royal Torbay Yacht Club

Bacon or Sausage Baps available from Spinnakers Restaurant (upstairs) from 8.00 am on Saturday and Sunday - £3.00

Teas, coffees, snacks and light refreshments available throughout the day.

Sandwiches available to take on the water - £3.00

Pasta dish available for the sailors when they come off the water on Saturday and Sunday - £1.80

Curry or Lasagne available from 6.00 pm on Saturday - £6.00

Order forms for Pasta and Saturday Supper will be available at Registration to assist the caterers with numbers.  

Entry Limit Reached

The entry limit for the Spring Championships has been increased to a maximum of 165.

No further/late entries are likely to be accepted.

Please note that we will not be accepting addtional entries at registration.  

Payment for the 2014 Spring Championships

Please ensure you ENTER the event BEFORE making a payment.

The preferred payment option for the 2014 Spring Championships is through GoCardless using the following link (CTRL+Click to follow the link):

2014 Springs Payment - 1 Sailor

2014 Springs Payment - 2 Sailors

For IOCA GoCardless offers the class cheap, fast and secure payment processing. GoCardless accesses the direct debit network through its sponsor RBS and is registered with the FSA as a small Payments Institution. For further information please visit www.gocardless.com.

If you would prefer to pay by an alternative method (BACS/Cheque/Credit Card) please contact Sharon on 07713 499225 or admin@optimist.org.uk


Spring Championships and 2014 Membership

Please note - in order to enter the 2014 Spring Championships you will need to have current 2014 IOCA (UK) Membership.

You will receive an email confirming your IOCA membership renewal is complete once the payment has been received by IOCA (the length of time varies between banks). Once your membership renewal is complete, you will be able to enter the Spring Championships.

If you are paying by bank transfer or cheque please also confirm that payment has been made/sent by sending an email to admin@optimist.org.uk  


Welcome to the EventAssistant Clubhouse where you can maintain your sailor profile, keep track of your membership and class related sailing events

Enter Clubhouse

Entry Fees

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Volunteer for a Duty
We need lots of volunteers on and off the water to help make this event a success. Click above to sign up for a helpers duty at the event.

NoR, SSIs etc

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions
Please download, print and bring a copy with you to the event.
RYA Prescriptions
Colour Groups and Tally Numbers
You will need to know your colour group on arrival at the venue! - Now updated in Surname Order!


A full list of Selection Policies and Selectors Notices are available through Members -> Publications on the front page of the IOCA website.
2014-15 Invitational Training Selection Guidelines


RTYC General Info
Royal Torbay YC Website
Venue Map
Location of the car parks, club and slipway - note coloured areas for Optimist Parking
RIB and Dinghy Trailer Parking
There is no RIB or Dinghy Road trailer parking near the slipway - Please take all trailers just up the raod to Daddyhole Plain

Directions to Daddyhole Plain

Head southeast on Beacon Hill toward Parkhill Rd, Continue onto Parkhill Rd, Turn right onto Daddyhole Rd, Slight right to stay on Daddyhole Rd
Destination will be on the right. Use low gate onright hand side.
Additional map from Slipway to Daddyhole Plain
Important Arrival Information
Link to the Emailed Arrival Information
Additional Venue Photographs
Here are some additional photos from our pre-event trip to RTYC which may be useful


There will be motorhome parking available close to the venue on the top floor of a multi-storey carpark.

The cost for the weekend will be £20 (I will send through a paylink on return of a completed booking form). Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
Booking Form
Please download, complete and return the booking form to admin@optimist.org.uk

Motorhomes should not arrive before 2.00 pm on Friday they will be unable to gain access to the car park until then (height restriction in place).

Any questions

Contact: Sharon Bullock
Email:    admin@optimist.org.uk
Tel No:   07713 499225

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