2016 IOCA (UK) Optimist Winter Championships
Datchet Water Sailing Club
19/11/2016 - 20/11/2016

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Main Fleet

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Winters Event Team - Sign-Up

Wednesday 16 November

Volunteers required
3 x Main Fleet Registration
1 x Race Office assistant

Click above to sign up for a duty.

If you need to make a change or transfer to a different duty, contact John Perham at admin@optimist.org.uk  

VR Sports Media at the Winters

We are pleased to announce some extra excitement for our sailors at the IOCA (UK) Winter Championships to round up the year.

We will be joined by VR Sport Media who will be filming the regatta along with Saskia Clark who has recently joined the VRsport.tv media crew as their new lead presenter. Saskia will be chatting to many of the competitors on and off the water and will help us with prizegiving on Sunday.

Please note the amendment in the NOR regarding filming rights.

VR Super Store, Datchet's on site chandlery, will also generously be giving vouchers to our award winners at prize giving and we would like to thank the VR Super Store and VR Sport Media team for their support.

VR Super Store

Check out the VR Super Store site.  (09/11/2016)

Arriving on Friday

DWSC will be open on Friday 18 Nov until 7.00pm to drop off road trailers.

A pass is required for exit and will be available from Simon in the VR Superstore - chandler in the club building.

To contact Simon at VR on Friday night if you are not going to be there by 7.00pm call 01753 681941 and the VR team will be as accommodating as possible.  

Arriving on Saturday

The gates to DWSC will open at 07.30 am on Saturday 19 November.  (09/11/2016)

IOCA Membership

Membership of IOCA (UK) is required to enter the Winter Championships.

Join IOCA now and your membership will cover from now until December 2017 the end of the membership year.


Regatta Fleet at the Winter Championships.

IOCA (UK) is pleased to announce that there will be a Regatta Fleet at the Winters.

This is to encourage the more junior sailors and provide an option for those that have siblings in the main fleet.

For those that were at the End of Seasons, the plan is to run it on a very similar basis with the focus on getting as much sailing in as possible. We will run a Carantec course and look to run at least 5 6 races a day and coming ashore for lunch.

There will also be RIBs on the water coaching and giving tips to those at the back of the fleet. Hopefully it will be a great experience for the sailors and look forward to seeing you at the event.

Will Gatehouse
IOCA (UK) Sailing Secretary  

Event venue information

The Winter Championships are being held at Datchet Water Sailing Club.  (14/04/2016)


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Entry Fees

Fleet Normal Late
Main Fleet £50.00 £70.00
Regatta Fleet £50.00 £70.00

Late fee applies from 7 November


Volunteer Duties

Winters Event Team
We need lots of volunteers on and off the water to help make this event a success. Click above to sign up for a duty.

If you need to make a change or transfer to a different duty, contact John Perham at admin@optimist.org.uk

All Main Fleet flights
There will be a separate Registration table for each flight

NoR, SSIs etc

Major Event Instructions 2016
MEIs for all IOCA (UK) events.
Notice of Race V3
Download and print a copy of the Winters Notice of Race.

Updated 8 November 2016 with the addition of clause 17 RIGHT TO USE NAMES AND LIKENESS.

Updated on 15 November 2016 with a change to clause 7.2 - timings of last race on Sunday 20 November 2016.
Main Fleet Supplementary Sailing Instructions
Download and print a copy of the Main Fleet SSIs.
Regatta Fleet Supplementry Sailing Instructions
Download and print a copy of the Regatta Fleet Sailing Instructions.

Event Programme

Main Fleet Event programme
Regatta Fleet Event Programme


Graded Penalty System

Any questions

Contact: John Perham
Email:    admin@optimist.org.uk
Tel No:   07713 499225

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