2016 Late Summer Championships
Hayling Island Sailing Club
10/09/2016 - 11/09/2016

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LSC Weather conditions

Windguru is showing some significant gusts on the Saturday which has the potential to create some challenging conditions coming out of the harbour around the bar. On the back of this please do consider the ability of your children especially the younger and less experienced ones as want to avoid a bad experience that could deter them from sailing. Sunday looks as if there will be a bit of a breather.

For Sailors arriving on Sunday there will be registration on 8.00 - 9.00am in the IOCA Race Office.  

Official RIB Arrival Information

Offical IOCA (UK) RIBs

It is expected that RIBs will be launched by tractor from an area on the beach to the left of the RNLI station if sea conditions are appropriate (see attached site map). Any change in the launching area will be communicated on arrival.

Please unload any Oppies in the RIB area and wheel the boats to the Optimist boat park - please do not bring RIBs into the main car/boat park as there will not be space to turn around. All RIBs will then be given a tag by the Marine Team to label clearly their RIB trailers to ensure retrieval on Sunday runs efficiently.

If there is no tractor or marine team around on arrival please call the Marine Department on VHF channel 37A. All RIBs need to be launched before the safety briefing on Saturday morning 9:00 am. There will be two windows to launch RIBs;

Friday night 17:00-19:30
Saturday 08:00-09:00

Any laggards will need to be launched after the race management / club RIBs ie after 10:00am so please make every effort to have the RIBs in the water in the above time windows.

RIB mooring
The speed limit in the Harbour is 8 knots please respect this even if you are in a rush in the morning !

The club is currently without a pontoon so after launching RIBs will need to be put on a mooring or anchored off the club beach (owners risk). If you need a lift from a mooring call the Ferry (Selene on Channel 8). We will also have a small RIB at peak times to ferry the Optimist RIB crews and they will make themselves known to you.

Overnight please put RIBs on the moorings indicated - ask for instructions from the Marine department and failing that Sandy on 37A.

(Note - please tie your bow lines to the top of the swivel on the mooring so the bowlines don't get tangled up as the buoys swivel around in the tide).

RIB retrieval
Visiting RIB retrieval will be prioritised and we expect to remove the RIBs in a timely manner after the racing. The Marine Department will be ready to remove RIBs as the first flight comes ashore. The IOCA Safety Leader will communicate the priority process to the Safety fleet.  

Arrival information for HISC

HISC can be found on the South East of Hayling Island on Sandy Point post code PO11 9SL.

There is currently a diversion in place so it is best to take Elm Grove to the Sea front before turning left towards the Eastern edge of the island. As you approach the club follow the signs to the Lifeboat Station. As you enter the site through a narrow road and bridge all those with Optimists only on roof or trailer should turn right at the small round about before the main barriers as indicated in the site map to the trailer/boat/car park.

All RIBs should follow the separate guidance to sent out by the IOCA Safety leader.  

Measurement Guidance

Do you need some measurement or technical advice? Donít leave it to the last minute!

Please visit the IOCA Technical FAQs page. Click on the tile to go to the FAQ page.

You will find answers to all common questions readily available.

For any other advice please contact a Measurer or the Technical Officer technical@optimist.org.uk

There are usually several Measurers at major events so please ask in the Race Office.  

Food and Drink at HISC for the Late Summer Championships

** Note a kids/sailors dinner will be available for Saturday evening **

A full buffet service is available 08:00-10:30am Saturday and Sunday from the upstairs servery.
Cooked breakfast, cereals etc

The Snack bar downstairs is open 09:00-17:00 Saturday and Sunday for hot and cold lunches, snacks, pannini's, sandwiches etc and tea/coffee.
Sunday Lunch from the servery upstairs from 12.30 to 2.30 pm (Full roast)

Friday night dinner is available from 7pm to 9 pm at the servery.

Saturday Night Dinner at the servery from 5.30pm to 9:00 pm

Kids tea (dinner) is available on Saturday evening at the servery 5:30-7:00pm £5.50.
(burgers, nuggetts, Spag bol etc plus veg/chips/salad)

Full main course available 7pm-9pm : main courses typically £8-12  

Rib Sign-Up Sheet

The Rib Sign-Up Sheet has been added, click on the headline to go to the Sign-Up Sheet. Or look on the right under Rib Fleet.

This is where to register your RIB, if you would like to bring one to the event. If you do not have a RIB and want to get on the water, please sign up here also for crew spots.

Volunteer for a duty at the LSC

The volunteer duty sign-up sheet is now open.

The RIB sign up sheet will be published in the week of 22 August.  

LSC - updates

The late entry fee commences on 29 August 16.

If there are changes to sail numbers please contact John Perham admin@optimist.org.uk

The Event Team Duty Sign up sheet is published. Please sign up for a Duty.  

Entry OPEN

The on-line entry for the IOCA Late Summer Championships 2016 is now open.

Please take care when entering sailor information as this is used for the Race Management documents.

Update your entry if there are changes, particularly, sail numbers.

Posted 21 July 2016.  

Sailing at HISC on the Friday prior to LSC.

HISC is happy to accommodate, where possible, coaching groups that wishes to sail the Friday 9th September, prior to the LSC.

Please follow the below process if you are intending to sail on the Friday.

The coach or parent of sailor(s) to email Leah on HISC sailingsecretary@hisc.co.uk ahead of the date to advise of intention to go sailing on the Friday.

On arrival, at HISC register at the HISC Office and pay £7 per sailor + £7 for the coach - day sailing rate. If a RIB is to be used in the safety fleet for the LSC, launching is charged to IOCA, if not £25 is payable to HISC to cover launch and recovery.

Before launch the coach should discuss plans with Marine Manager, Mitch Webb and he can appraise coach of local hazards/harbour regulations, where to moor RIB overnight and ferry running times as well as where to store the Oppies Friday night.

HISC Office will advise visitors of how to communicate with the Marine Team - VHF Channel 37A/M1 Marine Department.  

Fleet information

The Late Summer Championships will only have Main Fleet.


Event Coordinator

Paul Hammett is the Event Coordinator for the Late Summer Championships.  (01/12/2015)

Venue information

The Late Summer Championships are being held at Hayling Island Sailing Club.  (01/12/2015)


Welcome to the EventAssistant Clubhouse where you can maintain your sailor profile, keep track of your membership and class related sailing events

Enter Clubhouse

Entry Fees

Fleet Normal Late
Main £50.00 £70.00

Late fee applies from 29 August


Volunteer Rota

Volunteer Duty Info
A basic guide to all the volunteer roles. There really is something for everyone!

Rib Fleet

Rib Sign-up sheet
This is where to register your RIB, if you would like to bring one to the event. If you do not have a RIB and want to get on the water, please sign up here also for crew spots.

Event Documents

Notice of Race
Posted 29 June 2016.
IOCA Major Event Instructions 2016
The SSIs refer to these MEIs
Main Fleet Sailing Instructions
Please download, print and bring a copy with you to the event.

Draft Protocol - B3 Sailor
Please read the draft protocol which has been written in order to support a B3 visually impaired sailor in main fleet.

Red Flight Sailors
Blue Flight Sailors
Yellow Flight Sailors
White Flight Sailors
Tally Number List
Tally bands are ORANGE.

There will be two Tally Boards.

Write down your Tally Number.

Event Information

Schedule of Events
Download and print a copy of the event programme.

Measurement Information

Graded Penalty System
Download and print a copy.
Measurement information
Important information on that you need to bring with you to the LSC and the information you need for Registration.

Selection Policies

IOCA (UK) Squad Selection Policy 2016 - 17


Accommodation at HISC
Information on Club accommodation, local accommodation and mobile homes/camper vans at HISC for the LSC.
Goodwood Races
Goodwood Race track are holding the Goodwood Revival meeting on the same weekend as the Late Summer Championships. Therefore it is advised to get accommodation booked.

Onsite Chandlery

Harbour Boats and Equipment are the onsite chandlery at HISC and provide a wide range of equipment including Optimist specific items.

They can be reached via Harriet on 07855 440605.

Any questions

Contact: IOCA Administrator
Email:    admin@optimist.org.uk

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